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Commander T'se


Character Name: T'se

Position: Executive Officer

Species: Vulcan

Gender: Female

Age: 36

Height: 61"

Weight: 92 pounds


T’se’s petite stature lends itself to a slight, yet toned physique, relative to her overall body proportions. Her ears lay a bit closer to her skull, with both helices drawing up into a prominent tip characteristic of the Vulcan species. Pointed eyebrows crown eyes a rich honey-brown in color, flattered by the olive pigment of her skin tone. Her skin is smooth, blemish-free, and supple to the touch. Her teeth are well-cared for and framed by full, peach-colored lips. T’se’s presentation is the epitome of conservative, and she is adamant about good personal hygiene. Her raven black hair is of substantial length, with thick, healthy locks cascading below the small of her back. T’se prefers traditional hairstyles, erring on the conservative. While on duty, her hair is usually worn in a conventional bun, accenting the style with braids from time to time. Her finger and toenails are regularly manicured and protected with a clear coat of nail varnish. Although T’se wears makeup, her modest manner accentuates the natural beauty of her effeminate qualities. T’se’s off duty wardrobe is modest, with hand-selected pieces of simple design and form. The style is reminiscent of Vulcan style, although minimalist in nature. When she wears jewelry, the pieces are austere and generally reserved for special occasions. T’se has no piercings or tattoos of any kind.


T’se is patient, compassionate, non-reactive, and emotionally independent. While not necessarily shy, T’se prefers to keep to herself. She is self-reflective and a conscientious thinker, preferring to listen generously rather than immediately responding. Relative to her reserved disposition, T’se expresses herself openly and is unabashed in offering an opinion about a topic that is of particular or significant importance to her. T’se has a small social network, preferring to develop deeper, meaningful relationships with those that stimulate and challenge her intellectually. T’se practices the teachings of Surak and has yet to achieve kolinahr. Self-sufficient, T’se manages control over her emotions privately and is adept at keeping herself far removed from the tribulations of emotion in her daily life. She strives to achieve a balance through the application of logic, often coming across as stoic. Not easily provoked, when T’se does feel her emotions arise, she does well to remain calm and collected, especially during turbulent situations.

+ Calm and collected
+ Emotionally stable
+ Insightful
+ Introspective
+ Self-sufficient and self-motivated
– Isolationist
+ Non-reactive
– Overconfident
– Stoic and aloof


T’se, the daughter of Seylar and T’sol, is bonded to Tuvaris


T’se was the only child born to Seylar and T’sol, both of Vulcan. Raised in the temperate coastal city of Vulcana Regar, located in the province of Raal on the western edge of the continent of Na’nam, T’se’s family home abutted the banks of the Na’ree River Valley. Her father, Seylar, was a distinguished musical composer while her mother, T’sol, was an author. T’se’s childhood was structured and oriented toward intellectual study and play. Seylar and T’sol taught their daughter the importance of being well-behaved and understanding the social implications of good manners. Like most Vulcan children, T’se’s parents taught her from an early age how to recognize emotion and its interpersonal effects in developing psychosocially appropriate relationships within Vulcan society. In doing so, T’se learned to develop effective techniques to process and administer control over her emotions, healthily, and productively.

Attending the Vulcan Learning Center of Regar, T’se showed an early aptitude for mathematics as well as an innate curiosity of synchronic processes. T’se was astute in her studies and performed well academically. Seylar and T’sol made sure their daughter developed interests outside of academia. T’se was five years of age when she strummed her first chords against the taut wires of her father’s harp. From that moment, Seylar dutifully nurtured his daughter’s musical abilities. Although T’se was proficient in playing the harp, she did not develop an avidity for pursuing this talent beyond a hobby.

In her downtime, T’se preferred solitary activities. She curated a robust library of antique books, mostly non-fiction, from numerous Federation species and was meticulous about maintaining a comprehensive personal log, journaling daily, sometimes multiple times.

T’se’s father, a composer by trade, raised his daughter to develop a profound appreciation for music in teaching her to play the Vulcan harp. A novice in technique, T’se considered herself a burgeoning musician. She has a discerning ear and is adept at producing compositions of exceptional quality.

Arranged marriages are an ingrained practice in Vulcan society. At the age of seven, T’se was bonded to Tuvaris, a young boy three years her senior. T’se and Tuvaris would later consummate this union, forming a permanent partnership with one another.

When T’se turned eleven years of age, she took part in the kahs-wan, the Vulcan ritual of adulthood. For ten days and ten nights, T’se survived the wilds of the Vulcan Forge with no weapons, food, or water. In her solitude, the kahs-wan ritual tested T’se physically, psychologically, and emotionally, pitting her personal ethics against her biological need to survive. T’se relied on reasoning, deduction, and self-determination, to govern her strength and courage so that her desperation wouldn’t drive her to an abhorrent act. Although T’se survived the trials, the experience changed her for the better, further compelling her resolve to attain a state of pure logic.

Around the age of thirteen, T’se’s creative predilections took an unexpected turn when she fashioned her first bowl out of the husk of a deadened red spruce. What had prompted her to do so was nothing more than an inherent drive to create. Through this urge, T’se understood the correlation between form and function, finding genuine beauty in having the self-possessed ability to give shape to an object forever memorialized from something once living. During her teenage years, T’se studied the art, committed to honing her skills. She attempted to replicate the techniques of formidable artists past and present. The artist she favored most was the renowned Rigellian woodcarver, Musaf, whose artistic approach she found stimulatingly complex. To her credit, T’se sent a portfolio of her work to Musaf’s conservatory on Rigel, which was later appraised by the woodcarving master. So intrigued was he by T’se’s unique craftsmanship, that Musaf personally traveled to T’se’s homeworld to meet with the young artisan and evaluate her technique firsthand. Musaf, impressed by T’se’s artistic inclinations, offered T’se an apprenticeship at his conservatory for when she concluded her education on Vulcan.

At this same period in her life, T’se’s competency for pure and applied mathematics rivaled her dedication to wood sculpture. T’se discerned mathematics in such a way that married logic and creativity harmoniously. Her aptitude for this field of study was to such a degree, that a Starfleet recruiter approached her to discuss service opportunities. Always one to cultivate options, T’se completed the requisite testing program for academy admissions. The caliber of her academic performance immediately presented T’se with an opportunity to attend Starfleet Academy on Earth.

For T’se, the decision to attend the academy was logical. Starfleet would present limitless opportunities for her to continue expanding her knowledge of mathematics and would offer the chance for real-world application in this field of study. Wood sculpture, however, would remain a steadfast hobby.

Enthralled by the melange of the student body and teaching staff, T’se discovered Starfleet Academy was the very embodiment of the Vulcan edict, “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.” This diversification posed a challenge, however, as T’se had never experienced life beyond the Vulcan homeworld. The cultural propensities of dozens of Federation species, chief among them, Humans, were overstimulating to T’se. From unique living habits to unusual personal hygiene practices to distasteful reproductive customs, T’se was ardent in her means of adaptability. T’se never fully habituated to life at the academy, yet, became all the more tolerable with time.

The first year at the academy saw cadets attending to prerequisite coursework, physical endurance, and survivalist training, as well as acclimation to a disciplined routine. For the most part, T’se adjusted well, albeit in a unwantedly complex living environment. Decidedly focusing much of her time on academics, T’se excelled in her studies, steadily rising through the ranks on the academic honor roll. Steadfast though she was, T’se was socially isolated from others, although this may have been deliberate rather than unwittingly imposed. T’se was complacent in her solitude, satisfied with her level of socialization with her peers. She spoke regularly with her parents on Vulcan and would engage with classmates when necessary. Otherwise, she mostly kept to herself in a place predicated on comradery and companionship. Whereas others may have been lonely, T’se was content.

T’se completed her first year at the academy with a strong academic record and an invitation to start her specialized training with Starfleet’s Corps. of Engineers when she returned in two months’ time. T’se accepted the invitation and returned home to Vulcan.

Surprising to T’se, when she returned to Vulcan, she experienced a similar difficulty reacclimating. As foreign as Earth had been, T’se had never imagined how changed the academy made her in a single year. Ingrained behaviors customary at the academy, were misinterpreted at home. For their part, T’se’s parents were patient with her changed behaviors and traits, attributing them to building a life outside of Vulcan. They quickly accepted that T’se’s personality would continue to develop the more time she spent around different cultures and encouraged their daughter to keep an open mind. T’se took her parent’s criticisms to heart and contemplated them. T’se spent most of her leave in meditation on a subjective evaluation of the past year. When she emerged from this journey weeks later, T’se had a renewed sense of self and a better understanding of how she would approach the next year.

Upon returning to earth, T’se discovered her living accommodations were vastly different. Specializing in engineering saw T’se assigned to on-campus living accommodations with students in similar fields of study. Additionally, her class diminished in size in the absence of cadets who washed out the year before. No longer residing in first-year accommodations with multiple cadets, T’se roomed with another Vulcan named Varis. This change in living circumstances suited both T’se and Varis, who progressively formed a social bond that remains steadfast to this day.

The remainder of T’se’s second and third years at the academy passed without incident. She continued to dominate the academic honor roll and branched out socially by joining the cross country team. Although running was a solitary sport, T’se leaned into the social structure of the team dynamic. The troop competed well against other institutions on Earth and those off-planet, and T’se found she looked forward to the competitions.

Toward the end of her third year, T’se applied for her senior cadet cruise. Her acceptance into the program found her assigned as an engineering trainee to the USS Diligent, a Defiant-class starship.

Unlike the years before, however, T’se didn’t return home to Vulcan. Instead, she remained at the academy to attend several accelerated engineering courses. Additionally, she voluntarily participated in an orientation program that helped cadets prepare for life aboard a starship. In doing so, T’se would start her fourth year with a lighter academic load, allowing her to focus attention equally on her studies and newfound shipboard duties.

The USS Diligent was one of Starfleet’s newest Defiant-class starships. Unlike its predecessors in the Valiant and Courageous, the Diligent hadn’t experienced wartime service. The crew complement of fifty commissioned and enlisted crewmen was a mixture of seasoned veterans, junior officer trainees, those fresh from boot camp, as well as a single cadet. Life aboard a starship was even more disciplined than the academy environment. When not on duty in engineering, T’se was studying and training. Her studies weren’t confined solely to academy coursework, but also to that of learning everything possible about the Defiant-class. As a trainee, T’se was expected to examine and become intimately familiar with starship operations as they pertained to all things engineering. A senior officer could test a trainee’s knowledge at any time, influencing whether they’d advance to the next level in their training.

For the most part, the USS Diligent served as an escort vessel for Starfleet’s diplomatic branch of the command division. The crew spent the first year of their five-year tour of duty ferrying diplomats and admiralty to and from Federation member worlds.

After her cadet cruise, T’se returned to Earth, where she participated in advancement ceremonies and subsequently commissioned the rank of Ensign. Graduating from her class as valedictorian, T’se had the pick of any starship for her first tour of duty. Although there were several to choose from, T’se elected to return to the crew of the Diligent to finish out the next four years of the assigned crew’s tour of duty.


In her years since graduating from the academy, T’se has served on the following starships:

2374 to 2379: USS Diligent
Engineering Trainee from 2374 to 2376
Structural/Environmental Engineer from 2376 to 2379

2379 to 2384: USS Seraphim
Matter/Energy Systems Engineer from 2379 to 2383
Propulsion Engineer from 2383 to 2384

2384 to 2389: USS Katahdin
Engineering Officer from 2384 to 2385
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer from 2385 to 2389
Command Officer Trainee from 2388 to 2389

2389 to 2394: USS Ahwatukee
Chief Engineering Officer from 2389 to 2394
Second Executive Officer from 2390 to 2394

2394 to Present: USS Olympus
Executive Officer from 2394 to Present


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