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Lieutenant Fasha


Character Name: Fasha, daughter of Hoedor

Position: Chief Science Officer

Species: Ferengi

Gender: Transwoman

Age: 32

Height: 4 foot 11 inches

Weight: 160 pounds


Fasha looks like a typical Ferengi (orange, big ears, blue nail polish, the works). She was assigned male at birth so her ears are larger than a cisgendered female Ferengi. She also wears a lot of earrings up her ears (like a punk kid with a ton of cartilage piercing). She has gotten special permission to wear them from Starfleet since they hold cultural significance (like Bajoran earrings). She has like….a perfect hourglass figure that she had worked extremely hard to maintain (and gone through a few surgeries for but who’s keeping track).


On the Meyers-Briggs personality test she scores a INFJ. Fasha is shy and non-assertive. She generally likes to keep to herself about things. She is very passionate about her fields of science and if you ever get her comfortable enough she’ll never shut up about the subject. She often has daydreams about her ideal life. She really wants what every traditional Ferengi girl was raised to want (husband, kids, family, all that jazz) but she doesn’t see why she has to give up all of her rights/her research to do so. At her heart she is a planner. She plans out everything and can get a little panicky when things don’t go according to the plan (which happens A LOT in Starfleet).


Fasha doesn’t have much contact with her family. She transitioned just after she left the academy and they have no idea that she has done this. She has a father, Hoedor, and a mother, Kisasha, who are both very traditional Ferengi. Hoedor manages an investment company that helps Ferengi trade and sell stock in companies. Fasha is the youngest of five siblings. She has four older brothers; Sador, Frino, Kinog, and Plego. They, of course, all went into business and are moderately successful. Sador and Kinog work with their father while Frino started his own freight company and Plego runs a small jewelers on Risa.


Fasha was born as Smeet to a middle class Ferengi family on Ferenginar. She was raised as a “he” along with her four brothers. She knew from about the age of 6 that she was not a male but instead a female. However, such things are incredibly illegal on Ferenginar so she never voiced her inner self and just pretended to be male. Her brothers and schoolmates often teased her growing up because she was shorter than them and younger. When she got to be around 14, she heard about this amazing Ferengi who had joined Starfleet, Nog. They idolized him and followed his entire Starfleet career. This inspired her to join Starfleet, a choice that her family did not agree with. So, she went against their wishes and joined. She wrote a letter to Nog, who sponsored her application, and was accepted into the science division.

She had a hard time at the academy for a few different reasons. When she first got there she was the only Ferengi she knew of and of course “everyone at the academy is warned about Ferengi”. She also isn’t really a “people person” so this led her to not making a lot of friends. This is also the time when her family stopped speaking to her regularly. They weren’t extremely close before but now they only talk to her once maybe twice a year. She also was wrestling with her gender identity. Her identity isn’t illegal in the Federation, but she still had a lot of trepidation being her true self. About half way into her first semester something very good happened. She was walking to class when she heard a lot of yelling. She tried to get away and avoid conflict but she was just too curious. When she saw the source of the conflict she nearly gasped. Four human men where in a very angry verbal fight with one tiny Ferengi female. In a rare burst of bravery Fasha stepped forward and broke up the fight, which was was because the other Ferengi was just as shocked to she her and she was to see them. Fasha introduced herself (using her dead name) and the other Ferengi did so as well. Her name was Alphia and she was a first very security cadet. From then on there, the two of them became practically inseparable. Alphia didn’t go anywhere without Fasha and visa versa. When the two of them were together, Fasha felt far more comfortable than she had her entire life. So, during their junior year, Fasha admitted that she personally identified as female. Alphia accepted her immediately and even admitted that she was also queer (lesbian). They both graduated and managed to get assigned to the same ship. Soon after they were assigned Fasha began living her life as a female. She legally changed her name and sex and began to dress as a female officer. Most of the crew was entirely accepting and those who weren’t had to deal with an angry Alphia. This was also when she completely cut herself off from her family and she has not spoken to any of them since.

Fasha and Alphia were having an awesome time on their ships until about two years into their careers. They has both recently been promoted to Lieutenants Junior Grade when their ship, the USS Iphis, was attacked by an unidentified alien vessel. This caused massive damage to the ship and the aliens began to board. Fasha and Alphia had been caught near the bridge and were trying to secure if along with the Captain and First Officer. The Captain eventually gave orders to abandon ship. They watched as all the escape pods shot into space, leaving only four people on the bridge. Fasha was working like a maniac to get their pods to work but it was taking a long time. At this point the aliens were smashing their way onto the bridge. Alphia was watching the door as the other three tried to get the pods to work. When they finally did, Fasha, the Captain, and the First Officer all jumped in their pods. Fasha called after Alphia to run to her pod, but just as she did so the aliens broke through the door and Alphia was shoot through the head. The Captain then ordered them to eject, and they did so. Seconds later the entire ship blew up. Fasha received a medal for her bravery but she never really got over the loss of her best friend. Now she just goes through the motions of her life, doing her job but not really living.


2385-2389: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2389-2391: Ensign/Lieutenant Junior Grade, Science Division, USS Iphis
2391-2393: Lieutenant Junior Grade/Lieutenant, Science Division, USS Orcus
2393-Present: Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer, USS Olympus


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