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Crewman First Class Eve Alder


Character Name: Eve Alder

Position: Quartermaster & Spartan

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Weight: 120 pounds


Ginger, short hair neatly coiffured to reveal a craggy, tense face. Dancing blue eyes, set elegantly within their sockets, watch thoughtfully over the river they’ve sought solace in for so long.A sword left a mark reaching from just under the right eye , running towards her left nostril and ending on her left cheek and leaves a lasting burden of her reckless luck.

She tried to be a professional fencer.There’s something inexplicable about her, perhaps it’s her humility or perhaps it’s simply her reputation. But nonetheless, people tend to buy her a drink, while trying to please her?


Generally laid back and rowdy. She looks at everything as a challenge to be overcome or adapted to. She grew up around raising animals for food and is not afraid of getting her hands bloody. She can be found either drinking or partying when off duty. On duty she tries to behave most of the time. She is quick with wit, fast on the draw and generally a good person. SHe also has a particular dislike for the Tzenketh because the thing that started the Police Action was their attack on New Galveston.She can be found always trying to better herself somehow, reading, working out or making friends. She is fairly likable. Some say downright charismatic. When she found out the Olympus was putting together a RR unit, she found out that was where her former Squad leader WIlks went and put in for a transfer. There is no romantic interest in him, she is openly a lesbian.


Eve comes from a family that had no interest in Starfleet or even leaving the colony of New Galveston. They are ranchers. She also has six brothers who are all ranchers as well. Her grandparents were ranchers in fact she can trace her family back to the colony founding. You guessed it they were ranchers. Her siblings are all married to ranchers and she can’t stand farming. Work was too tough and the hours too long. Worse then that she did not want to end up a baby producing mother of more ranchers. She has close to twenty nieces and nephews. She has trouble keeping track of all of them.


She was born August 11th 2368 Prosperity Wells, New Galveston. She hated ranching. To her it was boring and while she came from what could be considered a well to do family, She was the baby. She had six brothers and two overprotective parents. They never let her do anything dangerous. As a teenager she took up fencing and got a scar on her face. Her family freaked out. They sort of forbid her from anything like that ever again. That was until she turned 18.The second that happened she was on her way to enlist, when the Tzenkethi attacked her world. They stole or slaughtered a lot of cattle and some of her extended family. So she found out a military response was happening. She enlisted for payback. By the time her parents disapproved she had been shipped off to basic training.

Basic training did nothing to curb her wild side. She was given proper firearm training and was known to be a one shot, one kill Security Officer. She was selected to be sent to Rapid Response Advanced Tactical Training as a sniper. She was then deployed to the 4th Battalion, Theta Company as a Sniper. She was decorated for fifty confirmed kills. She has a necklace made from Tzenketh teeth decorating her quarters.

That was a year of hell for her, she bonded with most of Theta Company had been through tough times. It was there she learned how to follow orders and take deployment seriously. But when she is between deployments all bets are off and the cowgirl usually comes out.After the conflict she was put in for Company Clerk training. She decided to parlay that into Quartermaster training for starship duty so she could follow Wilks.


2390-2391 Basic Training, Starfleet Academy, Operations Management Studies.
2391 MOS Training: Advanced Small Unit Tactical Training
2392-2393 Tzenketh Deployment
2393 Completed Quartermaster Training, Certified Operations Department Training.
2393 Assigned to USS Olympus


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