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Lieutenant Junior Grade Krori


Played By: Thalyssra Thy'lek

Character Name: Krori

Position: Helm Officer & Spartan Member

Species: Caitian

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 139 pounds


Tan/white fur, with a ‘mane of long brown hair. Green/blue cat-eyes and a long, lion-like 4’ long tail coming from the small of her back. Bared feet, as Caitians are not able to wear footwear.


Friendly, outgoing, and very playful. Flirtatious. Incredibly curious. Trusting and loyal. Every bit the typical Caitian.


Mother: M’Ress. Retired Starfleet Captain. Former Commander of the USS Valiant.
Father: Ch’Tar. (Deceased). Former Pergeum Mine Manager on Janus VI. Died of old age.
9 Brothers and sisters


Born onboard Starbase 5, along with the rest of her brothers and sister, Krori was very much the typical Caitian child. She got in to plenty of mischief on the Starbase during her first 3 years living there with her parents.

When her father was made Manager of the Pergium mines on Janus VI, it was agreed that the children accompany him, as M’Ress was being promoted to Commander and First Officer of the USS Searcher at about the same time.

Kkori and her siblings were often a common site, running and playing in the upper levels of the mines, her father knowing not only would the miners look out for her, but so would the plethora of Horta that lived amongst the mine.

Kkori grew up adoring and admiring her mother and father, but especially her mother. So much so, it was inevitable Kkori would follow her Mother’s foot prints into Starfleet. At 18, Krori entered Star Fleet Academy, graduating with honors.
Upon her graduation from The Academy, Krori was assigned as a Helm Officer on board the USS Potempkin. She served with distinction this ship until it was destroyed in an attack by Romulan vessels belonging to a faction that blamed The Federation for the destruction of Romulus, in 2389. Three Romulan vessels attacked the Excelsior class starship, and two were destroyed before the Potempkin’s demise.The ships ability to do this was attributed, in no small means, to Krori’s skilled piloting of the ship, and after her escape pd was recovered, she was decorated for her actions at the recommendation of the Potempkin’s XO, who also survived the battle.

Krori was next assigned to helm the USS Andromeda, a Sovereign class starship, that performed a 5yr exploration of The Gamma Quadrant, with permission from The Dominion to do so.

When the Andromeda returned to Spacedock in Sector 001, at the conclusion of its 5yr mission, Krori was again promoted. Hearing of the Olympus’ forthcoming mission, she leaped at the chance to volunteer to serve aboard the starship, even turning down a raise in her rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade, to do so.


2382-2386 Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2386-2389 Ensign, Helm Officer, USS Potempkin
2389-2394 Lt JG, Helm Officer, USS Andromeda
2394-??? Lt JG, Helm Officer/Spartan XO


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