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    Jonah WilksJonah Wilks

    Wilks sat in his easy chair. It was the first thing he had replicated. One of the things he didn’t was the cardassian made cigar, He lit it and said, “Computer on, begin recording.”


    He shifted a little in the chair, stuffing some of the poutine in his mouth. Between bites he looked at the screen. “Hi mom, Hi dad. I got to the ship. I got some crazy news… They are sending us real far away. I haven’t been briefed about this being a classified assignment so I can tell you where we are going as soon as I know. I miss Kate and Kyle.”


    He took a drag from the cigar.


    “Does Becky ask about me? I know its been a year but she broke up with me on my swearing in and I kind of just need to know if somebody I cared about so much, still cares about me?” He templed his fingers.


    “So my mental list of things I need to do is first check in with my CO. Find out the operating procedures of the company, then there is the welcome aboard physical. Then maybe meet some of the crew. I know how much you hate me smoking mom, but Kyle got me the cigars before deployment, been sitting in my footlocker since Tzenketh and sometimes you just need to stop and get your head on? Anyway I updated my Fleet Insurance you and Dad will be taken care of if anything happens to me. I don’t know how often I will get to write home, but these logs I am making are going to be given to you eventually. With love.”


    He paused for a moment then said, “End Recording.”

    Jonah WilksJonah Wilks

    Wilks stepped into his quarters wearing exercise shorts and a tee shirt. He said, “Computer begin recording.”


    The red light blinked and he replicated a glass of ice water. He sat down.


    “I met the most incredible woman on a jog. She wants to have breakfast.  Together? So um yeah in way over my head here.” He chuckled nervously.


    Then he looked down at his datapad, “Lets see I also need to meet with my boss today. This is just the day of days. At least its not a walk in the jungle.”


    He walked towards the shower. “End recording.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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