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Lieutenant Commander Thalyssra


Character Name: Thalyssra Thy'lek

Position: Chief TacSec & Second Officer

Species: Andorian

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Weight: 121 pounds


Athletic, attractive, and curvaceous looking Andorian Female – Light blue skin, long white hair (barely regulation length). Appearance is always regulation and impeccable. Always wears a bejeweled Andorian War Dagger at her waist as an allowed racial accessory.


Thalyssra is a friendly, even flirtatious, person, in the right situations. When on duty, she is all business, the model Andorian warrior, standing on the shoulders of a military tradition that leads through Star Fleet and back to the Andorian Imperial Guard (her father, and her, being descendants of Shran Thy’lek of The Imperial Guard, the Andorian commander who made first contact with humanity and was a key player in the alliances that led to Andoria being one of the founders of The Federation). She expects nothing less than the best from those in her department, as she expects the same from herself.

In her off-duty hours, she is more relaxed, easy going, and cheerful. She values friendship, above all, and has been known to host weekly poker games in her quarters, as well as indulge in several different holodeck novels (not all of them involving violent combat)


Thelen Thy’lek – Thalyssra’s father served aboard the USS Melbourne as its Chief of Security, and died at his post during the battle of Wolf 359, when Thalyssra was only 3. To this day, she admires her father greatly, hoping her own achievements in Starfleet would make him proud.

Vroza Thy’lek – Thalyssra’s mother left the Federation Diplomatic corps when Thalyssra’s father died, and raised her daughter with the assistance of Vroza’s parents (Thalyssra’s Maternal Grandparents)

isothass Sh’ashyhrat – Thalyssra’s Maternal Grandmother is highly regarded as a botanist within the Federation, having aided in the creation and cultivation of many species necessary in colonization and/or terraforming efforts.

Shroth Th’ashyhrat – Thalyssra’s maternal grandfather served with distinction in Star Fleet in his younger days as Science officer aboard several Star Fleet Vessels, including the U.S.S. Enterprise (1701-A) and Thalyssra grew up on his tails of that ships legendary crew and the small part her grandfather played in the events surrounding the Khitomer Accords.


Born on Andoria in 2363, Thalyssra lost her father at the age of 3. She has little to no memory of her father, though, thanks to her mother, knows quite a bit about him, and is one of the reasons she joined Star Fleet. Raised by her mother and maternal grandparents on Andoria, Thalyssra became fascinated with the history and military tradition of her family at an early age.

As a child, she would devour her grandfather’s stories of his times serving under the legendary Captain James T. Kirk, and dreamed of doing the same. Throw in her family history, and famous ancestor, and it was assured that she would follow in her father’s footsteps.

Unlike her parents, her skills leaned more towards the martial traditions of her people, than the sciences. She trained vigorously as a child in the Andorian martial ways, becoming an expert in her peoples hand to hand and armed traditions by her 13th birthday, which earned her the War Dagger she wears at her hip to this day.

When she was 9, War with The Dominion broke out, and when Betazed fell, and Earth was attacked in a raid, Andoria met these events, not with fear, but with martial determination. To this day, Thalyssra does not forget how Andoria met fear with a renewed will to win the war.

At 18, she enrolled in star Fleet Academy, and for the first time in her life, left Andoria. At The Academy, she became fascinated by the many races she encountered, particularly, humanity. For a species to rise to the prominent position in the galaxy that humanity commanded, fascinated her, and she devoured every bit of Earth’s history she could, and she spent every free hour she could exploring Earths cities and cultures.

During her second term at the Academy, something happened that changed Thalyssra’s life forever. She fell in love. With a human. Robert Brahms was a suave, sophisticated, and energetic Command trainee, and Thalyssra was immediately smitten. The two began their relationship as friends, she helping him with his hand to hand requirements, and he broadening her horizons in the tactics department. Thalyssra never told her family of this relationship, not knowing how they;d feel about her involvement with a human, and by graduation, the relationship had run its course, though the two remained friends.

Thalyssra’s first posting after graduation was not to a starship, as she had hoped, but to the space station, Deep Space Nine. She did not let her disappointment however, dissuade her and to her surprise, she was in fact assigned to the USS Defiant as part of the ships security detachment. During that ships multiple excursions through the Bajoran Wormhole, she served with distinction and was decorated several times, the one she values the most being for actions in an attack on an away team where she single handedly saved all members of the team, while defeating the renegade Jehm’hadar that had attacked them.

Following five years in the Bajoran sector (and Gamma Quadrant), Thalyssra was transferred to the USS Excalibur, a Sovereign class vessel, where she served as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. She held this position for the next 5yrs, the final 2 as the ships Chief Tactical Officer. Again, she excelled at her job, and it was noted by the Starfleet Chief of Security that the casualty rate of security officers under her command was below the fleet average .

Thalyssra was assigned to the Olympus only just prior to its current assignment and is still in the getting to know you stage among the crew.


2381-2385: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2385-2390: Ensign, Deep Space Nine; Lt. USS Defiant (Detached to DS9)
2390-2394: Lt., USS Excalibur, Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer; LT. Cmmdr, USS Excalibur Chief Tactical/Security Officer
2394-????: Lt. Cmmdr, USS Olympus, Chief Tactical/Security Officer and Second Officer


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