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    Eve AlderEve Alder

    (Eve’s backstory. Enjoy!)


    Eve woke up,light came into her tent. The smell of sweat, chow and blood was in the air. Her head hurt. That was something coming back to her in waves. It had started with Commander West and a bottle of bourbon. Now West was out. She had the R&R for two weeks in all she had to do was seduce a half Vulcan who had seemingly been straight until alcohol was involved.


    She makes a grown man cry, makes a woman try, she makes you believe you will leave you high and dry.


    She stood up and got into her jumpsuit. She poked her head out of the tent and saw Wilks with the rest of Theta company sitting around the mess table. They treated this like some sort of camping trip. She threw on her hat and walked over to the group grabbing some chow.


    “Well good news I got us two weeks off.” She held up the paper.


    Wilks sighed, “What did you do?”


    “What do you mean? Sometimes its better that you don’t ask.” She grinned.


    “That is what scares me crewman…” He said.


    A large Grazerite came out and said, “Theta Company prepare for deployment to grid 31.” He was the Casualty Projections officer. Everybody refered to him as Reaper. “You will have a 31 percent loss but take the grid.”


    The members of Theta, Jonah “Frosty” Wilks, Ken “Stinky” Hefferson, Charles “Bibbles” Wenzler , Eve “Hellion” Adler, and Thog the Undying all boarded the shuttle that was going to fly them to grid 31. A hill that Tzenketh and Dominion holdouts were clinging to, It was going to be a bloodbath. Everybody knew it, Frosty was lead, Stinky was their engineer, Bibbles was the medic and Thog was simply a gorn who cound take a shot and keep going. She was company clerk, but also a trained sniper, She had the best shot record in the unit. The most confirmed kills on the planet. She hated going into positions like this.


    She took a moment wondering if she was going to be in that thirty first percent.


    Wilks looked up and said, “Guys I know this is a fracked up situation. Command wants to ash us okay, but we are ground forces, its our job to be paraded and vaped. Ashes and dust, oh-rah and ashes. Stick close, keep your heads down and the eyes on the prize. We are going to tangle with some cats and some Whiteheads. We take that hill we earn those two weeks on Risa!”


    The group cheered.



    Jonah WilksJonah Wilks

    Wilks looked at Eve, “Alright find a tree scope the LZ for us. Bibbles, Stinky lets get the pattern enhancers down just in case we need to make a quick retreat.”


    He took out a scanner and began to look for signs of anything, other units, other foes. But this hill had nothing. He looked inside at the pilot, “Zanna we at the right area?”


    The Pilot grinned, “This is it. I know its quiet but  scanners say that we have contacts inbound eta an hour. Want me to stick around or do you all feel safe with the pattern enhancers.”


    Wilks said, “Go out five thousand clicks and if we need a beam out use the enhancers. If you encounter hostiles, radio Reaper and do what he says.”


    Wilks felt himself die a little inside after he gave that order.


    Bibbles was reading from a pocket King James and Stinky looked like he was about to sock him.


    Wilks said, “You two save it for the cats they are coming to this point. Sensors say in an hour. Command should send reinforcements about what fifteen after we need them?”


    Bibbles started to set up on a tripod a phaser autoturret and it looked like Stinky was setting up some other smartguns. He looked up at the tree and saw Hellion sniffing around with her scope. She gave him a thumbs down. Wilks cleared his throat. “This doesn’t feel right.”



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