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    Mar GreavesMar Greaves

    A joint post featuring:
    Mar Greaves and T’se

    // U.S.S. Olympus, Arboretum
    // Episode Day 1, 14:00 Hours
    // Captain Mar Greaves

    The arboretum of the Olympus was a generous space. Two decks high, it featured several small trees from a variety of worlds, the tallest reaching near the top of the space. A pond near the center of the room kept freshwater and a number of fish who lived in harmony.

    Overhead, a soft, mellow tune filled the airwaves. Captain Greaves sat near the center of the room on a bench created by holographic projection, legs crossed, and PADD in hand. He requested his new first officer meet him here before he formally met with the rest of the new senior staff. Greaves had been kept busy on Starbase; he intended to remedy that.

    As the large bay doors opened, revealing a lush green scape filled with botanical offerings from throughout the Federation, T’se considered how the allocated space for a redundant creature comfort could have been used more productively. The holodeck offered a sufficient replica of the natural area, without diverting vital resources from essential systems. Regardless, T’se couldn’t deny the aesthetic beauty the arboretum provided and surmised it would undoubtedly become one of the more popular recreation areas that Olympus offered.

    With hands clasped loosely behind her back, T’se traversed the pathway that led from the entrance to a seating area near the center of the cabin. Although a few crewmen were occupying the space, none wore the tunic of command except the young man sitting on a nearby bench. Recognizing the man’s characteristic features from the official portrait in his Starfleet dossier, T’se knew him to be the Olympus’s commanding officer.

    “Greetings, Captain Greaves.” She greeted her superior officer politely enough as she approached.

    “Commander T’se,” Greaves responded, rising to meet her, “I’m glad you could join me. Welcome to Olympus. I know this assignment was the last minute, but you were one of our top volunteer candidates. I appreciate your willingness to join us so soon to departure. Please, join me,” he said, motioning for her to take a seat.

    I am equally as glad,” T’se replied, taking a seat next to the Captain, her posture impeccable, yet relaxed by Vulcan standards. “My former colleagues on the Ahwatukee were flexible enough to accommodate my transport before commencing with their shore leave in a nearby star system.” T’se explained, plucking a piece of stray lint from the creased pleat of her uniform trousers. “Moreso, I am pleased to have been granted the opportunity to serve, sir.” She finished, her honey-colored eyes discreetly studying the Captain.

    “Good,” the Captain nodded. “You’ll certainly have your opportunity. This ship will be one of the first to operate on an extended assignment away from our key assets in the Delta Quadrant. Your Starfleet dossier shows you have a knack for patterns and mathematics, and a long history with science, technology, and out-of-the-box solutions. I think you’ll do well here.”

    The Captain was quiet for a moment before continuing, “what are your first impressions? Of our mission? The ship?”

    “Thank you, sir.” T’se dipped her head in a gesture of gratitude, “I am certain my experience as an engineer will support our primary mission objectives.” She stated confidently, without intonation of arrogance. “To which mission are you referring; our ferrying of the Barzan diplomatic detachment to their intended destination or our broader mission profile?”

    “Our broader one. Ferrying diplomats to their destination, while noble, doesn‘t tend to pique much interest,” he chuckled.

    T’se’s head cocked to the side at the Captain’s choice in the word ‘noble.’ Transporting diplomats from one destination to another would have been routine for any Starfleet vessel. The U.S.S. Diligent, for instance, T’se’s first ship-board posting, served as an escort vessel for Starfleet’s diplomatic branch of the command division, transporting high-ranking diplomats and admiralty to and from Federation member worlds. T’se had not considered such a mission objective noble and thought to ask Greaves to elaborate on his choice of words. Instead, she elected to reserve the question for another time, perhaps when they’d finished their task of delivering the Barzan delegation to their destination on the other side of the wormhole.

    “The Olympus is Starfleet’s most state-of-the-art vessel; no other starship presently exists that can rival its technological capabilities. I believe it and its crew will perform admirably and efficiently in serving the flagship representing the Federation’s interests in the Delta Quadrant.” She paused for the briefest of moments before adding, “Or so we soon shall see.”

    T’se laced her fingers together before cradling both hands in her lap, “And yourself? What are your thoughts on our primary mission objectives?”

    Greaves inhaled briefly before responding, “it’s my mission, it’s a worthy cause. Starfleet is uncertain about its presence in the Delta Quadrant, especially given the political situation here at home. We are hesitant to hold ground, to build colonies or starbases. I sympathize with that. The wormhole is our only guaranteed gateway to the Quadrant. Should it fall or our efforts to stabilize it over the long-term fail, we could end up with worlds stranded on the other side of the galaxy. And then, of course, there’s the presence of the Collective. They act as a periodic reset for many of the civilizations we’ve encountered so far. A wave that crushes anything that has built itself since the last storm. Our mission there may be arrogant or foolhardy. But it’s we were meant for. The Delta Quadrant is the final frontier; for now, we’re meant to be there. Olympus can spearhead that; we can prove that the Federation and its principles have a place in that turbulent part of space, and we will explore and encounter all along the way.”

    T’se nodded, agreeing with most of the Captain’s statement. “There are vast regions of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants that have largely gone unexplored. However, I concur that the Delta Quadrant presents a certain appeal to Starfleet’s mandate of scientific exploration and discovery. The U.S.S. Voyager and Equinox, although present in the quadrant for nearly a decade, amassed an exorbitant amount of data about the various species, planets, spatial anomalies, and other points of interest. I surmise they discovered only a fraction of what exists within that corner of space, choosing first to identify a shorter path home.”

    A silence fell between the two officers as they considered one another’s words. Ruminating on the Captain’s earlier statement about uncertainty, T’se spoke up, “There is an old Earth proverb that explains ‘There is nothing certain, but the uncertain.’ I believe we have have been granted a historic opportunity, sir.”

    Greaves grinned, looking ahead, “that’s good Commander, we see eye-to-eye then. We’ll work well together. I sent the latest details on our mission to your PADD. I’d like you to arrange a senior staff meeting for tomorrow at eleven hundred hours. Our guest diplomats will be boarding a few hours later, and I’d like to depart shortly after.”

    Sensing their visit was fast approaching its conclusion, T’se stood and turned toward the Captain. “Understood, sir. I will inform the senior staff of the scheduled briefing and make the necessary arrangements for the Barzan delegation. Is there anything more I can assist you with, Captain?” Although there was much to accomplish before the Olympus departed, T’se was well-organized and could prioritize and delegate tasks accordingly should Greaves need her to attend to a specific task or project.

    Greaves shook his head and stood to join her. The holographic seat the two had been using dematerialized with their departure. “You’ll have a mound of administrative work waiting for you. Between that and our guests coming aboard, you should be plenty to keep you occupied. It’ll be some time before we all operate as a familiar, cohesive unit after such a large crew rotation, so get to know the crew and the ship.”

    “Undoubtedly,” T’se agreed. “There is much to accomplish in the days and weeks ahead; however, if what I have learned about the crew thus far is an indication, there is little doubt of all that we can and will accomplish together.” She stood by the path, gesturing for the Captain to take the lead.

    “Agreed. Anyway,” Greaves said, moving towards the exit, “I’m on my way to the Bridge, you’re welcome to join if you’re heading that way.”


    // U.S.S. Olympus, Bridge
    // Episode Day 1, 15:35 Hours
    // Lieutenant Commander Thalyssra Thy’lek and Lieutenant Commander Korrath


    After Korrath had reported, he took the time to take in the bridge. It was a sight. And to Korrath’s eyes totally new and unique. He let himself smile slightly. As his eyes took in the bridge, they paused on a blue skinned humanoid with antennae wearing Security yellow with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. The Andorian Second Officer and Chief Security and Tactical Officer he thought to himself. He found himself admiring her, physically. Although, he had already admired her when he had made himself aware of the Senior Staff of the Olympus. And it wasn’t just her physically, that he found alluring. She was part of a warrior race and her service record spoke for itself in record to her abilities as an Officer. Not to mention holding the position of Second Officer in addition to her role as Security and Tactical Chief.


    He composed himself and approached her. “Commander, I am Lieutenant Commander Korrath. I will be serving as the Chief Intelligence and Strategic Operations Officer.” He paused for a brief moment, choosing his next words carefully so as not to embarrass himself. “I’d like to find the time to sit down with you at your convenience to discuss our mission, our two Departments will be working closely together after all.”


    Thalyssra had configured her station earlier, but the need to plug in several things for her officers and men had caused her to return to the bridge security station. Somehow, in all the preparations, several of her personnel had not been included in the security access logs, and the only place she could correct that was on the Bridge.

    She was just putting in the final entry codes, when the Bridge doors swooshed open. Instinctively, she looked up, to see the ship’s new Intelligence and Strategic Operations Officer enter. As was her wont, she smiled friendly, but noticed that the Klingon was busy doing what she had done earlier that day, taking in the panorama that was the bridge of The Olympus.

    Not wanting to intrude on the Commander, Thalyssra turned her attention back to her console, completing the entries for Lieutenant Coulson and Lieutenant May. With a final keystroke, the two security officers now had their access to the ships Security systems enabled.

    Hearing the Commander speak, Thalyssra looked up. Her blue eyes shined merrily, antennae bent forward slightly, as she smiled, “Good afternoon Commander.” Hoping her accent wasn’t too terrible, she added in Klingon, “QaqIHmo’ jIQuch”.

    Tilting her head to the left, still smiling, “I’d like that Commander. We can do so now, if you’d like. Seems my preparations while on the Starbase were thorough enough that my schedule is pretty much clear now till tomorrow’s Senior Staff Meeting.”

    Korrath’s eyes opened slightly as he smiled. “You speak Klingon?” He asked, intrigued. It wasn’t entirely uncommon for others to know other languages and all Klingons were taught Federation Standard and with far more exotic languages available to learn, Klingon wasn’t usually high on people’s priorities list.

    Thalyssra smiled again, antenna giving away her pleasure to any who knew to look for such tells. “A little. I’ve not used it in the last five years, but my first posting was on Deep Space Nine, and as you probably know, since the war there is a permanent klingon presence there. I picked it up along with bat’leth skills…and some rather interesting historical holo-recreations of Klingon battles.”

    Korrath certainly wasn’t the first klingon that Thalyssra had worked with. after all, her second was a klingon, and as she just indicated, she spent plenty of time socializing with klingons back on DS9. She liked Klingons. She understood them. Many of their traditions were similar to ones she grew up with on Andoria

    But there was something about this klingon. Something that intrigued Thalyssra. And that intrigue caused her to give him more attention than she normally would. Her blue eyes shown with her curiosity even as her antenna swiveled independently of one another to give him the sensory once over.

    Korrath was not an expert on behaviour, at least not non-aggressive behaviour. He recognised when people were about to shift their weight, particular during fights, to judge their next movement, he had spent a career and plenty of his down time studying Martial Arts and combat. What he did know of Andorian’s, their antenna were used to as much as any other sense, their eyes or ears, but he couldn’t decipher what she was ‘sensing’.

    His interest increased when she spoke of bat’leth skills and recreational use of Klingon Battles. This would be more of an interesting assignment than he had hoped. “I would like to see these Klingon Battles and your Bat’leth skills.” He replied. “Perhaps we can arrange a time to do so, then we can get to our impromptu meeting.” He added, hoping she would agree to their off duty meeting.

    “I’d like that. It’s been quite some time since I fought the Battle of Klach D’kel Brakt. And my copy is completely accurate, as it was a gift from a fellow officer who was a close, personal friend, of D’har Master Kor.” Thalyssra said, smiling still.

    “Though I must admit, my bat’leth skills being slightly better than a beginners, I’ve modified the program to allow me weaponry I’m more familiar with.” as she spoke, her hand reflexively moved to the bejweled war dagger at her hip, “as well as adding situations that allow for more weaponless fights.”

    Antennae twisting towards one another, Thalyssra added, “That’s the modern Klingon program I have. The others are of a far older and much less, technological weaponry. I think one of them even involves Kahless the Undying.”

    Korrath nodded knowingly, listen to the way the Andorian female spoke. “I look forward to enjoying these programs with you.” He remarked, his smile still reaching his eyes. “I also look forward to testing your Bat’Leth, skills.”

    “Anyway.” He said, a mischievous expression crossing his face. “Would you like to meet another time for our Delta Quadrant threat assessment?” He asked.

    Thalyssra was about to add more information, share about her weapon collection and the Jehm’hadar Kaar’takin she owned, when she realised she was doing what her human friends called ‘babbling’. A nervous reaction from her youth that she had thought she had gotten over and something she had not done since her Academy days. Her antennae dropped slightly with the embarassment that brought a slight darker blue tinge to her cheeks.

    “That would be fine, Commander. The Captain has scheduled a Staff Meeting for tomorrow, and I need to meet with my Senior Officers and Second afterwords. Perhaps tomorrow evening then?”

    Korrath nodded, noting her antennae and her cheeks, hoping he hadn’t offended her. “Tomorrow evening.” Korrath said nodding. “Perhaps dinner after?” He added, hoping that he hadn’t overstepped, but he wasn’t one to mince his words. Whilst he had had friendships throughout his career, he had avoided relationships, but with his extra hollow pip, he decided that perhaps now, the time was right to expand his horizons.

    “Dinner after the Impromptu Meeting and Holodeck or a Dinner Meeting after the Holodeck? Because either way, I’ll need a chance to freshen up after the holodeck, as the programs I mentioned are thoroughly realistic and tend to push my physical limits.” and then she leaned closer to the klingon, her voice growing softer, “‘uQ maS jIH qaSpu’DI’ malja’ holodeck je. Huch law’ latlh fun mIw”

    Restoring the space between them, the Andorian idly tossed brushed a stray lock of her white hair from her eyes, “Would you look at that? My Klingon’s not as rusty as I thought it was.” and she smiled again.

    Korrath laughed a little. This woman was definitely flirting with me. He weighed up replying in Klingon, but decided against it. He didn’t know how fluent she was and didn’t want to embarrass her or make her feel slighted, if she didn’t understand. “We’ll go with your plan.” He replied.

    Thalyssra smiled, “Well, then.  Meeting first, Holodeck. After a break to freshen up,  dinner. Sounds like a plan. My Meeting wiht my staff is scheduled for 1500, so, say we meet in the briefing room for our meeting about 1700?”

    Korrath returned the woman’s smile. “I’ll see you at seventeen hundred hours.” He said simply. “I look forward to it.”


    A joint post featuring:
    Thalyssra Thy’lek and T’se


    // U.S.S. Olympus, Deck 2
    // Episode Day 2, 21:13 Hours
    // Commander T’se

    The Andorian made her way down the corridor, arriving at her destination outside the XO’s quarters fairly easily. Adjusting the purple sash at her waist as she arrived, and ensuring her War Dagger, and the Capellan Kleegat she had added since she was ‘adopted,’ were both securely placed in the said sash, she rang the chime on the Commander’s quarters.

    Patiently she waited to be given permission to enter, her keen senses, enhanced by her antennae, confirming what the computer had told her earlier, that Commander T’se was in her quarters.

    The computer registered Thalyssra’s command, a melodic chime vibrating throughout the cabin, alerting T’se of a visitor. She’d modified the tone and pitch of the chime, lowering its volume enough so that it was less vexing. Although the noise served a purpose, T’se found the standard configuration an irritating nuisance, and far too intrusive. Emerging from the sleeping area, T’se set aside a small container on the table to the left of the bedroom’s door before moving toward the main entrance to her cabin. The biometric sensed the Vulcan’s approach, triggering the paneled doors to open, revealing a young Andorian woman patiently waiting in the corridor beyond.

    “Greetings.” T’se’s voice was soft, yet ever-present as she nodded politely to the blue-skinned officer.

    Thalyssra smiled as the Commander’s door opened, revealing the ship’s new Vulcan XO.

    Vulcans and Andorians had a history. One of mistrust, from both species, and one of violence. Albeit that history was from before the Birth of The Federation, and in the two centuries since, the two species had co-existed peacefully and even worked together.

    And while her family was an important participant in that history, Thalyssra was not Commander Shran Thy’lek of The Andorian Imperial Guard, but Lieutenant Commander Thalyssra Thy’lek, of Starfleet. While her ancestor may have mistrusted a Vulcan based on her being a Vulcan, that was not in Thalyssra’s nature. Thalyssra took everyone at face value and judged them based on their actions.

    According to Commander T’se’s Starfleet record, she was Intelligent and Logical (not surprising for a Vulcan) but also highly regarded by those she had served with in the past. And that was why Thalyssra came to the Commander to rectify the changes the Quartermaster had informed her had been performed by the Commander, as well as to meet her immediate superior officer in a less formal environment.

    “Pardon the intrusion, Commander, but there has been some information brought to my attention that I needed to discuss with you. If I could come in?”

    “Of course; please, come in.” She gestured for the Lieutenant Commander to enter. Like most, T’se valued her privacy and took reasonable steps to preserve boundaries between her personal and professional life. Although she would have preferred to host duty-related matters in a more appropriate venue, T’se understood that accommodations needed to be made from time to time, especially relative to their initial departure. “Please excuse the crates, Commander, my husband and I are in the process of unpacking. May I get you something to drink?” She asked, removing the table’s surface the small crate she’d discarded earlier, T’se moved it to another area of the living space before inviting the Andorian officer to have a seat.

    Thalyssra stepped into the commander’s quarters, well aware of her intrusion into the XO’s personal space. And for that reason, she remained close to the door as it shut.

    Out of habit, she smiles friendly at T’se and gently shook her head in the negative. “Thank you, Ma’am, but I do not wish to intrude on your personal time any more than I already have. We’re this not something that needed rectification before Olympus left the dock, I’d simply have waited for a kore convenient time for us to meet.”

    Placing the PADD she carried on the table, Thalyssra continued. “The Quartermaster informed me that you canceled items that your predecessor had previously approved. I would appreciate it if you could overturn that cancellation and allow the Quartermaster to continue loading said items on board. As you are well aware, this is going to be a long mission, and it has been my experience from a similar excursion into the Gamma  Quadrant, that even the smallest reminder of home can do much to lighten the occasional feelings of bleakness one may feel so far from home, hearth, and loved ones, to steal a human saying.”

    Curiosity piqued, T’se retrieved the data PADD and reviewed its contents, immediately recognizing the three alcoholic beverage items she struck from the order earlier in the day. Turning off the display, T’se handed the device back to Thalyssra.

    “You are mistaken, Ms. Thalyssra.” T’se’s voice was steady, yet gentle. “Mr. Idain approved no such order; subsequently, I reversed none of his decisions. The Quartermaster provided the order for my review and authorization. Moreso, the order was specific to the Barzan’s dietary requirements, none of which include the three alcoholic beverages listed.” T’se laced her fingers together in front of her. “True, our theater of operations is far from Federation space, as far as the crew is concerned, they should want for nothing that the Olympus cannot already supply.” She noted, turning to retrieve a lid to the empty crate she’d discarded earlier.

    “It does intrigue me that the Quartermaster felt it necessary to involve you, however.” She added, opening another crate and immediately removing a tapestry.

    “With all due respect, Commander, your statements regarding the personal items that were being loaded are not completely accurate. Why they were listed as part of the supplies for the Barzan, I do not know. They shouldn’t have been. However, both of the items you removed are personal items of mine, and I DID obtain authorization from Commander Idain before I had the Quartermaster bring them on board.”

    Thalyssra maintained her smile and kept her tone calm and controlled. It would be terrible if she and the Commander got off on the wrong foot, especially over something so unimportant.

    “If you could just allow the loading of the items in question, I would appreciate it, ma’am.”

    “Could this be what Human’s term a ‘paperwork snafu’?” T’se quipped, her attempt at humor. She unfurled the tapestry, an intricately woven design of the Vulcan edict with golden tassels lining its weighted hem. “Please, assist me.” T’se stepped into a stool near the couch, reaching as far as she could to hook one end of the pole into a fastener, yet coming up short due to her diminutive height.

    Thalyssra’s antenna turned with delight as she registered the Commander’s joke. “It could be. Or it was one final joke on me from Commander Idain. He certainly was not like any Delta I had encountered before.”

    Moving to assist the Commander, Thalyssra stepped up, gently taking the tapestry from T’se. “Please, allow me.”

    She looked at the tapestry in her hands and was moved by its beauty. “This is a lovely Commander.”

    Then, gently and using her height, she hung the tapestry from the pole. However, she too had to stretch some, and with a clang, her Kleegat fell from her sash to the floor.

    “Indeed,” T’se agreed with Thalyssra’s comment about Idain. “I did not know the Commander; however, he seems to have left quite the comedic impression on some of the crew.” She noted, stepping away to offer the Andorian female more room to move around. “I choose to believe it is the latter.” She determined, eliminating the possibility of an error in the paperwork, although it was conceivable either scenario was at play in causing the fault.

    “Thank you.” T’se replied as she kneeled to retrieve Thalyssra’s downed blade. “It was a wedding gift from my husband’s father; we are both rather fond of it.” She studied the blade, admiring its craftsmanship. Although the vast majority of Starfleet security officers didn’t carry a bladed weapon as a standard issued sidearm, rare occasions permitted as much when such an instance was deemed culturally appropriate. “This is a fine blade,” She noted, carefully returning the weapon to the Lieutenant Commander, noting the heft of its balanced weight. “A family heirloom, I suppose?” She asked before turning her attention back to the tapestry, which hung perfectly straight above and behind the couch.

    Thalyssra took the Capellan weapon from T’se, “If I ever have children, it will become one. This is a Capellan Kleegat. The traditional weapon of Capella. It was given to me by my previous Assistant Security Chief as a sign of respect, and I didn’t know it then, but as a symbol of my adoption as a sister into his clan.”. She returned the Kleegat to its place in her sash, ensuring it remained secured next to her War Dagger.

    “I do not wish to take up any kore of your personal time Commander, and I appreciate you listening to my request. If there is nothing else I can assist you with, I’ll let you get to your unpacking. May I inform the Quartermaster that my personal items have been cleared to be loaded? I’ll make sure all the paperwork is in order this time.”

    T’se’s head sashayed from side to side in the negative to Thalyssra’s initial question, “No, nothing else, and thank you for assisting me with the tapestry.” After extending her gratitude, T’se reached out a hand, palm up, waiting for the Lieutenant Commander to return her the data PADD. “Which two items were previously authorized by Commander Idain?”

    Thalyssra handed the PADD to T’Se, still smiling. “The two items that scream not for the Barzan, which is why I’m pretty sure Idain did it as a final joke. The Andorian Ale and Klingon Bloodwine. I appreciate your understanding in this matter, Commander.”

    Thalyssra paused for a moment, then went on. “Among the ale is a bottle that’s been passed down through my family since the founding of the Federation. I was going to take it later to share with the Captain as a toast to our successful mission, a human tradition I am told. I’d be honored if you would join us.”

    T’se moved the indicated items to a new requisition form and summarily approved the request, rotating that the Lieutenant Commander would need to support the approval with Idain’s prior authorization.

    “Although I am not partial to alcohol, I, too, would consider it an honor to join you and the Captain for such an occasion, as Humans are inclined to say, ‘count me in.’”

    She returned the data PADD to Thalyssra as she spoke, “I believe everything is in order. Your patience while we worked together to sort out this matter is appreciated.” T’se gestured to the door to her cabin, “Now if there is nothing else, I should like to finish unpacking a few more personal items before returning to my duties. You will keep me informed about our mutual time with Captain Greaves?”

    Thalyssra took the PADD, “My pleasure, Commander. And I shall let you know when in regards to the toast as soon as I have confirmed it with the Captain. A pleasant evening to you, Commander.”

    And with that, Thalyssra made her way to exit, stopping at the exit as she thought of something else before she departed. Turning to face the Commander, she held her right hand up, fingers moving to the Vulcan Salute she had learned back on DS9. “Peace, and Long Life, Commander”

    “A pleasant start to the night for you as well, Thalyssra.” T’se replied with a subtle dip of her head, mirroring the Lieutenant Commander’s hand gesture.

    And with that, the Olympus’s Chief Security Officer departed T’se’s quarters, leaving the Vulcan commander to her thoughts… and several more crates to unpack.

    Jonah WilksJonah Wilks

    // U.S.S. Olympus, Deck 6

    // Episode Day 2 22:00 Hours

    // PO3 Jonah Wilks


    The trip here had been rough and troublesome. He had been picked up on DS9, had to deal with a surly Bosun, and be told he was going to meet a slew of folks in the next few days. He walked into the crew quarters. He saw the dormatory style room and figured he was sharing it with two others. He quietly as could be slipped to his door. He opened it and figured he would have time to meet the others when morning shift was called. He sat his duffel down in a standard issue plasteel chair. He turned towards the window.


    At least you got a view Jonah?


    He looked at the replicator, “Poutine please. Oh with tater tots.”


    It took a moment for the dish to appear. He let it cool as he unpacked his clothing. He smiled as he hung his class A up in the closet.  Right next to a spare Duty uniform and off duty clothing that consisted of a black and gray suit, a leather jacket, jeans and white tee shirt that had the Space Pixies logo on them. He then took out his personal kit and stowed it in the bathroom.


    I could get used to shipboard life.


    He then took out the one real personal effect of his, a picture of him wearing a Blue Jays jersey with some friends they were all next to the Stanley Cup. He took out a wooden box about the size of an old cigar box, in it there was boot polish, metal polish and a small soft cloth. He realized he had almost forgotten about dinner!


    He picked up the plate and started to eat from it like a starving man. Turning the Entertainment Network on, and the sound to low he found they were airing the FNN expose on the USS Triumph and her exploits during the war. Plus there was the text at the bottom of the screen ENS Rudder to CiC, SPC Smith to Sensor Palette two. Standard base operating protocol he supposed?


    After eating, he began to polish his boots so they would be nice and mirrored. He had heard his new CO was a Klingon, so that meant he was a stickler, most  klingons were.  Jonah then did what any soldier in his position would do. He tilted his head to the side and fell asleep. Dreaming of what was to come.

    Mar GreavesMar Greaves

    A joint post featuring:
    Mar Greaves, Eelkom Raiem, Thalyssra, Korrath, T’se, and Adhira Singh


    // U.S.S. Olympus, Deck 1
    // Episode Day 2, 10:50 Hours
    // Captain Mar Greaves

    Captain Greaves made his way from the bridge and down a corridor into his large ready room, which served as a meeting place for the senior officers. The space was still quiet, the meeting ten minutes away and the senior staff still mostly at their duty stations. Mar took a seat at the head of the table on the far side of the room, eyes scanning the PADD in his hand. With one quick swiping motion he illuminated the tabletop with an overlay of the ship’s position and destination. The Captain leaned back and waited.

    // Doctor Raiem
    Raiem had pulled himself together – albeit barely for the scheduled staff meeting. Mabel had arrived the evening before and the two had shared several bottles of Chateau Picard – what was supposed to be a short reunion turned into a drunken stupor and bedtime of 0530 hours.
    The young doctor had slept through several alarms and barely had time to get a sonic-shower and put on a clean uniform before he was due to be at the senior officer’s meeting. He was hoping to stop by Sickbay and whip himself up a hang-over cure but did not have time. Instead – the doctor would look much less youthful for the time being.
    “Captain.” Raiem gave his new Commanding Officer a curt nod before assuming his position at the conference table. He was the first to arrive, surprisingly.

    // Lt. Commander Thalyssra
    Thalyssra checked herself again in the mirror in her quarters. She wasn’t a vain woman, but she felt it important that she look her best for her first senior staff meeting aboard Olympus. She brushed a few stray hairs from her shoulder and ran the brush through it one final time. Then she took a deep breath and left her quarters.

    Entering the turbolift she looked vaguely up as she always did when talking to the ship’s computer. “Bridge” she ordered.

    As the lift obediently began moving, Thalyssra adjusted the purple sash at her waist, adjusting how her War Dagger and Kleegat sat on her hips.

    The lift doors opened and she stepped on to the bridge, nodding to those at their stations, as she turned and made her way to the Captain’s Ready Room.

    Stepping through the opening doors, the Andorian smiled. “Captain, Doctor” she said, nodding to each in turn before taking her seat to the captain’s left. As protocol demanded, the Executive Officer sat on the captain’s right with the Second Officer across from them.

    Still smiling pleasantly, antennae gently swaying back and forth in a sign of happiness, Thlalyssra folded her hands on the table in front of her, and waited for the meeting to begin.

    // Lt. Commander Korrath
    Korrath glanced down at this station. He was satisfied now, over the last day or so, that his layout was where he wanted it. He had a large interface on the right, dedicated to the short and long range sensors and a small news feed, displaying news local to the Olympus’s location. Right now, the news feed would be beneficial, but when they crossed over into the Delta Quadrant, he knew he would have to revise that particularly part of his console. The rest were other standard controls, monitoring out and inbound ship communications and ensuring all comms traffic was through authorised measures.

    He knew later, after the meeting, he had a appointment for the Head Stellar Cartography, to go over the latest long range scans of the Delta Quadrant taken by the probes that had passed through. He didn’t want anything in particular to get the jump on them too early into the voyage.

    He looked at the time in the top right of the screen. It was almost time for the meeting. He input a few commands, before turning to his right, to the ramp and taking the ramp back up towards the lobby. As entered the lobby, he followed the wall on his left as he angled off, until he stopped at the door, prepared to press the door chime, but the doors parted. The Captain had clearly either programmed it for the meeting to allow Senior Officer’s to enter or just turned entry to automatic for the meeting’s sake.

    He stepped inside, offering polite nods to the crew assembled. He hadn’t met the Doctor yet, something he knew would rectified soon enough for his physical. He took a seat at the table and like his fellow Senior Officer’s, he waited for the meeting to begin.

    // Commander T’se
    T’se slowly exited from her office and into the deck one lobby, which also served as the memorial for the Olympus’s prior namesakes. the tip of her manicured nail, tapped at the biometric interface of a data PADD several times before handing the device back to Yeoman Ezrend Ised. “Captain Greaves has approved the following accommodations for the Barzan diplomats and passengers. Please ensure the ambassadorial staff is granted unrestricted access to the diplomatic suite, and there is a member of your department on hand at all times to offer assistance if needed.” The Crewman nodded their acknowledgment, “We will review all other itineraries after the senior staff briefing. Dismissed.”

    “Yes, sir.” The Yeoman replied before turning toward the diplomatic suite, while T’se crossed the short distance between her office and the ready room.

    Without hesitation, T’se entered the cabin, nodding towards those already assembled as she approached the conference table. A curious look or two was cast her way as T’se took the seat to the right of Captain Greaves. Evidently, the senior staff had not yet been made aware of the last-minute change in the Olympus’s command structure. T’se presumed the Captain would address the change at some point in time during the briefing.

    // Lieutenant Fasha
    Fasha trudged down the long corridor on Deck 7. Her steps were heavy as if she was laden down with either sleep, anger, or maybe a couple of 300-pound barbells. Her glittering earrings delightfully jingling with each step she took making for quite the imposing picture. Not unlike hearing a charity bell ringer but the bellringer was a curmudgeonly old man yelling at you to get off of his lawn. As she walked she took a long sip of Eelwasser out of her tacky coffee mug that proclaimed her to be the “World’s Best Moogie”. She passed by a few crewmen who waved in her general direction but she ignored them in favor of taking another long sip of her drink. She approached the turbo-lift and stepped in, grateful that the doors closed and no one had tried to board at the last minute. Even if that had she’d have just frantically pressed the close button hoping to leave them behind. She really wasn’t in the mood today.


    “Deck 1” She said to the computer. The turbo-lift began to rise and her stomach shifted uncomfortably.


    “You can get through this Fasha” She said to herself.


    “Just do the meetings, throw some fancy jargon at them and maybe they just let you skate by” She repeated. Being the Chief Science Officer was fantastic, don’t get it twisted. She got her own station on the bridge, nice room to herself, but there was certainly a downside. The downside being the other senior staff. Fasha had seen the senior staff on her other ships. They all seemed to be “buddies” or at least companionable co-workers. The thought of that….of….strangers trying to “get to know her” terrifies her a little bit. Hopefully, everyone else would be hard-ass, by the book, career-types who’d let her do her science in peace.

    The doors to the turbo-lift open on the lobby of Deck 1 and Fasha steps out. She looks around the lobby and sees the door to her right marked Ready Room. She begins to walk towards it, her dread setting in more and more the closer she got. Right before she got close to the door she stopped. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath.


    You signed up for this……..you love being apart of this


    Then why does it all feel so wrong


    Fasha let out her breath and opened her eyes. She looked down at her half-empty mug and lifted it to her mouth again. The Eelwasser went down smoothly and comforted her a little bit.

    “Just go in, wow ‘em with your big brains, leave and become a ghost…..easy enough” She whispered to herself. Then she took a step forward and the door to the ready room wooshed open. Half of the staff were already there and Fasha felt the intense gaze of all of their eyes on her. Fasha panicked and looked down at her mug, then back up at the staff.

    “Um uh….it’s Eelwasser…..I…I woulda brought more, but I think…I mean you all probably don’t care for….ya know……..eel“ She eeked out. Fasha felt a hot wash of shame roll over her body and she just wanted to turn back around and run out the door. Instead, she settled for the chair farthest away from the Captain and took her seat, sliding as low into it as the chair would allow.

    This meeting was going to be awful.

    // Lt. Commander Singh
    She stepped from the Lift onto The Bridge, exuding confidence. Her eyes looked all around, taking in the bridge, marking where her Engineering Station was for future reference, and nodding to the on-duty personnel who manned the Bridge Systems. This was where she belonged, this ship. This was the destiny for which she had been born into: to explore, to learn, to help those in need, and to use her abilities to serve those around her.

    For a moment, she smiled at the irony of her thought, for that had not been the Destiny her forefathers sought, but it was the Destiny she and the past several generations of her family had chosen. And so they had served, first in Earth’s Starfleet, and later in The Federation. And THAT irony was not lost on her either. Still, she was here, Chief Engineer of a Century Class Starship, about to embark on a journey of exploration and risk, and she was certain this was going to become the best time of her life.

    Turning from the bridge, she walked down the brief corridor and into the Captain’s Ready Room. Most of the Senior Staff was already assembled, and so she nodded to each of them as she took an open seat across from the Ferengi who had entered before her. Her eyes swept from the Ferengi down the table, taking in each person seated there. Ferengi, Klingon, Vulcan, Andorian; Her mind easily attaching each persons name and service record to their face. The Captain had amassed quite a diverse command staff. This was going to prove to be a most interesting voyage.

    Mar GreavesMar Greaves

    A joint post featuring:
    Mar Greaves, Thalyssra, Eelkom Raiem, and Fasha
    // U.S.S. Olympus, Ready Room
    // Episode Day 2, 11:00 Hours

    Captain Greaves sat at the head of the table with his gathered senior staff. The illuminated tabletop of the briefing room table still outlined the course of the Olympus.

    “First,” Greaves began to the group, “touring the ship I’ve been please to find you all settling into your new posts. Your departments are fully staffed now. Any concerns or issues you’re facing now can be brought to Commander T’se, preferably before departure. Now,” he continued, motioning to the display which zoomed across space to the Delta Quadrant, focusing on their intended destination. a glistening world with a number of ships resting in orbit.

    “This is the Delta Prime Colony. An M-class world and our first permanent planet-based settlement in the Delta Quadrant. The colony is in the early stages of construction but is an ideal candidate to function as a potential regional capital and base of operations. It’s a short jump from the wormhole terminus, simplifying resupply and communications with the other side. This will be our first destination after jumping into the quadrant. Olympus is taking on several key Federation diplomatic parties, all of whom we have invited to tour, and in some cases set up a presence, on the new world. Once we arrive in the Barzan system we will take on our guests on honor, the Barzan delegation. While they have graciously brokered a long-term deal with the Federation for access to the wormhole, this will be the first time the Republic has sent an official party through, and they’ve chosen to send them with Olympus.”

    The holographic tabletop zoomed back out to provide a greater overview of the ships course and the wormhole. The Captain continued. “It will take us two solar days to reach the Barzan system from Tarsas III. Transit through the wormhole takes about one solar day after that, and several hours to arrive at the colony once we’re on the other side. Since Starfleet established the orbital verteron array to stabilize the gateway, transit times apparently decreased. An interesting side effect.” The Captain waved off the thought. “But that’s beside the point. Our mission will be to provide the comfort and security of the delegates en route to Delta Prime. We’ve received a manifest from each party that contains details for their visit, including specific adjustments to the living quarters using the ship’s holographic systems. I’d like the requested changes prepared for them immediately, and a reception dinner once the Barzan party joins us. Security arrangements will need to be made, and each party will need a secure communication channel back to their homeworld. We’ll be taking the Barzan ship aboard, it’s slightly larger than one of our Arrow-class runabouts, so make room in the main shuttlebay. Once we’ve deposited the representatives safely we will be able to begin our larger mission. Questions?”

    Thalyssra waited for the captain to finish, then looked at him before speaking. “Captain, I’ve reviewed the security briefs for the delegates, but was wondering if there were any special items or such that Security should be aware of that were not in the briefings. Not to imply Starfleet left things out, but I could count on one antenna the number of times that Starfleet left things out that they assumed security already knew when I was on Defiant in the Gamma Quadrant.”

    Greaves shook his head, “there shouldn’t be any surprises. The delegates are mostly from core Federation worlds or are well-known contacts. We’re taking on parties from Tarsas III, Andoria, Vulcan, Tellarite, Earth, and Bajor, as their world is in a similar situation to the Barzan Republic. That is, of course, in addition to the Republic’s own attachment and a small mixed party of individual representatives from other Federation worlds.”

    Thalyssra nodded in acknowledgement. “Thank you Sir. We’re more than ready then. I’ve assigned security escorts to each party, less for protection and more to provide guides around the ship. But my people will be keeping their eyes peeled, as humans say, for any trouble”

    “Excellent, thank you, Commander,” the Captain replied.

    Raiem took in the visuals and admired the holographic displays. His particular concern was in relation to the health of those who were coming on board, even if they were guests.

    “Captain. Will the delegates have had thorough medical examinations prior to coming on board? Or is my department needed to oversee this?” Currently his physicians and nurses were busy overseeing the initial intake of so many new crew members. It would be taxing to add on such a diverse cluster of species and travelers to that list, but he was certain it was doable and would see to it.

    Greaves nodded. “All medical records for our guests will be up-to-date, handled by the Starbase. I don’t believe there are any special requirements, but you’ll have a full report available with the relevant information.”

    Fasha was really amazed by the orbital verteron array. Stabilizing an unstable wormhole?! The implications of such a technology are…just unimaginable. As the Captain continued to speak Fasha found herself nodding along to the things he was saying but in the back of her mind she was daydreaming about all the new places that could be explored now that they could potentially harness the power of every wormhole they came across that they could manage to cram a ship into. She was broken out of her revery by the phrase “reception dinner”. It harshed her good science buzz she had going. Diplomacy was a skill that the Ferengi aren’t usually known to be gifted with….especially this one.

    “So this….reception dinner…..I assume that’s just a you and Commander T’se thing….so I can just be at my station, minding my own business, making sure the wormhole doesn’t collapse around us….right?” Fasha ventured out, taking another sip from her mug.

    Greaves folded his hands in front of him, “All senior staff are expected to make an appearance, Lieutenant. Our guests are fascinated by the wormhole and the potential it extends, I’m sure you’ll have plenty to talk about,” he said with a quick grin.

    “Well,” the Captain continued. “If there’s nothing else. Commander T’se, see to it that our guests find their accommodations satisfactory. Command Singh, ready the ship to pass through the wormhole, work with Lieutenant Fasha to reinforce our shields and deflector to deal with the graviton surges we’ll experience, it’s a day long ride through and it won’t always be smooth. Commander Thalyssra, Korrath, Doctor Raiem, carry on with your preparations for departure. We’ll depart at 12:00 hours tomorrow. Number One, Thalyssra, I’d like to speak with you in an hour. For now, you’re all dismissed,” he finished to the group.

    Eve AlderEve Alder

    // U.S.S. Olympus, Quartermaster’s Office
    // Episode Day 3, 08:00 Hours

    Ellen sat at her desk, headphones on, listening to Ain’t that Pretty at All! the Pixies cover. She had on the screen Call of Honor and a controller in her hand. She lined up the head of some virtual character belonging to some teenager onboard most likely. She pulled the trigger button and went, “BOOOM MUTHAFRAKING HEADSHOT!”

    She then looked over and picked up the blinking datapad, furntiure fabrication requests from a PO Wilks. On deck Six enlisted quarters. She began to squee with joy. “Alright looks like I get to replicate, deliver and annoy all at one time. These are the three constants of service.”

    She looked over to the Other Quarter in the office and logged out of the Gamestation network. “Fred take over for me, I got to go annoy somebody about furniture. I will be down in the Industrial Replicators.”

    Thalyssra Thy'lekThalyssra Thy’lek

    A  joint post featuring:
    Lieutenant Fasha and Lt. Commander Thalyssra

    // U.S.S. Olympus, Turbolift
    // Episode Day 2, 11:00 Hours
    //Lieutenant Fasha

    Well that was an unprecedented NIGHTMARE

    Fasha booked it out of the ready room as fast as she could. She really should go check on her station on the bridge but she knew she could probably get away with hiding in her office for a few more hours. Fasha made a beeline straight for the nearest turbo lift and zoomed on in to it’s cramped quarters. The doors began to slowly closed behind her and it felt like bliss. She held her now empty coffee mug tightly to her chest.

    “You probably don’t care for EEL……..idiot” Fasha said, closing her eyes. Of all the things to say and she had managed to find the EXACT worst one.

    Thalyssra rose from her chair as the meeting ended and saw the new Science Officer go darting out. She’d felt for the young Ferengi, sympathizing with the girls discomfort.

    Exiting the briefing room, nodding at her colleagues as she did, she headed for the lift. She saw Fasha slip into the lift and the doors begin to close. “Hold please” Thalyssra stated clearly, knowing the ships computer would hear her and stop the doors.

    Slipping into the lift, that endearing smile of her coming to her face immediately, Thalyssra looked at Fasha as the doors closed behind her. “Almost didn’t make it.”

    As was her habit when addressing a lift, Thalyssra tilted her head up slightly. “Deck Ten”.

    Knowing the girl would prefer silence and to be within her own thoughts, Thalyssra kept quite for a while as the lift began moving.

    After a few moments of silence, she looked over at the Ferengi, trying to start up a conversation, “So, is it true that the 48th rule states, ‘The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife’?That sounds more Klingon or even something my people might say, than something Ferengi” and even as she spoke those words, Thalyssra realized the faux pas of her saying that with her usual smile and so she made a feeble attempt to hide it, antennae drooping in embarrassment, as her cheeks flushed a darker blue.

    Fasha just stared at this icicle model of a woman. She looked near frozen in fear as she tightened the grip on her mug.

    “Uh…yeah it does. We aren’t…..I mean we don’t go around stabbing people” Fasha started. She then quickly realized that probably sounded really bad.

    “I MEAN…..not like….you just stab people….I mean you do have that fancy knife but I’m sure if….you know you stab someone….they probably….like needed it or something” Fasha stumbled out, her hands flailing wildly about. Fasha stopped looking at her, eye contact was only making things worse. She instead stared down at her shoes.

    She’s going to stab YOU in a minutes if you don’t stop being so damn awkward

    Thalyssra smiled, “Don’t worry, it’s my job to protect people on this ship, not stab them. Now, the two Klingons on this ship, and yes, we have TWO of them, they might being Klingons and all, but not me.”

    The Andorian looked at her companion in the lift, sensing and hearing the girl’s confusion. “Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now I know I won that bet and can contact DS9 and get Commander Nog to pay up.”

    Fasha, still looking down at her shoes, froze. She didn’t even appear to be breathing. Slowly, ever so slowly she raised up her head and stared straight at Thalyssra. The hand holding her mug was shaking slightly.

    “You…..Nog….you know Commander Nog…..son of Grand Nagus Rom…..Nog…..the first Ferengi in Starfleet…..veteran of the siege of AR-588……like…..THE NOG” She said, barely keeping her cool. She was no bracing herself against the wall of the turbolift like she would fall or faint at any given moment.

    “The Nog? He’d be so embarrassed if he heard that. I served my first 5 years on Deep Space Nine and The Defiant as a security officer. Hard not to have not had a run in or two with him in Quark’s. Now I wouldn’t say I know him well, but you know how Ferengi males can be around females, as they say.”

    Thalyssra laughed again, “I’m heading to Ten Forward for some lunch. Care to join me? Promise I’ll tell you all about him.”

    Fasha continued to look at Thalyssra as if she had sprouted another head.

    “I mean….yeah sure…..you know he sponsored my application to Starfleet, but….i’ve never actually met him. I just sent him a message and he was like ‘ok sure’…….. I assumed he does that for all the Ferengi that ask him, because all the ones that I’ve met are sponsored by him…..course that’s like….two people…of course there are only like six of us, but I haven’t met all of them because they like to keep us all apart for like….I guess so we don’t ban up against the Federation or whatever but that seems racist” Fasha rambled. The tubrolift slowly began slowing down until it had reached a complete stop. The doors whooshed open on Deck 10.

    “I’ll stop talking now I’m bad at it” Fasha said slowly nodding her head.

    Thalyssra’s smile remained fixed on her face. It only took a few seconds, but she really liked this Ferengi girl.

    ”Please, don’t stop. You’re fine. I can babble one when I get excited or find a topic I enjoy myself sometimes. Like back of the Excalibur, I spent an entire hour going on endlessly to my second about the advantages of phasers over disruptors in a combat situation. Then there was the time on the Defiant where I had this lengthy discussion about how the art of the human Renaissance Masters were superior to those of both their contemporaries on Vulcan and Andor…” and then Thalyssra laughed heartily, realizing she was in fact babbling.

    ”See what I mean?”

    walking into Ten Forward, Thalyssra led Fasha to a table and sat down. “So, Fasha, you want to know about Commander Nog. Well, before we start that I need you to agree to something first. When we are not on duty, I’m Thalyssra, or if your like my human friends who seem to need to shorten everything, Thal.”

    “Oh um ok….Thal” Fasha tried out. It wasn’t too bad. Certainly easier on the Ferengi’s tongue than a double ss.

    Fasha looked around the room nervously and saw that a few different groups of crewmen were scattered around. She felt their eyes on her even though they all were absorbed in their own conversations.

    “You ever feel like everyone’s just….watching you….like I guess, waiting on you to mess up” She blurted out, then cringed.

    “No don’t answer that, I’m just being weird because of the meeting” She said, focusing on chipping at her blue manicure rather than looking at Thalyssra’s very intimidating presence.

    “You’re fine Fasha. No apologies needed. And of course they’re looking over here,. The two prettiest girls on The Olympus just walked in, how could they not stop what they are doing and look?”

    Thalyssra looked around the room, and then back to Fasha, “Or maybe all these humans just have never seen such fascinating antennae and ears before.” And she giggled girlishly.

    Growing a bit more serious, “As for the meeting, you did fine. First Senior Staff meetings can always be intimidating, even more so with an overly serious Vulcan and a glaring Klingon at them. You did fine I think.”

    As she finished, a waiter came over and Thalyssra gave the man her attention for a moment. “Two eeelwasser, and let’s see…an order of escargot.” The waiter nodded and walked off.

    ” I hope you don’t mind me ordering a drink for you, though I thought he’d wait for you to order and not assume the snails were for both of us. Humans sometimes.”

    Thalyssra turned back to Fasha, “Have you ever had escargot? A friend of mine introduced it to me back at the academy. It’s French, from Earth. Terran snails. Thought it might be up your tastebuds alley.”

    A pause. “And I’m doing it again.” And she smiles warmly

    Fasha turned an alarming shade of burnt orange.

    “oh Blessed Exchequer….you don’t think they actually like….” Fasha said, trying to hid her obvious embarassment

    “But, yeah snails sound nice. I lived off of mealworms that I got from this pet store that was down the street from the Academy dorms. Not as good as the stuff on Ferenginar but better than the absolute garbage that they had programmed into the replicators” Fasha ranted.

    “Do Andorians usually eat snails? You usually have to have some sort of moist environment for things like that” Fasha asked.

    “ Yes, I do think they like you. What’s not to like?”

    As Fasha spoke about mealworms from the pet store, Thalyssra realized just how alone the girl must have been. “Oh my, no one told you about all the restaurants in San Francisco? Well, if we ever get back to Earth I’ll have to remedy that.”

    Answering Fasha’s question, Thalyssra’s blue eyes shown. “No, Andorians don’t usually eat snails. Closest thing we have are these worms that live in the ice, and you don’t want to eat those, they’re hot enough to burn you.”

    ”Andoria is beautiful. All blues and whites and greens. When the sun hits the ice, it blinds you with its brightness in such ways… yes, I love my homeworld, but it’s not my home. This is where I’m meant to be, among the stars. Starfleet is where I found who I was supposed to be.”

    “What about you? What’s Ferenginar like?”

    “Rain, more rain, mud from the rain, and then more rain,” Fasha said, grumbling it out “Like we have 178 words for rain for a reason” She followed up.

    “But once you get past that there’s all the sexism which is fun. It’s gotten a little better though, at least now I could go home and wear clothes. Couldn’t do that when I was a kid…..well I mean I could but that’s beside the point” Fasha said, quickly steering away from that topic.

    “Honestly, I couldn’t leave there fast enough. As much as I miss the food, there are a lot of things that Ferenginar leaves to be desired. Besides, no one dumps as much money into scientific research as the Federation does. Back home they are only concerned about what will turn a profit. Here they just care about things for curiosities sake which is much more my speed…..I never really had the ‘lobes for business’” Fasha rattled off.

    “So you’ve found yourself home here amongst the stars too then, eh? Guess that makes us kindred spirits.”

    The waiter delivered the drinks and escargot. Thalyssra took a sip of the eelwasser, never having tried it before. It wasn’t bad. She’d certainly had worse. Not something she saw herself ordering like she did scotch, but certainly not terrible.

    She had caught Fasha’s quick topic change after her mentioning clothes wearing, but filed that away for another day. The girl was just losing her shyness and talking and Thalyssra did not want to reverse that.

    ”I must admit, I love your earrings, Fasha.” She said as she picked one of the snails from the plate and began scooping it from its shell. “I’ve never had luck finding some myself. I mean, I have some, like these I’m wearing now,” and she pulled her white hair back to show off the blue sapphire studs she wore, “but like these, all mine have been gifts. I’m terrible as picking things like that out myself”

    “Well you know, Rule of Acquisition #75, Home is where the heart is but the stars are made of latinum” She said with a shy smile. Just then the waiter arrive with the drinks and food. Fasha watched as Thalyssra took a drink and to her surprise she didn’t immediately spit it out. Fasha smirked, most hew-mons that had tried had whined about it for weeks afterward. Nice to know that Andorians had some taste. Fasha tuned back into the conversation as Thalyssra motioned to her earings.

    Sapphire, silver setting, 2 carats, probably 6 bars of latinum , 8 bars if your dealing with an amateur.

    Fasha shook her head slightly. Sometime she hated being a Ferengi. For once she’d like to look at something valuable and not try to price it.

    “Those are so pretty. Mine are traditional…well not these specific ones. These are ‘Starfleet approved’ because that traditional ones have long chains that connect the two ears. They’d get caught on something and woomp I’m dead” Fasha said, picking up one of the snails and popping it in her mouth, shell and all.

    “Not bad, they remind me of these slugs you can get at Froon’s Grub Hut” Fasha said as she reached for another and ate that one whole as well.

    “So who got them for you? Someone trying to start a contract?” She asked.

    Thalyssra watched Fasha eat the first snail, and while others might cringe at her eating the shell as well, she wasn’t others. There were things she did as an Andorian that she was certain ‘others’ thought odd or cringe-worthy as well. She, however, had no time to worry about such.

    ”A contract?” For a moment the Andorian was confused, then she realized what Fasha meant. “You know, that’s an incredibly ideal way to look at that. And, yes, you could put it that way. Back at the Academy, well, One of my classmates and I were involved. He was handsome, dashing, debonaire, classy…and very, very, human. It was fun and passionate, but by graduation it had burned out. We’re still friends though. Keep in touch over ai space and such being on different ships and all.”

    For a moment, she stared off in the distance, remembering times now gone. Shaking her head she turned her attention back to her new friend. “You are right though, he got these for me. Said the color reminded him of me.”

    As she finished, she waved over the waiter. “Two glasses of Andorian Ale, please”. After the waiter left, Thalyssra looked at Fasha. “Time for you to try an Andorian drink. Synthetic of course, but if you like it I can probably get you the real thing sometime.”

    As she finished, the waiter returned, placing two glasses of bright blue liquid on the table, one in front of each girl.

    Thalyssra took hers up and held it in salute, “To meeting new people and making new friends”

    “I’ll drink to that” Fasha said nodding her head at Thalyssra. She eyed the drink a moments before taking a large sip. Fasha’s mouth immediately puckered and she felt like coughing. She struggled through and let it fall down her throat. She felt a pleasant but powerful burn as it went down and it didn’t cool til the drink hit her stomach. Fasha eyed the glass and then Thalyssa.

    “It’s…..well….it’s blue” Fasha managed to eek out. She stared at the glass some more. Now was not the time to bow out of anything. Can’t look weak in front of the tall blue lady holding a knife. Fasha braced herself and then downed the rest of the glass. She tried to contain her wince and enjoy the flavor. The flavor of course just being a shockingly cold sensation more than anything. Soon she forced it down her throat and let out a breath.

    “Too much of that and I’ll end up dancing on the bar” She said setting her glass down on the table.

    “Which I assure you no one wants to see. I’m a scientist not a dancer” Fasha said. Thankfully it wasn’t real liquor or she new she’d probably start feeling light headed right about now.

    “I mean now I can see why that costs 24 strips of latinum for a case” She said laughing a little, even realizing that’s probably only funny to a Ferengi.

    Thalyssra smiles and laughed at Fasha’s comments, “And that’s just the synthetic kind. The replicators don’t really do it justice. Though I tend to prefer scotch myself, I still enjoy a taste of home.”

    The Andorian set aside her plate, leaving the last few snails for her new friend, if she so chose to have them.

    ”So, how do you find the Olympus so far? Have you spoken to Athena yet?”

    “The computer lady? No. I haven’t really had much time to do anything. I’ve been trying to get the labs and my office into shape. Honestly, I don’t know why Starfleet insists in ordering samples alphabetically when order-of-importance is more accessible for culturally diverse crews” Fasha began to rant, but she stopped herself.

    “……what is she cool? I didn’t think she’d be much for conversation, what with the whole synth ban” She said, getting back on track.

    “I’ve only spoken to Athena twice now, but something about her interactions those two times make me think she’s more than just a computer interface. She IS an ai after all. And they do learn. You’re probably going to be working closely with her, being science officer and all. Might want to introduce yourself sometime.”

    “Have you finished moving in to your quarters? If I recall mine are only a few doors down from yours.”

    “I finished before I went on shift. Pulled out the photo frames, stocked the closet, set out the skincare, you know the drill” Fasha sighed, leaning back in her chair. As it usually did, thinking about said photo frames sent Fasha into a state of personal reflection. Well, personal reflection is one word, another would be “existential crisis”. Fasha felt the joy being sucked out of her and the moment as the crippling anxiety of her life bled back in.

    “Can I be honest with you…” Fasha asked, tapping her fingers on the table top surface.

    “I…I have reservations about going to the Delta quadrant” She said, not particularly waiting for a reply.

    “I understand the whole…‘ where no man has gone before’ thing but….I feel like we went there and there were already people there who really didn’t enjoy us throwing our weight around…..and I’m usually not one to talk or complain, Exchequer knows I just go where they send me, and the Delta quadrant is just…I mean the things we can learn there have to be beyond anything I can imagine, but….I don’t know I just have this feeling that we should just….mind our own business” Fasha rambled, nervously fidgeting. She usually wasn’t this vocal about her reservations for some of Starfleet’s actions. That usually found non-Federation species on a one way trip back to where the hell they came from, which is NOT something she can afford. Fasha suddenly stopped tapping. She remembered who she was talking to. She may be blue, but she’s still apart of the Federation. Also, if Fasha had read the crew files correctly, she was directly related to one of their founders. If anyone was going to turn her in for “Anti-Federation thoughts”….it might be her.

    “You know what….I’m just rambling…these hew-mon snails are probably reacting weird with the ale, I should probably stick to tube-grubs from now on” Fasha said with a nervous chuckle, beginning to get up out of her chair.

    Thalyssra looked at Fasha as the Ferengi girl went on, “You’re not rambling at all Fasha. And, you can always be honest with me. That’s what friends do, and I hope we can be friends.”

    ”You’re not wrong to be concerned about that either.  Voyager encountered some hostile species out there, but that’s what happens when one explores. Time was the Federation and Klingons were sworn enemies. Heck, my people fought wars with the Vulcans before the Federation came about. And let’s not forget at one time the Federation and Ferengi fought one another too.”

    Thalyssra pauses to take a sip of her drink. “My first posting from the Academy was Deep Space Nine and The Defiant. I was a security officer when the Defiant got permission from the Doninion to explore the Gamma Quadrant, so I’ve been where you are right now. I was terrified. I mean, the war wasn’t all that long ago…”

    The Andorian shook her head,”Unlike then though, we have a chance to correct some of the mistakes that Voyager made. I have all the respect in the universe for Admiral Janeway and the terrible situation she was in, but she did make some mistakes. We have a chance to show the people of the Delta Quadrant who the Federation truly is”

    ”And who the Federation is includes you Fasha. You’re a valued and important part of this ship and crew and I’m certain Captain Greaves wouldn’t have accepted you if he didn’t agree”

    I hope we can be friends

    Nothing about that should send her into the tailspin that it does.

    “Maybe it’s just my classic case of outsider’s syndrome flaring up….” Fasha said, fully standing up. She tapped her hands on the table, not sure what to do here exactly.

    They will never see you as one of them

    You were a freak on Ferenginar and you’re an even bigger one here

    “I need to go finish getting the labs in order” She said turning around and walking a few steps away from the table.

    “Well, seeing as we’re the only two Ferengi at the Academy….I hope we can be friends”

    She stopped in her tracks and clenched her hands. Then she turned around.

    “I….I would like to be friends…….maybe it’d make me feel less…scared?…..if I had someone there for me, guarding my back with her scary blinged-out knife” Fasha said with another nervous laugh. She nodded and shuffled awkwardly before turning around again and heading out of Ten Forward.

    Adhira SinghAdhira Singh

    A joint post featuring:
    Adhira Singh and Eve Alder
    // U.S.S. Olympus, Main Engineering
    // Episode Day 1, 12:30 Hours

    As the turbolift doors opened, Adhira stepped into the cacophony that was the ship’s Industrial Replication Plant. Quickly, her hearing blocked out the chaos of the background noise, as she sought out Chief Watson, who had contacted her with an issue that he felt only she could address.

    Her nose registered an unusual smell, and then she noticed white foam on the deck floor. As she did, the Chief came over, “Commander, thank you for coming down here.” the portly Chief said, running his hands through his wiry hair. “As you can see, we have an…issue. Seems one of my crew decided to use the replicators to set up a still. He got it in his head he could become the ships sole distributor of Warp Core Moonshine. I’ve already disciplined the man, and if you would sign off on it, I’ll submit his reprimand to the First Officer to have the Ensign removed form the ship.”

    Adhira nodded to the Chief, immediately accessing her private mail on the PADD in her hand, adding her thumbprint to Chief Watson’s recommendation, and sending it off to the First Officer for immediate disposition before the ship left dock.

    “Thank you Commander. However, that is not all. As you can see, the Ensign in question tapped one of the replicators directly into a power conduit, and was using it to create his still with a personal transporter as part of it, to randomly beam it from cargo bay to cargo bay as needed. Instead, he cross circuited things and the replicator began pumping out gallon after gallon of synthetic foam. And we cannot get it to stop.”

    Adhira shook her head, then without a word, wadded into the increasing amounts of white foam. She followed the shouts of men and women who were trying, vainly, to stop the flow of the foam and clean it up at the same time.

    Quickly, Adhira began barking orders,pointing at people as she did. “You, you, and you…get to maintenance hatch 13, and disconnect the energy flow to all Industrial replicators in this bay. You an you, Jeffries Tube Six, you’ll find the command sequencer for the replicator AI. Turn it off. You, get down to Maintenance on the Spacedock and let them know we need a cleanup crew here yesterday. Chief, come with me.”Chest deep in Industrial cleaning foam, Adhira waded through to the command console for the replicator. She quickly glanced overt the controls and noticed more was here than just one wayward ensigns attempt at making lower deck alcohol. The command sequencer was malfunctioning, and she quickly began tracing back the code.

    “Chief, disconnect circuits 65 and 103, then shunt the power through circuit 205 on my mark.”

    Quickly, her hands flew over the console, typing in commands at a rapid fire pace, and inadvertently getting foam in her hair and on her chest. She found the culprit, a single line of code, that the ensigns actions had in fact triggered, that was incorrectly input. Probably some programmer bored with his task, copied the code in wrong.

    She nodded to the Chief, who shunted the power as she had asked, and then she input the correct code into the console. As she did, the tide of foam ceased.

    Smiling at the Chief, she began brushing foam form her uniform and hear. “There you go Chief. Not your fault, you did the best you could. Make sure the cleanup crew gets this all up, then get your people cleaned up as well.” She looked down at her uniform, damp now from the wast down, with splotches staining her upper torso, and smatterings of foam still in her dark hair.

    “Keep me updated on your status. I’m going to my quarters to clean up, then back to Main Engineering.” and she tunrned on ehr heel, leaving the foam behind her, and heading for the exit.

    The Crewman was yelling at somebody as the door to the Replicator Chamber opened, “Yeah well with all proper respect suck my…!”


    Eve looked at the Chief Engineer, Eve’s uniform was a little too loose in some areas and a little too tight in others. She sifted, “Franging uniform doesn’t fit right! I try and I try three uniforms so far… somebody is playing a prank on me!”


    She then gave a formal salute, noticing the pips. “Those are soem impressive pips you got there!” Eve said with a smile. She then saw the foam, she saw the chaos. Her smile vanished.


    “No no no! Those aren’t the industrial fabricators are they?” She sounded like she was pleading.


    “Well kriff me sideways! This is worse then wraid crap on my shoes before a dance!” She looked at Singh.


    “Are all of them offline sir?”


    Adhira approached the door, which swooshed open as she did, revealing a yelling crew member in an oddly fitting uniform. As the woman spoke, her mind strove to make sense of what the young woman was saying.

    “Yes…Chief”, she added as she checked the insignia on the girls neck, “They’ll be offline until Chief Watson gets everything cleaned up.” she replied, smiling back.

    “I’m afraid that will be several hours. There is a ridiculous amount of foam in there. Harmless cleaning solution, but alot of it.”


    “God damn it! It looks like a heard of rontos jizzed over everything? I haven’t seen this much white since that trip to the whorehouse!” She looked around giving a long whistle.


    She looked at Watson, “Look there is a bottle of real booze in it for you if you get me one working in the next hour, I got two confrence rooms to furnish and a ratehr surly security officers room.”


    She looked back at Singh, “The hell started this?”

    Adhira could not help but smile at the woman’s phrasing. It was certainly far more crass then she was used to from those in Starfleet.

    “Those replicators are going to be down for a minimum of two hours,” and she looked over her shoulder at Chief Watson to let him know she had in fact heard the woman’s offer, “As I said, the foam is all over the place, as you can see by how much of it stained my uniform and myself” ad she gestured with both hands.

    “However, I might be able to arrange you access to ones on the starbase, if you just give me a moment, Chief Alder”, she added, as her mind attached name to face.

    Stepping into the corridor, she tapped her combadge, reaching the officer manning the tactical and communications station, “Lieutenant. Please contact the Dock, and put me through to whoever is in charge of the stations Industrial replicators.”

    A few seconds passed and she got a signal back, “Commander Singh,” came the voice of Commander Grayson, “How might I assist you?”

    “Commander, how nice to hear your voice again. There has been an accident on Olympus and our Industrial replicators will be down for a few hours. Our Quartermaster here requires access to yours. If you could allow her access for say, the next hour, I would consider your domjot debt to me from the other night paid in full.”

    “Laughter came from the other end, “Very well, Commander. You have a deal. Send your Quartermaster over.”

    “Pleasure talking to you again. Singh, out”

    Adhira looked back at the Chief, “There you go Chief. If there’s any issues, have Commander Grayson contact me.”

    She smiled at Singh,”Well alright then you are the one who I owe the booze to, tell you what.. You let me know what time yoru duty shift ends? I know this great storage bay that’s been converted to a makeshift lounge some of the enlisted go to. Wear a dress, no pips, no  ranks, nothing to report, just good booze and some gambling?” She waggled her eyes at her.


    “My way of saying that you might want to go and have some fun?”

    Adhira looked at Eve and blushed in embarrassment, “Actually, I don’t own a dress. Besides, I’m an officer and you are enlisted personnel, and there are more regulations than even I can recall against…fraternization.”

    As she spoke, she realized she probably just came off as an aloof buffoon who thought herself better than the Quartermaster, when that certainly wasn’t the case. Something about the smart mouthed redhead intrigued her, and had they not been Officer and Enlisted, Adhira would certainly want to get to know the girl better.

    “Nothing personal Chief. Really. And no offense intended. I appreciate the offer, truly I do. Perhaps a raincheck?”

    Eve laughed, “Dresses are a replicator away.. Its not like I am asking to suck or be sucked on.. just was inviting you to be…social.”


    The Crewman she then sighed, “Besides when was the last time you let your hair down and really enjoyed yourself?”

    Adhira considered the offer, her mind struggling between the entire, Officer and Enlisted thing, and the fact that Starfleet didn’t really care about that. As she did, something occurred to her. Her family had begun with one who thought himself better than those beneath him. That had been her family’s legacy for generations. Her family, in the past century or two, had changed that, some, serving. Still, Adhira struggled against that legacy all the time. What would go more against the Singh Legacy, than to befriend someone he would consider beneath him?

    Also, Eve intrigued her. There was something about the girl that drew her like a moth to the flame. And that was even more important.

    Smiling at the redhead, “Well, don’t count on the dress, but I’ll make sure I dress nice and in civies. So, sure. Where and when should I meet you?”

    “Party starts at midnight, Cargo bay 11. But listen why not try the dress? I will be wearing one. Got this floral print and even flats that I look smashing in. You would be amazed at what will happen if you try to operate outside of your normal specs.” She said with a wink.


    The wink was a flirtatious one, it screamed you could get lucky.

    “We shall see. Cargo Bay 11, Midnight. Assuming everything in Engineering is completed on schedule, I shall be there.”

    As she said that, she smiled. It had been quite some time since she last allowed herself to relax and enjoy herself. And this party could be just what she needed. Assuming her people had everything to her satisfaction.

    “Now, if you will pardon me, I really should change into a clean uniform and get back to Engineering.” and she started to walk away, pausing after a few seconds to look back over her shoulder, hand idly brushing locks of dark hair from her eyes, “And if we are going to be at a party, my name is Adhira.” and she smiled.

    She smirked and thought to herself. I would have kriffed it out of you eventually?


    “Normally Eve is my christian name, But if you believe members of my old unit they just called me Hellion.” She gave her a wink.


    A joint post featuring:
    Thalyssra Thy’lek and Fasha
    // U.S.S. Olympus, Officers Quarters
    // Episode Day 2, 14:30 Hours

    Ever since Fasha had departed Ten Forward, Thalyssra had been concerned for her new friend. Something the Andorian said had put the Ferengi girl into a panic. She had immediately wanted to stop Fasha, but had figured that it was better to give the girl some time and space.

    Her meeting with her Security Staff concluded, Thalyssra stopped on her way to her own quarters to check on Fasha (after verifying with the ship’s computer that Fasha was in her quarters). She was supposed to meet Korrath on the Holodeck in a little over an hour, but this was more important than her flirting (or more) with the attractive Klingon Intelligence Officer.

    Thalyssra pressed the door chime, waiting for Fasha to answer.

    Fasha heard the chime and her body jolted. She had been lounging at her desk, feet propped up on the desktop.

    “Computer, whose at the door” she asked.

    “Lieutenant Commander Thalyssra Thy’lek” the monotone voice said back to her. Fasha stopped and looked up from her padd. She had been going over some of the old Voyager logs…..in peace. Fasha considered her options. She could pretend she wasn’t at home. No, she had probably asked the computer if she was here and the computer had probably told her like the traitor it was.

    Only one choice then.

    Fasha put her feet down and set her padd on the desk. She rushed to her mirror and gave herself a once over. After her shift had ended she’d changed into civilian clothes. Her large loud Ferengi dress swayed with her motion as she attempted to smooth it out.

    Should I change into my uniform???

    No, no time

    “Um uh….” Fasha said as she looked around her quarters. They were as clean as they ever were going to be, seeing as she hadn’t really had time to “nest” as her habits had been called before.

    “Um…come in” Fasha said turning towards the door as it whooshed open.

    The door opened and Thalyssra looked around as she entered. She stopped as she saw Fasha, “Wow…that’s lovely…” shaking her head, she smiled, “Sorry, just didn’t expect to see you out of uniform so quickly. I…just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

    Suddenly, she didn’t feel so confident. Maybe she shouldn’t have stopped by like this. If Fasha was dressed comfortably, she was probably intruding on her personal time.

    “Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped by. Seems I’m interrupting your personal time. Sorry. I was just concerned about you after how you left this afternoon. I should go….” she stammered as she began to back away toward the door.

    “Oh uh…um….this old thing” Fasha said with a nervous laugh and a hand wave. She looked down, avoiding her eyes and worried some of the fabric between her fingers.

    “I um….” She said still looking down. She steeled herself for the conversation she needed to have and turned her head up to look at Thalyssra.

    “I’m sorry about rushing off. Things were getting…kinda heavy and that was all my fault so…..well I don’t handle personal conflict that well so I left. It was…..rude of me. So if you’re here to give me a reprimand then I understand”

    Fasha’s reaction brought Thalyssra back to herself. “Reprimand? For what? I was concerned for you. Worried I’d offended you somehow.”

    Thalyssra ceases her slow retreat. “I didn’t mean to make things uncomfortable or heavy. I just met someone I thought could use a friend and, I got over enthusiastic I guess. Andorian personality flaw. Sorry.”

    “You actually want to be my friend?” Fasha said before the sentence had time to ruminate in her mind. She mentally kicked herself for it. She sounded like some edgy teenage Terran novel novel.

    “Um uh…..dammit…I’m sorry you aren’t making things weird. That’s all on me at this point” she said. Fasha looked at Thalyssra and nodded.

    “Um do you wanna come in? We can talk about like…..boys or something??” Fasha fumbled. BLESSED EXCHEQUER now she really did sound like a edgy teen.

    “That’s bad I’m sorry, we’re both grown women, we can like talk about…..finances????” Fasha struggled out with a shrug of her shoulders.

    Thalyssra smiles and let out a hearty laugh as she listened, “Yes, I’d like to be your friend, as long as you don’t mind being friends with a crazy blue girl with a ‘blinged out stab you thing’ as you so eloquently put it earlier.” And her smile was truly genuine as she found a seat.

    ”As for talking about boys, we can do that. In fact, I’m supposed to meet with our Klingon intelligence officer a little later tonite on the holodeck. Says he wants to try out some of my Klingon historical programs and discuss plans for our departments to work together. And afterwords he wants to meet for dinner”

    ”Does that qualify as a date you think?”

    Thalyssra figured that making herself the topic of conversation for a bit might help Fasha relax and open up some herself.

    Fasha smiled back as Thalyssra as she took her seat. Fasha sat down on the opposite end of the couch and tucker her feet under her. When Thalyssra mentioned her “date” Fasha’s browridge raised in interest.

    “Klingon history, talking about “battle strategies”, and then a meal??? Yeah that’s a date my friend….and with Klingon?!….you’re braver than I am. I’d worry to much about them stepping on me like I’m an Alverian dung beetle” Fasha said.

    “Ah, but there lies the challenge. I’m sure that beneath that tough, glowering, Klingon exterior, lies a romantic soul. Besides, he’s cute.” And the Andorian giggled. “And that voice of his? Resonant and proud and, well, you know.”

    ”What about you Fasha?”

    “Me? Oh, um…me?” Fasha flustered. Suddenly the room grew up be unbearably hot as Fasha felt her face heat up again.

    “Uh….the whole “tough, glowering” thing isn’t really my….thing? I’ve got more of a thing for….pacifists??” Fasha fumbled again.

    Uh yeah, pacifists with pointed ears

    S H U T
    I T
    B R A I N

    “Besides” She started with nervous laughter “You ever seen a set of lobes on a Klingon? I haven’t. I’m half convinced they don’t have ears” Fasha joked.

    “So you…you hoping this goes anywhere. Nice contract in the future? Five year minimum….or maybe even an extension with a few fringe benefits!!” Fasha said as she wiggled her shoulders excitedly.

    Thalyssra smiles again, “Glowering isn’t really my thing either, but some of the toughest people I’ve known have turned out to have been romantic softies at heart. Your idol, Commander Nog, used to tell some truly romantic stories about when Captain Sisko was wooing his wife…”

    As she spoke, Thalyssra’s mind went back to those days in DS9, and how lonely she felt. So far from home, all her friends from the academy off on other assignments, and she the only Andorian for parsecs. She would spend hours in the bar, listening to the senior officers tell tales of their experiences in Starfleet, their time during the Dominion War. It took a visit to Lieutenant Dax for counseling, that got her over her shyness. Thalyssra knee how Fasha felt, or least thought she did, and was determined to help the girl as she herself was helped back on the station.
    Fasha spoke again, and Thalyssra returned to the present. “Pacifists, hmmm?” Thalyssra said, even as thought of matchmaking ran through her head before she shook those thoughts from it.
    Changing the subject slightly, the Andorian shrugged, “Well, not everyone puts the same value on ears Ferengi do. His ears are no smaller than mine, you know.” Her voice carried an easily recognizable teasing tone to it.

    As Fasha went on, Thalyssra laughed again, “Contract? You mean relationship? Who knows? He seems like he might be fun, could be someone interesting to know. And you never know, but he might be an amazing partner.” And with that her cheeks blushed a darker blue as her antenna swiveled apart with embarrassment.

    Fasha watch Thalyssra’s expression as it changed in response to her ramblings. For a moment, she though she saw sadness?? Maybe a little pity? Hard to tell. Fasha chose to ignore it. Probably wasn’t going to do her any good to dwell on it.

    “I’ll never understand why other species ‘date’. Seems like a waste of time. What if you end up not liking the person? Now, you’ve wasted months, potentially years, with them for nothing. AND they can tell everyone all your most well kept secrets” Fasha said with a humpf. Fasha rarely agreed with traditional Ferengi culture, but when it came to dating and relationships, the old ways had it’s advantages.

    Can’t blab to the FCA when they are under an iron clad gag order

    Fasha shook her head slightly. Maybe she needed to see someone about that? No, counselor’s hadn’t helped her before and they were unlikely to help her now.

    Fasha lifted her eyes and made eye contact with Thalyssra. Thalyssra looked at her like she was going to bolt if she said the wrong thing.

    Well, that’s because you kinda already did that

    “Thal….I know you aren’t here to just prattle on about some Klingon” Fasha said flatly.

    Thalyssra listened to Fasha, “Well the advantage to dating is if you don’t like them you didn’t waste time getting married. How else do you find out if you are compatable?”

    And then Fasha asked her true question. Why was she really here?

    ”Why am I here? Well, like I said, I thought I’d offended you somehow earlier and that was the last thing I wanted to do. See, up until my last posting, I didn’t really make friends easily. It took me almost all my time at the Academy to get the friends there I had, and when we graduated, we all went separate ways.”

    ”My first posting was to Deep Space Nine, as I’ve mentioned before. I was the only Andorian on that entire station. Most of the Bajoran civilians living there still had never seen one of my kind. I stood out like a sore thumb, as the humans say”

    ”The Academy was my first time off of Andor. And DS9 was more than a little overwhelming. I spent all my free time in Quarks, simply listening in on conversations. Wel, until the stations counselor caught me. She helped me open up about what frightened me. Yes, the warrior maid was scared. Scared to open up to people, to let them get to know me. Scared I’d lose them as I lost my father as a child.”

    Thalyssra paused, leaning back in her chair. “In the staff meeting and even more when we were talking before, I saw similar traits in you that I had back then. A kindred spirit of sorts.”

    ”And no, that’s not why I want to be your friend. I happen to think you’re smart and fun, and I’d really like to get to know you. But I can’t deny that I’d also like to help you. Then again, that is what friends do, right?”

    Fasha sighed and contemplated her next sentence carefully.

    “You want to help me? I….well I guess I’d be lying if I said that I probably didn’t need it” Fasha admitted, which is more than she had ever done in a long time. Fasha looked Thalyssra over once again.

    Did she actually care? See seems to

    Last time you actually cared about someone they died

    If you don’t open up to her….then you’ll never open up to any one ever again

    “I don’t make friends easily…..in fact, I think….in my whole life I’ve only ever made one real friend. I…I told her everything. She was…my sister, not by blood but something more concrete than that” Fasha started. She tried to keep the emotions she was feeling from effecting her voice but she could tell she was just a few recalled memories away from failing.

    “I lost her. I lost her in the worst way I can think of. I….I don’t want to go through that ever again. I’m sorry if I seem a little standoff-ish but….if I start caring for you then that means I have something to lose again….and I won’t survive that, I barely did it the last time” Fasha continued. She stopped to regulate her breathing, really trying to hold back a sob she could feel forming in her throat.

    “I want to be your friend very badly….I want to…have that again, but I have my reservations. I hope you understand”

    Thalyssra looked at Fasha, “Oh, I understand. But, isn’t it a Ferengi saying, ‘The bigger the risk, the bigger the win’?”

    ”Look. I understand your fear. But risk is what being in Starfleet is all about. I’ve had friends die, some even before my very eyes. And while their loss hurts, I know my life would have been less had I not been their friend.”

    ”You have a choice Fasha. You can take the risk, take the gamble, and let us be friends, or you can not, and be alone. I like you. Your fun and smart, and someone I’d like to know better. But it’s your choice if you are willing to risk knowing me.”

    ”It’s up to you now.”

    Fasha took this moment to finally take stock of her life. Since the…incident, she hadn’t had much of a life. She’d wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and repeat the process over and over again. She hadn’t had a real personal connection in years. It almost felt…felt like before, when she lived on Ferenginar. She’d promised herself that she’d never feel like that again….that things would be different now.

    “I want to take the risk”

    Thalyssra smiled. “I was hoping you’d say that. I could use a friend and confidant too. So, after my ‘date’, want to hear all about it?” and she laughed.

    “Speaking of which, I should probably go and get ready.”

    Thalyssra stood and headed to the door, as it opened, she turned back to face her new friend, smile still on her face, “Risk is our business, Fasha, and I’m proud to call you friend. I’ll pester you later with all the details.” and she giggled girlishly, and not at all like the stern, warrioress, Head of security she was.

    Fasha smiled back. This felt….good.

    “I’ll see you afterwards” She said, leaning back onto the couch, finally relaxing for the first time since hse had boarded the U.S.S. Olympus.

    “Oh and be careful, remember Satisfaction Is Not Guaranteed

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