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Lieutenant Commander Adhira Singh


Character Name: Adhira Singh

Position: Chief Engineering Officer

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Height: 5'6.5"

Weight: 121 lbs


Attractive woman of Indian descent, long black hair, dark brown eyes.


Adhira is bright, intelligent, friendly, and a quick thinker. Able to think on her toes, she is routinely referenced by her previous Captains as a ‘Miracle Worker’. She is also ambitious, and sees herself leaving the confines of Engineering to take a Captains Chair on a Starship of her own, soon, and eventually to claim her destiny as an Admiral.


Adrika Singh: Mother, High School Teacher in the New York City School System on Earth
Balvan Singh: Father, Chief Engineering Officer, USS Surak
Farhan Singh: Older Brother, Chief Helmsman, USS Avalon
T’Prai Singh: (Vulcan) Sister in Law, Chief of Security, USS Avalon
Aishawarya Smythe: Older Sister, Science Officer, USS Crazy Horse
Johnathan Smythe: Brother In Law, Helmsman, USS Crazy Horse


Adhira was born and raised on Earth, in New York City, primarily by her mother, a High School Teacher, with her older siblings, and her Fraternal Grandparents (both now deceased), due to her father’s service in Starfleet. From childhood, she was always seen as bright and advanced, and placed first in her class throughout her school career, while also having a lively after school life of sports, drama, chorus, as well as a lively social life of friends and romances.

Since she was a young girl, she knew she would follow her father (and eventually older siblings) into Starfleet. It was a family tradition, since the time of Starfleet being Earth’s Space Service, for the Singh’s to serve aboard starships. It was well known among the family that the Chief Engineer of the USS Columbia (NX-02) was Tarkhesh Singh, Adhira’s great-great-great grandfather.

Her application to Starfleet Academy would have been easily accepted on her academic achievements and test scores alone, but also included recommendations from several Starfleet Officers who knew her family personally, or knew the family’s reputation/tradition of service.

At the Academy, Adhira went for a double major, in Engineering, as well as Command, and to the surprise of her instructors, she excelled at both, while also becoming Captain of the Academy’s Water Polo team as well as co-captain of the Academy Wrestling Team. It was at The Academy, that Adhira also came to the initial attention of the secret Intelligence organization known as Section 31.

It is important to note here that Adhira excels at most everything she does, because of a dark, family secret. A secret the family has been keeping since the late 20th Century, and of which Section 31 discovered through Adhira’s own actions (and has since used to blackmail her). As the last name could be seen to imply, Adhira, like all the Singh’s before her, is a direct descendant of the ‘superman’ tyrant and despot, Khan Noonien Singh. Prior to her ancestor’s secret departure from Earth (accomplished with the help of the otherworldly agent known as Gary Seven), a child was conceived (unbeknownst to Khan due to the chaotic situation surrounding his departure from Earth) between Khan and one of his fellow superhumans (who did not leave on the SS Botany Bay). A son was born, named Balvan Singh, and raised by his mother with the assistance of former members of the secret project known as Chrysalis (the project which designed Khan and his fellows) with unknown interference run by the aforementioned Gary Seven (who hoped the child could one day become an operative for the organization he worked for). Since then, the Singh family has worked to preserve the family line through the practice of Selective Breeding.

It is because of this heritage, that Adhira, at the Academy, took it upon herself to inform her superiors of her families legacy. She went directly to Admiral William Ross, then head of Starfleet Academy, and told him everything. The young woman expected to be dismissed from the service, disgraced, and pleaded for protection for the rest of her family. Instead, Admiral Ross, himself connected to section 31, introduced her to a man she knows only as Ward. Ward offered to ensure the Singh family secret never got out, ensuring that they could continue to serve the Federation as they had and were, and in exchange, Adhira would occasionally provide ‘assistance’ to his organization. Naive and still young (only 20), Adhira agreed, thinking the guilt and fear she felt would be lifted.

Upon Graduation, Adhira was assigned as an Engineering officer to the USS Serenity. She served with distinction aboard the Serenity for 3 years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant jg, and participating in the Serenity’s rescue efforts on Mars following the destruction of the Utopia Planitia Shipyards in 2385. Shortly prior to the incident, Adhira received her first contact from Ward since she was at the Academy, and using what he knew about her, ‘convinced’ her to implant a special computer program into the Ship’s systems for them. To this day, she does not know what information the computer program they had her slip into the Serenity’s systems accessed, but she does know the program self replicated itself over subspace channels and she believes was related to the destruction of the Shipyards (she finds the timing too coincidental).

Following the Serenity’s decommissioning in 2387, Adhira was assigned as a Senior Engineer to the USS Atlantis. She again served with distinction, as the Atlantis performed a 4 year mission updating star charts for the Beta Sector (charts originally created by the USS Excelsior in the late 23rd Century). When the Atlantis returned to the Alpha Quadrant, Adhira was again promoted to full Lieutenant.

A position as Assistant Chief Engineer opened aboard the USS Argo, and Adhira eagerly applied and was granted the position. There she was decorated by Starfleet for actions above and beyond the clal of duty when she risked her own life in a battle between the Argo and Cardassian and Romulan Cruisers along the former Federation/Cardassian Demilitarized Zone border(the three ships participating were members of an odd alliance of extremists that blamed the Federation for the tragedies that befell both worlds), when she saved the ships’ Chief Engineer and several of her fellow crewmen when Main Engineering was hit by several blasts and she risked her own life to prevent the others from becoming trapped when the compartment began to depressurize.

The Argo, severely damaged, made it back to a starbase only through the ingenuity of Adhira (or so her Captain and the Argo’s Chief Engineer reported). And it was these efforts, combined with her prior service, for which she was promoted ot Lieutenant Commander. Being held together by ‘spit and bailing wire’ the ship was destined for the scrap heap, and its crew reassigned. Adhira, recived an anonymous communique regarding the Olympus and its forthcoming mission, and immediately applied for the ship’s opening for Chief Engineer.


2380-2384: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2384-2387: Ensign (Engineer), USS Serenity
2387-2391: Lieutenant JG (Senior Engineer), USS Atlantis
2391-2394: Lieutenant (Assistant Chief Engineer), USS Argo
2394-????: Lieutenant Commander (Chief Engineer), USS Olympus


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