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Lieutenant Eelkom


Character Name: Eelkom Raiem

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Species: Bajoran

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 64 kg


Raiem has a medium/fair complexion with smooth and flawless skin. He is a man of short stature and slim athletic/muscular build. His smile is wide and cheeky, with a set of straight pearly white teeth. He appears to take really good care of himself. Raiem does NOT wear the traditional Bajoran earing with his uniform or out of uniform.


Raiem most days would be considered quite caring and compassionate. He is especially empathetic towards those who are impoverished or from under-privileged backgrounds, given his own upbringing. He can come off a bit shy at first, or rather introverted, he does acknowledge this and had tried to work on it over the years. Once he gets to know someone, he does lower his barriers and becomes more outgoing. Overall though – he does prefer his alone time. This differs when it comes to teaching. Raiem enjoys educating those around him and sharing knowledge. He has a gentle approach in this – you would never find him judging or belittling someone for not knowing something. He does tend to be a bit disorganized in his own life, often demonstrated by his messy work/living spaces. He is very cold towards the traditional Bajoran religion and does not practice or embrace those traditions.


Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Eelkom Turdan – 52
Mother: Eelkom Oazaw – 49
Brother(s): Eelkom Shaierun – 34
Sister(s): None
Other Family: Detem Ibi – Deceased – (Grandfather Figure)



Raiem grew up in an isolated convent outside of Bajoran space – on Del’o’van III. On this small desolate colony, a strict adherence to minimal technology use and orthodox Bajoran religious values were enforced. The actual colony itself was established shortly around the time of the initial Cardassian occupation – the elders having believed that the evolution of technology had brought this wrath upon them by the prophets. By conventional standards, life on Delvan III was quite poorly and impoverished but not as bad as other outlying Bajoran settlements or refugee camps. Raiem’s parents, both doctors (by primitive standards) had spent the entirety of their lives as part of this convent.

As a child, Raiem had a natural and instinctive curiosity of the universe. He was always asking questions and wanting to know more about the world around him and ‘out there’. He seemed disinterested in the strict orthodox nature of their convent. Religion was always something he was ‘forced’ into but in no means embraced. It was this characteristic that caught the eye of an elderly Bajoran neighbour, Detem Ibi. The old man took Raiem under his wing, and in secret, taught him subject matter beyond what would be acceptable in the convent.

Raiem spent a lot of time with Ibi as a child/early teen, often under the guise of helping the old man with chores and everyday tasks. The relationship he developed into something very paternal, grandfather like even. The teachings continued for quite a few years before Ibi was exposed. There was a convent wide tribunal, after which Raiem was devastated when Ibi was excommunicated from the colony.

Things were never the same after Ibi’s excommunication. Raiem became very distant and cold. He also became even more resistant towards the mandatory religious practices required by convent law. At the age of 14, after several incidents, Raiem was finally brought to the elder council as well and given a choice: to surrender to the convents ways or be excommunicated himself.

The young and rebellious teenager voiced his discontent and hatred for their way of life and as a result was shipped away from the colony, just as Ibi had been. He would never be allowed to see his family again and all attempts to contact them would fall of deaf ears. Raiem hitched a ride to Bajor on one of the colony trade routes – the colonists on Del’o’van III had been well aware of Bajor’s liberation many years prior but most had not returned due to a belief that its path had strayed from the intentions of the Prophets.

Raiem’s initial time on Bajor was tough, he endured a long few months as a young homeless teenager living in the streets. This transition had been extremely overwhelming for him and he did get into some trouble with the law, trying to ensure he was nourished. He had a hard time connecting with the population as he did not engage in the very popular religious practices, tainted by his forceful orthodox upbringing. It was his inevitable and initial arrest that was able to connect him back with Ibi, who the authorities tracked down, as it was the only other person Raiem was able to give them as a ‘family’ contact. Coincidentally the elder man had also returned to Bajor only a couple of years prior.

Ibi retrieved Raiem from the juvenile facility he was at and promised authorities that the young man would be no more trouble for them. Ibi had been able to retrieve work as a tailor in one of the major cities in a nearby province and was doing well for himself. He took Raiem under his wing and enrolled him in a specialized school, one that would allow a more one on one approach given the young man’s special circumstances. He had a lot to catch up on.

Life was very different from this point on. Raiem was a sponge and the universe his to explore and learn about. He accelerated in his studies and helped Ibi with his work in the tailor shop to earn his keep. This went on for the next few years and life was great for them both. Shortly after Raiem turned 16, he found Ibi had passed on peacefully in his sleep of old age. The young Bajoran was devastated but was determined to make his ‘grandfather’ proud of him and stay on course.


Joining Starfleet was something which Raiem dreamed of and he had ambitions of becoming a doctor. He knew he had much work to do regarding his schooling and preparation. The young Bajoran chose to enlist initially, as a medic, and after several months of accelerated training he was sent out to his first assignment.

It was a very big adjustment period for Raiem – he was still a young man with much growing up to do. He had been so isolated most of his life, the adjustment to suddenly serving with copious amounts of species and cultures was very overwhelming to him. Those in the field hospitals he worked with though, took good care of him and many of the doctors and nurses he worked with provided him with their first-hand knowledge.

After the war finished – Starfleet, like much of quadrant entered a period of rest and rebuild. Raiem tried but was not successful in the officer entrance testing his first time around. He decided to try again the following year and continued his preparation studies and enlisted work within Starfleet as a Medic. After having turned 19, Raiem was finally able to obtain the marks needed to gain entry to the Academy – in the Starfleet Medical training program.

His next four years were focused on the basic generalized Academy programs along with the medical courses and certifications needed to become a physician. Raiem took a special interest in microvascular surgical procedures and critical care medicine. He did maintain a small social life but given his shy nature, developed only a small number of close friendships during his time at the Academy.

Upon graduation he applied for a starship Medical Officer posting and was granted his first assignment on board the USS Crazy Horse. Aboard the Crazy Horse, as a junior officer, Raiem became close with an old and eccentric Nursing Officer by the name of Mabel Kuznetsov. Mabel took the young officer under her wing and the two worked together on many projects within the department. The young Bajoran officer made his rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade aboard the Crazy Horse and served nearly two years.

An opportunity to advance his career presented itself as Assistant Chief Medical Officer of Starbase 788. Mabel encouraged him to accept the posting and kept in close contact with him for the three years he served aboard the station. Shortly after three years of service on Starbase 788 Raiem received transfer orders to take over the Medical department on the USS Charon as Lieutenant. Although his time was brief on the Charon, Raiem did enjoy the opportunity and learning experience of running his own department.

After his time on the Charon. The young doctor received orders to take over “The Arrows” – a mobile outpost medical team which worked out of the Bajor sector. Starfleet believed the reception of this team would fair better with a Bajoran at the helm. Raiem enjoyed leading the team of several physicians, nurses and medical staff in providing care to the needy throughout the sector. There were often challenges to overcome, as the team worked in remote areas with minimal resources at times. There was a certain awkwardness as well, given Raiem’s own alienation towards the Bajoran religion. This did make it hard to connect with the population at times.

After a of year of doing this relief work, Raiem grew tired of the constant moving around and makeshift facilities. He missed the routine and stability of working on a Starship or Starbase. An opportunity came for a posting on the USS Olympus which would take him through to the Delta Quadrant – this new venture peaked the young physicians interest, so he put his name forward for the opening and was accepted.


2380-2382: Crewman Recruit-PO3, Enlisted Medic
2383-2387: Cadet-Ensign, Starfleet Medical Training, Starfleet Academy
2387-2389: Ensign-Lieutenant Junior Grade, Medical Officer, USS Crazy Horse
2389-2392: Lieutenant Junior Grade-Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Starbase 788
2392-2393: Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer, USS Charon
2393-2394: Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer, Outpost Medical Team 46 “The Arrows”
2394-Present: Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer, USS Olympu


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