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Lieutenant Junior Grade Krull


Character Name: Krull son of Kruge

Position: Assistant Chief TacSec Officer & Spartan Commander

Species: Klingon

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height: 6 feet 4 inches

Weight: 220 pounds


At 6’4, 220 and fairly prominent bone ridges of his race, he cuts an imposing figure. He keeps his hair long as standard for his Klingon heritage but traditionally keeps it tied back in a warriors braid. Krull is also never seen without his D’k tahg which is always at his waist as allowed due to it being a racial accessory.


Krull is a loud and boisterous individual; he has a zest for life that few can match. He brings this zest into anything and everything he does. He strives to be the best in everything, something that he has done his whole life in every avenue he has put his mind to it.

Being a Klingon is extremely important to Krull, even though he did not grow up within the Empire itself. What it means to be Klingon was instilled within him by his extremely close nit family. So it is how he lives his life and always has. Honor is an extremely important aspect to his life. He revels in combat and he never holds back and requests that no one hold back on him while training. Sometimes this results in injury.

In his off time, when not spending time in martial training, He can be seen listening to Klingon Opera and spending time with those within the crew he considers friends.


Kruge son of Korthak – Krulls father, had a storied career in the Klingon Empire and was a member of the order of Kahless. His last command was of the IKS I’m Baka, during the Klingon Civil war between 2367-2368. Due to Imperial politics and mismanagement of Imperial assets, the house of Korthak was decimated. Kruge, pissed off at the lack of honor within the Imperial government, decided to move his family to the border colonies near the Badlands on the border of the Federation and the Cardassian Union. With his wife B’Ethar, he started a security firm, which prospered until the Dominion War began. During the war fought to protect what he and his family created. After the war ended, he kept the family in the colonies to rebuild their House and business.

B’Ethar daughter of Kruth – Krulls Mother, was second officer of the K’thang during the Klingon Civil War. After the war, she moved with her husband,d and the rest of their house, to the colonies near the Badlands. Lost her left arm during fighting against the Dominion. Runs the House’s company with her husband.

B’Ella – Krull’s older sister lost her life during the Dominion War as a Commander of Ground Forces in the First Battle of Chintoka

Kanthar – Krull’s older brother, Klingon warrior, and first born being trained to take over the company.

K’mpek – Krull’s identical twin, also a Klingon warrior, and Krulls closest friend and confidant. Currently working for the family business.


Krull and his twin were born in 2168 on the colony of K’M Kar, a colony of Klingons that where tired of the politics of the empire. The colony was every bit a Klingon colony – they lived, worked and all acted like Klingons. The colony was also independent, due to that fact they were able to keep a good report with both the Federation and the Cardassians.

Krull’s first few years of life where fairly normal for a Klingon child. He had a good family and anything he could want. The life of the colony and Krull would take a more difficult turn after the Federation-Cardassian Treaty, due to the fact that it was an independent colony they were spared the worst of the treaty allowing them to retain their weapons while everyone else had to give their own up. This caused a lot of friction between them and the Cardassians but not the Former Federation Colonies, as the colony was willing to accept the Maquis, at least initially, as they were just doing what they could in a bad situation.

During the next few years after the signing and making the region the DMZ, Krull would grow, and learn more about what it was to be Klingon, and learn as much about his culture and the history of his house as he could, devouring it all. Even learning about his father’s namesake, Captain Kruge, and his infamous confrontation with Admiral James T. Kirk, including the family’s belief that Captain Kruge acted dishonorably and was way out of bounds. From that time on, Captain Kruge was used as an object lesion to young Klingons of what not to do and how not to act. This story made a huge impression on a young Krull which made him decide to become a true Klingon warrior, and not to make the same mistakes of the past.

Life in the DMZ was hard, but they were Klingons, able to accept hardship easier than most races. This caused Krull to grow up quickly and learn how to fight even quicker, so by the age of five and the beginning of the Dominion war, Krull had killed his first Cardassian when the Dominion came in to destroy the Maquis. Krull and the house of Korthak decided instead of running they would fight, and fight they did. They fought the Dominion with everything they had for the next three years, until the end of the war. Krull was not part of the worst of it, being as young as he was, but being a Klingon he did fight and took lives. After the war ended in 2375, his family went back to a colony they were fighting for and rebuilt their lives. Many of his family and friends died during those three years, including his own beloved sister.

From 2375 till 2387 Krull would grow up, reading stories of the wider Dominion war and the exploits of one Klingon in particular, Worf son of Mogh, the first Klingon in Starfleet and how successful he was. He became enamored with this Klingon and started to idolize him, continuing to find out as much as he could about him, emulating him in many ways. One of those ways was his interest in joining Starfleet. Knowing it was his brother’s destiny to take over the business, he would have just been working for it, and he realized he had to forge his own path. His parents and his twin, understanding this and knowing he would need a Starfleet Officer’s Sponsorship. They contacted then Ambassador Worf, through their own contacts, of their willingness for him to sponsor their son for Starfleet Academy.

After an initial meeting on Deep Space 9, Worf was willing to sponsor Krull, so during the summer session before the school year of 2387 Krull would embark on his journey to Starfleet. The next four years would be wonderful for him. He made a lot of wonderful friends, and excelled in his studies, at the end of the four years he would graduate near the top of his class.

After graduation he would be posted to the USS Ticonderoga, initially as one of the helmsmen, and spent his first six months in that position, before defending a Federation Ambassador from an assassination attempt, which would get him a commendation and a change from helmsman to security where he would again excel. He quickly gained a reputation for being willing to do whatever it took to protect those in his charge, no matter who it was.

His tour of duty on the Ticonderoga would come to an end after three years when he single handedly defended a diplomatic delegation from a planet in the middle of a civil war from a squad of assassins, sent by one of the planets hard liners, and protecting them until more security could arrive. This event got him yet another commendation and an early promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant, as there was no Lieutenant posting on the Ticonderoga it necessitated a transfer, this time to a new ship the USS Olympus.


2387-2391 Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2391-2394 Ensign, USS Ticonderoga
2394-???? Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Olympus, Assistant Chief Security officer/Spartan Commander


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