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Lieutenant Junior Grade Rayana Datam


Played By: Korrath

Character Name: Rayana Kuri Datam

Position: Astrometric Specialist

Species: 1/2 Bajoran 1/2 Betazoid

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Height: 5 foot 7 inches


Rayana is of average height 5’7, slender but athletic build. Her brunette hair falls just below her chest when she doesn’t tie it up.

Since just after beginning her first year at the Academy, she discovered Yoga and a sport similar to Gymnastics accompanied with an unhealthy addiction to martial arts, which were introduced to her from an early age by her Father. These quickly became hobbies, which have lasted the last 7 years, making her agile, quick and flexible, not to mention keeping her in tip top physical condition.

She has a small build, reaching to just under six foot which only emphasises her athletic build.


Rayana was born in San Fransisco. Her parents were Starfleet Science Officers, working out of San Fransisco. As such, Ray was gifted with family that weren’t on space duty, which afforded her more opportunity to spend time with her parents that not many children of Starfleet Officers had. That was until her 9th Birthday.

In 2373 just after her 9th birthday the Federation became embroiled in a war with the Dominion. Her parents were reassigned and Rayana was looked after by one of her Fathers best friends, Laura, whom she had always loved as an Auntie. Within 6 months, the worst news a 9 year old could receive was delivered by a Starfleet clerk, her parents had been killed in action.

This devastated Rayana, but only had her more determined to continue learning the martial arts her Father had started teaching her. This eventually led her to learn other forms, which, during her academy years she mixed and molded into her own version of mixed martial arts.

In 2375, she witnessed the attack on San Fransisco, Starfleet Headquarters, from the house in the hills above the main city.

The years passed and Rayana exceeded in her compulsory schooling, gaining vast amounts of extra credit for her extra curricular work, which insured her entry into Starfleet Academy at the age of 18 in 2382.

Training to become an Officer forced Rayana to work harder than she ever had before, learning more than she ever had, finding she had keen interest in the sciences, particularly Stellar Cartography and Astro-science. But she also had a keen interest in strategy and advanced tactics, which she also took courses in line with that interest.

Rayana was posted to the USS Einstein, a Nova Class vessel, as a Stellar Cartographer, whilst also doubling up as a Strategic Operations Officer. The Einstein was Nova Class vessel. They didn’t have a Strategic Operations Department, but due to being very near to the Cardassian border, the Captain decided he wanted someone keeping an closer on the wider area.

In 2394, she was given the opportunity to serve on the first ship to return to the Delta Quadrant, the Olympus, which she volunteered for.


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