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    // U.S.S. Olympus, Strategic Operations Centre
    // Episode Day 2, 13:00 Hours


    Korrath toured his new centre. It was state of the art and not to mention now had priority access to the sensor array and not to mention, piggybacking on everyone else’s use. He noticed one of the Officers he had requested to be, for the the short term reassigned to his Department. She was diligently working on the console, manipulating the image and data on the massive projection in front of her. “Already working hard, good to see Lieutenant.”

    Rayana had completely been unaware that the Department Head had entered the centre. She turned, instinucally embarrassed but Starfleet conditioning asserted itself. Although, a slight reddish tinge appeared on her cheeks. “I’m sorry, Commander. I didn’t hear you come in.” Korrath nodded, simply. “Its of no consequence, Lieutenant.” He looked up at the screen. At the moment, it was awash with code and algorithms that he didn’t understand. She turned back to the console and begun working on it again. “Sorry, Commander. I was working on a new program to help me sift through the data, identifying or marking it if the computer couldn’t identify it. And this.” She said tapping a few buttons, changing to a different set of code. “Is a new advanced sensor algorithm that will work alongside the ships sensors. I’ve managed to increase the resolution and distance that we can detect Borg signatures, particularly transwarp signatures. I’m on working on incorporating the rest of Voyagers sensor information, so that computer can identify it easily and quickly.”


    Korrath raised his eyebrows at the screen. He was impressed. This was going to save a lot of time, giving them more valuable reaction time. He knew she had a special interest in Borg Cybernetics, but if this new algorithm worked, it would definitely earn her a commendation. “Well done, Lieutenant. Consider me impressed. I’ll let the Command Staff know, too.”


    Rayana shrugged off the praise. “Its just my job, Commander. And, I just wanted to say, thank you for requesting me to join your Department.” She paused, finding the courage to find the next words. “Is there anyway to make this move permanent?” She said turning slightly to look at him.


    Korrath tilted his head as he considered the young woman in front of him. If she worked out well, he knew that he would make the request. “It is your job, Lieutenant, but you’re doing it well. Keep doing your job as good as you are and I will be make the request of the Captain. Is it your wish to join Strategic Operations?”


    She nodded. ” Yes it is, Commander.” She replied simply.


    Korrath nodded. “Very well. Carry on, Lieutenant.” He said. He turned and entered his office. He had worked to do before he could go off duty. And like General Martok had said once, he had a war to wage later.

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)
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