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    Mar GreavesMar Greaves

    Episode 1: Crossing the Line

    The Olympus sets course for the recently stabilized Barzan wormhole, with a destination of the Delta Quadrant, loaded with diplomats and passengers bound to assist in Federations endeavors on the other side of the galaxy. En route, the crew take the opportunity to get familiar with one another and their new duties.

    Below the surface, however, lies a devious plan to sabotage the ship and upset the budding partnership between Starfleet and the Barzan Republic. The crew must ensure the safe passage of their guests while traversing a tenuous and unfamiliar passageway.

    Mar GreavesMar Greaves

    Shuttlepods and work bees swarmed the curved hull of the starship Olympus, moving personnel and supplies onto the ship before its departure. Docking gangways connect the primary hull to an access lobby within the starbase. A mix of crew boarding to serve the mission alongside diplomats and civilians bound for the fledgling colony on the other side of the wormhole flow through the gangway and onto the starship.

    // U.S.S. Olympus, Bridge
    // Episode Day 1, 10:00 Hours
    // Captain Mar Greaves

    Centered on the bridge of the Olympus Captain Greaves felt at home. He’d been aboard the Starbase for days and had let cabin fever set in. Mar was ready to rejoin the stars. The new bridge module coming with the latest refit was expansive, and he marveled at the improvement over what had been a design loosely based on the Sovereign-class bridge. From the command center, where his and the XO’s seats were located together, the Captain had an easy view of any activity taking place, and a quick path to the mission ops table near the rear of the deck, a welcome addition for coordinating long-range activities on the far side of the galaxy.

    Nearby, the ship’s main computer hologram materialized. Athena, as she was known, with long brunette hair and a casual style of dress appearing anywhere on the ship where she needed thanks to comprehensive projector coverage. The Century-class, meant to carry out long distance missions with a smaller crew that its cousin the Sovereign-class, utilized advanced holograms and AI‘s to augment the crew. Mar was uncertain with the MCH initially, but soon found a confidant in her. It allowed a crew and a Captain a bond with a ship they may otherwise not experience.

    “Captain,” she said, “welcome back.”

    “Thank you, Athena. It’s good to be back,” he said with a grin. “What’s our status?”

    “All systems standing by. We’re ready to depart once final boarding is complete.”

    “Good,” Greaves said. The ship was orderly, neat. The dressings were comfortable but felt secure. “This new bridge is quite the sight.”

    Athena scanned the room with her eyes. “It’s a good fit,” she said with a smile.

    “How is boarding going?”

    “The new senior staff will arrive shortly,” she responded. “Diplomatic and civilian passengers are boarding. We have been in contact with Barzan II, their representatives will join us upon arrival in the Barzan system. We have crew mostly boarding by docking gangway and transporter, but we have some engineering and medical personnel arriving via shuttle. Current crew complement is at sixty percent. I estimate four more hours for complete boarding and supply.”

    “That’s what I like to hear,” Greaves  said, “everything is in order then.”

    “Yessir. Also, Admiral Buscar is awaiting you in the Ready Room.”

    Mar paused and tilted his head, “the Admiral is here? You didn’t mention that sooner, Athena?”

    She glanced around, “sir, I’m not a yeoman. It’s not my primary duty to track scheduling. We can adjust my priorit—”

    Mar waved her off, brow furrowed, “thank you, Athena.”

    The Captain turned on his heel and headed out of the room, down a short corridor, and into the large Ready Room nearby. The Admiral was indeed waiting, seated at a chair next to the head of the large table that doubled as a conference area when the senior staff needed to convene in private.

    “Admiral,” Mar began, nodding as he approached the table, “sorry for keeping you waiting. Can we get you anything?”

    “No no, Captain. And don’t worry, this is nothing serious, I just wanted to see you off,” the man replied with a warm smile, motioning to the chair at the head of the table. Mar took a seat. Rear Admiral Everett Buscar was an imposing man, but one Mar admired. He’d overseen the reconstruction of Starbase 72 and the rehabilitation of Tarsas III after the war. His tenacity had brought the crippled sector back to life and had earned him a place in history

    “I understand this will be your first trip into the Delta Quadrant, and dealing with the Barzan Republic directly.”

    “It is,” Greaves said, leaning back in his chair. “But it’s a first for most of us these days, isn’t it?”

    Buscar chuckled. “You’re not wrong, Captain. I don’t doubt you’ve read everything you can get your hands on about what we know of the Delta Quadrant, but that information is dated by now. The whole damn place has changed shape at this point. Our initial scouting of the immediate region near the wormhole hasn’t shown us much. You’re stepping into one giant enigma, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.”

    Greaves smiled and nodded for him to continue.

    “Good. You’re going in as a flagship of our fleet, and one of our primary explorers. We need you to maintain the best impression you can for the Barzan representatives you’re carrying to Delta Prime. This is the first diplomatic attachment they’re sending through the wormhole and they’ve chosen to do it alongside the Federation. Your primary mission will be to explore, I’m sorry we’re making you play V.I.P. transport first.”

    Greaves shook his head, “it’s an honor to help solidify our partnership with the Barzan people.”

    “We can use it. Their political situation has been a mess since they attracted so much galactic attention. The last thing we need is for them to reconsider their agreement with us. We’ve already built the station and the verteron array.”

    “I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.”

    “I don’t doubt it. We’ve got eyes from all over the Federation watching your mission. Word has it even the Chief if Starfleet Security is interested in what you and your crew find over there.”

    “No pressure,” Mar said with a grin.

    “None at all. Just do what you do best, Captain. Now, would you mind giving me a tour of your fine ship before I depart? I made myself time to do it and that computer hologram of yours told me you’ve got plenty of time before everyone is aboard.”

    “No trouble at all, Admiral. Fewer things I enjoy more than a tour of this ship.”


    Thalyssra Thy'lekThalyssra Thy’lek

    // U.S.S. Olympus, Bridge
    // Episode Day 1, 10:00 Hours

    Thalyssra entered the bridge, just as Captain Greaves exited, and for the moment at least, the Andorian had the entire place to herself. Slowly, she walked around, taking in every detail her blue eyes could. The bridge was even bigger than that of her previous posting, and certainly larger than that of the Defiant.

    She walked past the XO and Captain’s chairs, a smile on her face. The layout was familiar, obviously based on the Sovereign Class she was familiar with, and that would help. after all, this ship was going to be her home for quite some time.

    “Can I help you Commander?” came a female voice behind her. Thalyssra spun around, to come face to face with the ship’s holographic AI.

    “No. Just taking it all in…Athena, isn’t it? Named for the Greek goddess of Wisdom, combat, and weaving?”

    The holographic woman nodded, and Thalyssra smiled again, “No offense, but you are going to take some getting used to”

    “None taken Commander. I’ll leave you to taking it all in.” and with that, Thalyssra was again alone on the bridge.

    The Andorian laughed, then made her way to her new station. She ran her fingers over the panel, then brought up her controls on the console. She began running several diagnostics as well as several tests, rearranging several layouts to her preferred settings. She wanted to ensure that she was able to respond to whatever situation arose quickly and competently. Humming an old Vulcan tune she had picked up on deep Space Nine, she focused on the screens in front of her.


    Eelkom RaiemEelkom Raiem

    A joint post featuring:
    Idain and Eelkom Raiem
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    // U.s.s Olympus, Sickbay
    // Episode Day 1, 13:00 Hours

    Idain glanced around his new quarters. He still wasn’t used to all the space. Traveling light meant that the cabin looked little different with him living in it than before he arrived. He glanced at his ever-present PADD and decided that it would be an ideal time to get his medical evaluation out of the way. They were a mortifying experience for the Deltan, who was loathe to explain his disability to yet another medical professional.

    Making the lengthy trek to sickbay, he realized exactly how much larger the Olympus was compared to the Steamrunner-class he was previously assigned to. Upon arrival, he found a mostly-empty sickbay, with impressively modern amenities. He spotted a nurse and gestured to her.

    “Excuse me. I’m Commander Idain. I’m looking for the Doctor.” Asked the Deltan.

    A young Vucan Nurse, fresh from the Academy pointed in the direction of where Dr. Eelkom was giving direction to an enlisted ward-officer – no emotion could be registered on her face.

    “I want two more of those emergency drug carts. Same layout of medications, each with a type four medication synthesizer.” Raiem pointed to two separate ends of Sickbay – he had not been quite satisfied with the layout of equipment and had already made several changes to the space. It would allow for quicker response times to rapid and emergent situations.

    He had heard the Commander announce himself to one of his Nurses, it wasn’t until he focused in on the periphery that his brain acknowledged the presence of the handsome Deltan. His full attention went on the Executive Officer as his body led the way to closing the gap between them. There was something almost catching about the man, Raiem had lost all sense of the space around him and was transfixed. This trance was abruptly interrupted however, when he body-checked another of his nursing staff who happened to be carrying a tray of various tools. She had managed to not fall down, but the tray and tools had scattered across the floor of Sickbay.

    “Oh… Ensign Fairbanks, I am sorry!” Raiem turned many shades of red as he scrambled to help his staff member reassemble the tray. To say the young doctor was embarrassed would be the understatement of the century – there was little he could do to resolve the flushed look in face as he approached Commander Idain.

    “Uh… Commander…” The Bajoran extended his hand. “I am Doctor Eelkom, Chief Medical Officer…” – Raiem had wanted to add, ‘And resident klutz,’ but he had kept that last comment to himself.

    Idain extended his hand to accept the Doctor’s, a bit surprised at the human greeting but if he was honest, not displeased. It wasn’t the first time Idain had caused a commotion with his presence. The Deltan’s hand enveloped Raiem’s, he and made eye contact as they shook.

    “Pleased to meet you, Doctor. This is an absolute dreamboat of a ship. I understand you’re part of the new senior staff also. Where did you serve previously?”

    Raiem heard the man but found himself slightly, and unusually mezmorized. Perhaps if this was a female Deltan, he would be less so. “I am.. Yes Commander.” It was now that the young doctor noticed the juxtaposition between them, he was much shorter and of smaller stature than his Deltan superior officer. “I served as Chief of a mobile medical team in the Bajor sector before this assignment. I wanted to be back on a Starship… So here I am…”

    “You must be our new Executive Officer?” It was stating the obvious, Raiem knew full well who he was but he could not come up with anything better to pass back.

    Idain tried to keep his thoughts professional, focusing on the information rather than the doctor himself. “Yes, recently transferred from the Defender, a Steamrunner-class assigned to border patrol.” Said the taller man.

    The truth was he was thrilled at the opportunity here, but had been heartbroken to leave his old ship. The crew had become his family and while he hoped the same would happen here, those sorts of relationships didn’t happen overnight.

    Raiem nodded – he knew of the Steamrunner-class but had never served on one, the Olympus was certainly a larger and more equipped vessel. The doctor gestured to an empty biobed to his left, “I take it you’re here for your transfer physical?” He broke away from the Deltan and made his way over. Normally he would have one of his other junior staff conduct the examination, but considering it was the ship’s executive officer, Raiem wanted to see this through himself.

    “Yes, Lieutenant. Before we begin, I may as well get this out of the way. My brain doesn’t create psilosynine, the chemical secreted to the paracortex to enable Deltan’s touch-based empathic and telepathic abilities.” He paused, drawing a breath. “Yes I’m aware there are experimental treatments out there, and no I am not interested in exploring those options” he finished. Idain realized he probably sounded a bit rude, but every doctor he had been examined by had given him some variation of the same pitch.

    Raiem certainly was no telepath but he could pick up on the frustrated-tone from Idain. He knew full well that doctors tended to want to try and fix everything, this sometimes clouded whether the particular patient actually wanted it fixed. “Of course Commander. I will certainly not pressure any treatment on you, especially since you seem well informed of your options already.” The young doctor offered him a genuine and empathetic look.

    “I’ve browsed over a paper once that was talking about your particular condition. It is not common among your people, if I remember correctly?” Raiem gestured to the biobed, indicating for the Deltan to get comfortable.

    “Yes, it’s extremely rare… to be honest, it caused me to feel isolated by my own culture. Hence my departure for Starfleet.” He replied.

    Something about the Bajoran’s unassuming demeanor put Idain at ease. He felt like he could talk to the stranger without being judged or pushed. It was refreshing.

    Idain’s words had resonated with Raiem, in a very personal way. He certainly could not relate to the same physiological circumstances as the Deltan but understood well what it was like to feel isolated among his own native culture. He had struggled as a youth to fit into the orthodox culture of his homeworld, and even once free of that dreadful place – he was just as awkward in engaging normal Bajoran culture.

    Raiem wanted to disclose the similarities but this was not the place and it would be making this situation about him. Medical providers often had to take a moment to reflect and think of their intentions, in order to provide care in an ethical way.

    “Starfleet has provided a great many with a chance to make a new life.” He gave Idain another one of his genuine and cheeky smiles before initiating the biometric scanners. It only took several seconds and the results displayed on the panel above them. “Well… You’re certainly not making my job difficult today Commander. You are a picture of health.”

    “Thank you, Doctor. Oh and while I have you, there is a senior staff meeting tomorrow at o-seven hundred” the Commander said. Of course, the meeting would be added to Raiem’s schedule. But it was a nice, safe conversation filler.

    The Deltan stood, towering over his chief medical officer. He smiled, aware that sometimes he came off as imposing.

    “It was nice to meet you, Doctor Eelkom. I look forward to working with you.” Idain said.

    Raiem simply nodded in reply as the Commander made his quick exit. It was certainly an interesting encounter, one that he would reflect upon.


    // U.S.S. Olympus, CIO’s Quarters
    // Episode Day 1, 15:00 Hours
    // Lieutenant Commander Korrath


    The journey to the Olympus hadn’t taken as long as Korrath had expected. Or perhaps, the time had just passed quickly, he wasn’t sure. When the ship Korrath was traveling on, the Boseman, detected the Olympus on long range scans, Korrath received information on his latest posting. It was a relatively new Century Class, hotly tipped to replace the ageing Galaxy Class, which the Century was living up to. Whilst Korrath had never officially served in an Intelligence position, his roles over his career had involved Intelligence work, some that would never see the light of day on his service record, not to mention his role as a Chief Strategic Operations Officer on an Immense Class starship saw him overseeing not only his Department but also line managing the Chief Intelligence Officer. He knew the role. He was in no doubt he could do it, which is why he had been selected for it.

    Which was why, he had spent his time, since learning of his new assignment, looking over all the data and Intelligence that Voyager had brought back with it and beginning to classify the threat levels of the various races they were going to be meeting. He knew he would be working closely with the Security and Tactical Department on this and many other tasks, but he wanted to get a head start. The Quartermaster alerted him when the Boseman was a few minutes outside Transporter Range of the Olympus.

    He made his way silently to the Transporter Room, carrying one duffel bag. His other items had been stowed and would be transferred to the Olympus probably at the same time he was, by the Quartermaster and his staff.

    Korrath stepped up to the doors which triggered them to open and stepped across the threshold into the transporter room. “One to transport to the Olympus.” He stated to the Transporter Operator manning the console. The Enlisted Officer nodded. “Aye sir. I’ve got a green light. Ready when you are.”

    Korrath stepped up to the transporter pad and nodded to the Petty Officer. “Energise.”

    Within moments, he dematerialised and within another moment, he had materialised on board the Olympus. He stepped down off the pad, nodding to the transporter operator and left the transporter room. He stopped in the hallway and tapped one of the LCARS panels. “What is the location of my quarters?” he asked of the Computer.

    “Deck 3, Section 12, Alpha.” He turned around and entered the turbo lift behind him. “Deck 3.” He instructed.

    The lift hummed as it moved up. Korrath thought absently that he was grateful for the inertial dampness, which prevented turbo lift users feeling the speed of the turbo lift. The doors opened and he stepped through the doorway, walking down the corridor. After a minute, he found his quarters and hit the entrance button. The doors parted and he stepped inside. His personal belongings had been directly transported by the Olympus’s quartermaster.

    As a rule, Starfleet Officers travelled light, but it was impossible to live a life, regardless if you were a fleeter or not, without accruing things and Korrath was no different. It would take him some time to unpack, but now was not the time. He had to report in. He dropped his duffel bag that he had been carrying, onto the floor, taking one last look before turning and leaving his quarters.


    // U.S.S. Olympus, Personal Quarters of Krull
    // Episode Day 1, 7:00 Hours
    // Lieutant JG Krull son of Kruge

    Krull had walked into the docking bay where the majestic ship USS Olympus had been berthed, as he had walked to the window to gaze at his new home for the next five years, and marveled at her size. It dwarfed his old posting The Ticonderoga by a large amount. He had decided not to gaze to long and made his way through the open doors to the gangway to the ship.

    He walked down the gangway to find a rating directing the people as he walked up and announced himself. “Lieutenant junior grade Krull son of Kruge, reporting.” The rating looked up at him and welcomed him to the USS Olympus, as he looked down at his pad and stated “I have you here Lieutenant JG Krull son of Kruge, second in command of TacSec and head of the Spartans, your quarters are on Deck three, section four number 25. If you need any help finding it just ask and the computer will point you in the right direction.” Krull nodded and thanked the man not waiting to disrupt the flow any more than he had to he made his way towards his quarters.

    He had not need the help, as he had already memorized much of the schematics of the ship before he arrived, he keyed in his door code and walked in, marveled at its size and how much bigger it was than he had been used to. He had quickly stowed the stuff he brought with him in person figuring later as the rest was delivered he would spend unpacking it. He then decided to get meeting with the doc out of the way now, before he got inundated with the rest of the crew, as he has always had a dubious relationship with Federation doctors not fully understanding or being able to deal with Klingons and their anatomy.

    Eelkom RaiemEelkom Raiem

    // USS Olympus, Raiem’s Quarters
    // Episode 1: Day 01, 23:00 Hours
    // Doctor Eelkom Raiem

    Raiem yawned and stretched his arms, his eyes were starting to lose focus on the large holo-display in front of him on his coffee table. He was currently sprawled out on his sofa with a large and fuzzy blanket nursing a cup of tea. He had been reviewing several recent pharmacological research papers which had been published in the starfleet medical journal.

    He was just about to call it quits when the entry request chime of his quarters sounded. He had no idea who it could be at this hour but it must have been important. “Come.” Raiem stated, waking up a bit now out of curiosity.

    Through the doors walked the short-spitfire-dinosaur Mabel Kuznetsov – dressed in a large and oversized pink-ostrich-feather dress. She looked every part eccentric.

    Raiem jumped up off of the couch – his face immediately full of joy. “What are you doing here? How did you get here so quickly? I wasn’t expecting you for another day or two.”

    “Hello my darling.” Mabel made her way over to the much younger Bajoran and embraced him with enthusiasm. She planted two large kisses on each of his cheeks. “Well. To be honest – a friend owed me a quick trip… We may have broken a speed limit or two along the way but I’m here… And bearing gifts!” The old gal whipped a large tote bag in front of both of them.

    Inside and piled ontop of each other were bottles of chateau picard. “Want to get drunk?” Mabel asked, her eyes having the devil in them as per usual.

    “I don’t know Mabes… I have a staff meeting in the morning…” The responsible version of Raiem attempted to quell the temptation.

    “Drinks it is!” The question was rhetorical afterall – the old woman made her way over to the table and whipped two wine glasses out of the bag as well. It took her no time as all to have two healthy portions poured.

    “Computer play russian folk music mix Mabel-four-alpha.” The spirited and traditional folk music filled the room and Mabel danced her way over to Raiem. “You got me to put that blasted uniform back on… The least you can do is get jolly with me!”

    ~~ Some time later…
    // Episode 1: Day 02, 0325 Hours

    Raiem’s quarters filled with laughter from the two drunken fools that had now polished off several bottles of the wine Mabel had graciously donated to the occasion. “Now my darling… Spill the details.. There has to be someone on this big and fancy vessel that has peaked your interest…”

    Raiem blushed. “Well… I….” He knew there was no way in hiding this from his partner-in-crime so he got the computer to display a picture of their Executive Officer. “There is something about him… I shouldn’t even be entertaining it though, he’s our second in command…”

    “Oh! A Deltan… Raiem… You must!” Mabel edged the young doctor on and the two shared many more laughs before passing out around 0530hours.


    // U.S.S. Ahwatukee, Mess Hall
    // Episode Day 0, 16:38 Hours
    // Lieutenant Commander T’se

    A cacophony of conversation permeated the Ahwatukee’s mess hall, reverberating throughout the cabin, its modest space consumed by a large gathering of the crew. Most held crystal flutes filled with rose-colored champagne, the snapping of its replicated carbonation deafened by laughter. Toward the center of the crowd were a group of four to five officers, whose rank betrayed their seniority compared to the others who joined in on the festivities.

    “I have every confidence that you will exceed all expectations in your new role, Lieutenant.” T’se nodded to the young Ferengi standing to her right. Her petite stature ensured T’se stood only an inch or two taller than that of the Lieutenant’s diminutive figure. “You have learned a great deal over the last two years, serving as my assistant in engineering. You have honed your skillset, grown your experience, and sufficiently developed your leadership qualities to such a degree that the Captain and Commander agreed you were ready to assume the responsibilities of Chief Engineering Officer.” She stated flatly, offering a soft nod toward the Ferengi Lieutenant.

    “Here, here.” Commander Foster replied, extending his glass to affirm the Vulcan’s words.

    “Agreed! Lieutenant Dok, Commander Foster, and I have no doubt you’ll do well to fill the shoes of our departing Chief, here.” Captain Graydon added with a kind smile, reaching out to squeeze the young Lieutenant’s shoulder reassuringly. “But, if you have any doubts, we may be able to talk her out of this silly little promotion she’s decided to accept.” A mischievous grin played against the corners of the Captain’s mouth until his lips parted into a smile. “What do you say, Ms. T’se, should we let Starfleet Command know you’ve had a change of heart due to our exceedingly nervous Lieutenant here?”

    A grimace of embarrassment befuddled the Ferengi’s usual jovial expression, cheeks deepening in color, as his eyes nervously shifted from the Captain to the Commander to T’se. In Dok’s mind, he held no doubt that as quick as the promotion was offered, it could just as easily be taken away. Yet, his rigid posture relaxed under the Captain’s palm when the question was met with a silence that Dok was all too familiar with.

    “No? Well then, I suppose we should get on with it then, right?” Graydon said, feigning a sigh of defeat. Retrieving a buttering knife from a nearby food station, the Captain gently struck the side of his glass several times until the conversation softened before diminishing altogether, the melodic chime of the gesture doing its part to draw the attention of those assembled.

    “As Captain, my day is often filled with a feeling of pride. Pride in a federation of planets, unified by the singular principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Captain Graydon’s voice carried throughout the mess hall, “Those parts all coming together under the bases of mutual cooperation. It’s this synergy that assures that when one part of the whole succeeds, so do the others. A Captain feels no greater pride than in the achievements of his crew, to see what they once were, and compare it to what they’ve grown to become.” Graydon slowly turned while he spoke, ensuring his eyes confidently met those of whose attention he commanded. “Over the last five years, I’ve had the privilege of watching one of our very own develop their career, not only as one helluva an engineer but also as a leader. We stand here today, united as a crew, to recognize the accomplishments of T’se, who takes the next step in her career. As I speak, the Ahwatukee is on its way to Starbase 74 to deliver T’se to the USS Odyssey, where, upon her arrival, she will assume the post of Executive Officer. In her role, she will help to mentor and guide a new crew, whose journey to the deepest reaches of known space will surely mirror the countless adventures we’ve shared over these many years. Through her success and that of her new crew, so too shall we succeed.”

    The Captain’s slow turn stopped as he came to face T’se, the deep hue of his blue eyes cast down upon her. “Lieutenant Commander T’se, for outstanding service and dedication to both ship and crew, it gives me no greater pleasure than to grant you the rank of full Commander.” Graydon stepped closer toward T’se, reaching out to remove the hollow pip from her uniform tunic, replacing it with a solid pip. “Congratulations, Commander!”

    The room filled with the applause of those T’se had come to know during her time onboard the Ahwatukee. Her emotionless expression was stark in contrast to the beaming smiles offering her congratulations, yet in no way devaluing the moment.

    “Thank you, Captain.” T’se’s voice, albeit low in volume, somehow projected over the sound of hands clapping. “My time onboard the Ahwatukee has been memorable, and I have grown to respect a great many of you. I am grateful to have had the invaluable opportunity to serve as your Chief Engineering Officer, and accept this promotion with gratitude and will honor the responsibility that comes with it. Although our journey together has come to an end, please know that it has been an honor to serve with each of you.” T’se lifted her hand, palm facing toward the Captain and crew, as her middle and ring finger parted in the familiar Vulcan salute, “to that end, Live Long, and Prosper.”

    As the room filled with applause once more, the Captain offered his hand to T’se, “The honor was ours, Commander.” All other words became nothing more than background noise as music filled the room and the celebration carried on.

    Eelkom RaiemEelkom Raiem

    A joint post featuring:
    Lt. JG Krull son of Kruge & CMO Eelkom Raiem
    // U.S.S. Olympus, Main Sickbay
    // Episode Day 1, 11:30 Hours
    //Lt. JG. Krull son of Kruge

    Krull exited the turbo lift on Deck 7, as he deftly dodged out of the way of all the hustle and bustle of a ship getting ready to leave space dock for a long voyage. His destination that of the main medical bay and the one thing he dreaded since joining Starfleet his first meeting with Starfleet medical personnel. As his experience with them has been a mixed bag.

    Krull had found himself in front of the doors of the bay hoping to find the medical officers here and available to get his initial physical exam done and hoped that he knew enough about Klingon physiology that he will be able to treat him in the future. Even though more Klingons have joined Starfleet but they are still a minority and not all Federation doctors are equipped to handle them.

    Krull then walked through the doors to find an empty of personel medical bay where he was greeted by the ships holographic doctor “Greetings, I am Apollo the Odysseys SMH, how may I assist you Lieutenant?”

    Krull responded a little stiffly to the hologram “I am Krull son of Kruge, and I am here to speak with the Doctor if he is available, for my initial meeting and if there is time initial physical evaluation.” Apollo responded “If you may wait here, I will see if the Doctor is available to speak with you.” As the Hologram vanishes. Leaving Krull standing there.

    Raiem was seated in his office tapping away at the holo-display in front of him with his right hand. He was currently munching away at a delicious vegetarian wrap – it was coming up on lunch hour and although not the most professional of things to do, he was eating while working. It was a busy time to be lead physician on board a Starship, when so many new crew were boarding – ultimately the young doctor would need to familiarize himself with as much of the crew files as he could, given the nature and longevity of their deployment.

    Mid-munch, Apollo, the resident emergency medical hologram on board the Olympus materialized beside Raiem, causing the Bajoran to jump up in his chair and almost choke on his food.

    “My apologies Doctor Eelkom. Do you need assistance?” The hologram was close to initiating a heimlich maneuver before Raime caught his breath and waved the cute-looking EMH away.

    “I am fine Apollo….” A few swallows later, Raiem shifted himself in the chair and gave the EMH his attention. “We do really need to work on that. I am going to end up being the nature of your emergency otherwise.”

    “Noted Doctor Eelkom. I will work on it.” The hologram seemed to give a pondering expression before announcing the true intent of his presence. “There is a crew member here for their boarding check in and examination. A Mr. Krull… Son of Kruge.”

    “Very good. I’ll be out in a few moments. Thank you.” Raiem waved the hologram off and engaged a quick holo-mirror, to check on his appearance. A quick brush of a hand through his hair appeased him and he then made his way out to greet the Klingon.

    “Hello Lieutenant. I am Doctor Eelkom.” The doctor was dwarfed by the much larger and built Klingon. ‘I really am starting to feel short around here….’ Raiem thought this to himself. “Apollo informs me you are here for your check in?”

    Krull, looked at the doctor taking the measure of him as he watched him walk out to greet him. He noticed that the doctor was quite a bit shorter then he was. He also noticed the lack of an earring which seemed a tad strange as all Bajoran’s he had met wore won but did not say anything about it as he responded to the doctor’

    “Yes, Doctor, I figured this was a good time to get my Check-in done before everyone else came for theirs, as I was not sure how familiar you are with Klingons, as my experiences with Federation doctors concerning my species was a tad hit or miss.”

    “Probably a wise idea Lieutenant. We will be having an influx of crew as the day progresses I imagine.” Raiem offered the Klingon a genuine smile before gesturing towards one of the biobeds, indicating he would like Krull to sit on it.

    “It is an understandable inquiry Lieutenant. I would like to know if my resident physician or team would be competent in caring for me also, if I were on a long deployment.” The young doctor did not take any offense to the concern – it was fair given the sheer lack in numbers of Klingons within Starfleet.

    “I have treated Klingons in a previous assignment when I was stationed on Starbase 788.” Raiem stated this as he grabbed a medical tricorder and initiated the biometric-field of the biobed once Krull had taken his requested position. “Now.. I am certainly not saying I am an expert in your species physiology. I can get by and will be able to treat you with competence if it comes down to it.” Raiem began to wave the medical tricorder around, taking note of several readings coming up on the biobed over-head holo display.

    “Our resident emergency medical hologram, who I believe you have met, can certainly fill in any gaps or practice concerns…” Raiem was cut off by the sudden appearance of Apollo beside both him and Krull – this caused the Bajoran to bounce in spot, indicating his surprise.

    “I am well versed in thousands of species – my database is rich and in depth…” Apollo was about to continue before his program took note of Raiem’s less-than-impressed look. “Ah yes… My apologies Doctor…” He had done it again – a sudden and abrupt appearance, this is something his program-engrams would need to reflect on.

    “My apologies. Doctor. Mr. Krull.” Apollo gave a respectful nod and then dematerialized once more.

    Raiem shook his head – both annoyed and amused. “I am sorry about that. He’s quite the personality… I rather like this one…” The doctor focused on the tricorder once more for a moment.

    “Do you have any particular health concerns I should know about Lieutenant?”

    Krull tried and failed to hide his mirth at the doctor’s reaction to the Artificial Intelligence’s sudden arrival, and departure as he lays on the bed allowing the doctor to do his job.

    “I figure that Apollo has been vexing you quite a bit since your arrival on the Olympus, as I do not know how I would deal with an AI that constantly popped up like that. But to answer your question, not underlying medical issues, a number of old healed injuries all of which should be in my file.”

    As Krull continued to lay on the bio bed as the doctor did his job, “So doc, what made you decide to join this mission?”

    Raiem grinned at Krull’s comment about Apollo – the hologram had certainly brought with it an interesting personality. Despite the sudden appearances, the young doctor had felt that the program would make an effective member of their medical team on the Olympus.

    He listened intently to Krull describe a number of older injuries – they were indeed within his patient profile. His next question however was a bit more complicated to answer. “To put it simply. I have no family tying me here to this quadrant.” Especially now that Mabel was en-route to join the mission. “I am an ideal candidate that way – plus the idea of exploring the Delta quadrant is enticing in itself as well.”

    After pressing several more buttons on the holo-display nearest the two officers, the biobed scanners shut down. “There are no concerns from my point of view Mr. Krull.” There was a lingering curiosity within the Bajoran though. “I must know though, since you’ve asked about me. What brought you here to the Olympus?”

    Looked directly at the doctor and smiled “I was not expecting you to find anything out of the ordinary as I exercise daily, what humans would call sadomasochism but for me it’s my normal workout routine, as difficult as I can make it, to make me feel alive.”

    As he shifts himself to the side of the bed and moving to stand he looked back at the doctor “I figure that would tell you my primary reason is to feel alive, the thrill of the new, and the challenge of going somewhere that few or none have been to, gets my blood flowing.”

    He then grinned even wider “These types of missions are also plumb for both promotions and commendations, all if I am going to be honest with you here, these are the things songs and story are written about.”

    “Your examination certainly reflects the hard work you put forth in staying active.” Raiem grinned – he was certain that he himself would not be able to keep up with the Klingon’s exercise regime. The idea of it provided a slight scare actually. He had no actually considered the promotional opportunity as well with such an assignment. Raiem had not been cut throat in obtaining rank but the idea of climbing up the ranks was also something he was not opposed to. He had already decided he would race after the chance to make full-Commander when the opportunity came.

    “Here’s to a few glorious songs in our names then Mr. Krull.” The doctor grinned – Klingon culture was so very fascinating to him.

    Krull stood up and smiled broadly at the doctor, “Well, as we are done here I will leave you to you to get back to your work. also when we both have the chance we will have to meet up and do a proper toast to that perfect statement I will introduce you to Bloodwine.”

    As Krull walked out of the doctors office, leaving the doctor to his work, realizing he really should try to procure more Bloodwine before they leave.

    Mar GreavesMar Greaves

    A joint post featuring:
    Mar Greaves and Korrath

    // U.S.S. Olympus, Bridge
    // Episode Day 1, 15:15 Hours
    // Captain Mar Greaves

    Captain Greaves inhaled the freshly recycled air once more, admiring the expansive deck that made up the new bridge of the Olympus. The upgrades were already proving to be welcome, and he now found himself at the rear of the space, exploring the new mission ops table that had been installed to provide a strategic overview of their ongoing missions. His senior staff had mostly reported in, and the Olympus was making final preparations to depart.

    “Captain,” came the voice of his yeoman from behind, “we’ve been notified the new Chief of Intelligence has arrived, he should be here to report in shortly.”

    “Good,” Greaves said, bringing up a holographic system overview above the table. “We’ve almost got all the pieces.”

    The journey to the bridge had been a simple task. He had ensured he had a familiarity with the layout of the ship. He needed it to ensure he was able to discharge his duties effectively, not to mention he tired of getting lost and wasting time. The turbo lift doors opened. This Bridge was of a totally new design to Korrath. He had seen the deck layout images, but they hadn’t done the Bridge justice.

    He stepped out and to his left, he could see the ship memorial and what could only be described as a lobby. In front of him was an open entryway, that he knew, just through it, he’d find the ramp that led down to the bridge. However as he stepped through the entry way, he immediately recognized the Captain, standing at the mission control table. He looked exactly like he did in his pictures. “Captain Greaves.” He said by way of greeting. “Lieutenant Commander Korrath, reporting for duty.” He remarked, speaking the age old tradition of maritime Officers.

    “Commander,” Greaves responded, taking his attention off of the readouts in front of him. “Welcome to Olympus. I appreciate you making haste to report in, I know you arrived later than much of our staff. You journey from Diogara Station went well?”

    Korrath nodded his head, in answer to the Captain’s appreciation of his haste to report in. He didn’t want to waste any time.. “Thank you, Captain. My journey went quickly.” He said simply. “I apologise for the lateness of my arrival, Captain.” Korrath remarked.

    Greaves waved the comment off, “you’re just in time.”

    The Captain motioned to the table before him, an overlay projecting the intended destination of the Olympus once it passed through the wormhole. The Delta Quadrant — an immense section of space Starfleet had only shown a speck of light into. “What do you see as our greatest operational risk in the Delta Quadrant, Commander?”

    Korrath conceded the point, he was the Captain after all. He stepped up to the table. “I am planning on meeting with Commander Thy’lek before we go through the wormhole. I have complied a list of immediate races that we would potentially come into contact with then I’d like to have a meeting with yourself, Commander T’se and Thy’lek to see what the plan for our course is and then begin work on a threat analysis.” He paused looking at the map, bringing up the immediate area near their drop-off point out the wormhole. “Voyager, on Stardate 50252.3 came across a species they called the swarm species. There space may of increased since Voyager was last in that sector. I have an immediate concern regarding them, as for the greatest operational risk,” He paused.

    “Operationally, being so far from the nearest Federation Outpost or Starship, is the biggest risk. There are many hostile races in the Delta Quadrant, as you know, Captain. I have considered all the races that Voyager reported on, some are less concerning than others.” He paused again, before continuing. “The six races that I am concerned about, including the swarm species, is the Kazon, who knows what advances in technology or what they’ve stolen, since Voyager was in the Delta Quadrant, The Borg, the Vidiians, the Vaadwaur and the Hirogen. I apologize for the complicated answer to your question, Captain.” He stated, pensive.

    Greaves grinned for a moment before returning to formality. “That’s what I wanted to hear. We’re going into a complicated situation – it requires complicated answers. We’ve had a long time to grow since Voyager visited the quadrant, I don’t doubt Olympus will handle anyone that challenges us,” he shrugged. “That I know. My biggest concern is what we don’t know. Only a handful of ships have passed through the wormhole before us, and most have stayed close to the portal. The most intel we have is now decades old. Everything we learn, every system we jump to will create an evolving situation. It’ll shift the pieces. I need you to watch them all, Commander. Find the patterns. You watched the greatest tacticians of our generation in the war, and you helped rebuild a world when peace was restored. I think this may be your greatest challenge. I hope, anyway. I would hate for you to be bored.”

    Korrath didn’t enjoy thinking about the war, which he felt as a reminder to himself that he wasn’t a normal Klingon. Whilst it was true he had found his Klingon spirit and revealed in the glory of the battle, but as time went on, another side of him couldn’t reconcile the amount of death, particularly of the people he had considered friends. But the Captain was right about one thing, it was definitely a complicated situation.

    At the sentiment regarding this being his greatest challenge and about being bored, Korrath smiled and nodded. “I agree, Captain. I doubt I’ll be bored on this assignment. I’d like to work with Astrometric’s and as we pass through the wormhole, with your permission, I’d like to utilize Astrometric’s and the Astrometric’s Officer in this daunting task, Captain.” He stated, assuming that given his mission brief, the Captain would say yes.

    “Of course,” Greaves responded, “work with our operations and science departments to coordinate sensor usage. We’ll be doing a lot of active scans as we pass through the wormhole already. You may be able to piggyback your need off of one of those or reserve some bandwidth for yourself. You have priority access to communications and sensors per your duty station. Does that work?”

    Korrath nodded. It made sense, being able to utilise the data and bandwidth that was being used rather than doubling up on the same thing. “Yes Captain, that will more than work. Thank you. Is there anything else I need to know? I know you must be busy.” Korrath replied.

    Greaves shook his head, “nothing aside from what you should already have a brief waiting for you on. I’ll give the senior staff a full breakdown of our jump to the Delta Quadrant during our meeting later. In the meantime,” the Captain continued, motioning towards a station nearby, “Athena has loaded all relevant access and information through your new station here on the bridge, and the mission ops table here will provide you a more detailed overview of any ongoing mission objectives. This is a new command module for the ship so there may be some kinks, but all in all everything should be in order.

    Korrath nodded, listening to what the Captain was saying and looking in the direction that the Captain had motioned. “Understood Captain. I look forward to the meeting later.” Korrath replied, but didn’t move, Starfleet was still a military organisation and as such, he needed to be dismissed when the Captain was finished.

    “Excellent, Commander,” Greaves replied with a quick smile. “And I look forward to seeing you work. Dismissed.”

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