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    Mar GreavesMar Greaves


    High above the glistening emerald world Tarsas III, the U.S.S. Olympus rests docked within the berths of Starbase 74. While much-needed refit and resupply underway, Captain Greaves bids farewell to his former Executive Officer and much of the senior staff as the crew rotates out to new duties, and the Olympus prepares to depart for the deepest reaches of known space — the Delta Quadrant.

    Mar GreavesMar Greaves

    Mar slid the small potted plant he was holding into the containment housing next to his worktable. He was surrounded by flora, different colors and different sizes, but the Dust Lantern Plant he contained had a fresh mite infestation brought on from a shipment from a colony outside the system. Or so his father had told him, anyway. As Mar drew another potted plant close, he glanced into a mirror opposite it. There, he saw the face of a girl. It was his sister, Lydia. He saw her eyes dart up quickly, a blinding flash from above searing away the grand arching dome that had been their home for generations.

    // Starbase 74, Visitor Quarters
    // Episode Day 01, 05:50 Hours
    // Captain Mar Greaves

    Mar Greaves’ eyes opened suddenly, the faint red of blinding light still tinting his vision. His heart was racing, the skin on his chest glistening with sweat as he sat up. There was a soft glow filling the spartan chamber as the computer detected his movements and elevated the illumination. The Captain tapped a panel next to the bed and the time appeared on the small screen: ten minutes until he needed to be up. He sighed and rolled out of the guest bed they had provided him on the behemoth base orbiting Tarsas III, letting the weight of sleep shed as he wandered towards the replicator.

    He had dreamed of the attack on Mars again. It was a common theme during lulls like this, and one he would be happy to sweep aside when his ship was once more ready to set course into the stars. It had been nearly a decade since most of his family burned with the rest of the red planet, but on a quiet day it could feel like he was watching the reports anew. Awake and showered, Greaves dressed himself in a new uniform, fastening the four golden pips to his collar, and planting the Starfleet combadge firmly on his chest. Everything he was now, everything he could hope to be, was now attached to this uniform — to Starfleet, he thought.

    // Observation Deck C-17

    A short jaunt from his temporary quarters, Greaves found himself at the starship observation lounge. He’d requested his current quarters specifically for the view. Growing up around shipbuilders had instilled a deep love of the vessels in him, and being near the berth would bring light to any of his days. Outside, the shining hull of the Century-class Olympus gleamed from within the massive hold of the Stardock-class starbase. Beams of light reflected from the hull as work bees and shuttlecraft moved about, busy traveling from ship to ship, moving materials expediently or connecting system lines. Greaves admired the sleek lines of his ship, paining to be aboard again, but the baryon sweet wasn’t schedule for another day and he’d rather not bounce back and forth. He’d been at this for too long to do that.

    The Captain took a sip from the coffee he’d forgotten he was holding and turned on his heel. He had a meeting with the dockmaster in ten minutes to go over the schedule for the Olympus’ refit once again. As insufferable as he was, the man did damn fine work.

    Mar GreavesMar Greaves

    // Starbase 74, Outside of a Meeting Hall
    // Episode Day 01, 09:00 Hours
    // Petty Officer Ezrend Ised

    Petty Officer Ised shifted his position in the busy corridor to make way for officers in gold going about their day. Datapad in hand, he had come to meet his new captain before he officially began his assignment aboard the Olympus. The ship was undergoing a significant refit, and Ised was becoming restless aboard the starbase, he’d been anticipating this assignment. While most of his people didn’t have a drive to stray far from home, Ised most definitely did.

    The doors of the meeting room slid open with a hiss and procession of officers made their way out, many chatting along the way, continuing onto their next destination. After a moment he spotted his captain, a man standing slightly taller than himself, with a slim figure revealing a life raised in a lower gravity environment. Four pips decorated his uniform collar.

    Ised approached the man. The captain locked eyes on his approach. “Crewman?” he asked.

    “Captain Greaves,” Ised said, standing at attention. “Petty Officer Third Class Ezrend Ised reporting for duty, sir. I’ve been assigned as your new Yeoman.”

    “Very good, Yeoman. Welcome to Olympus.”

    “Thank you, sir,” he replied, extending the datapad to his commander.

    “What’s this?” Greaves asked.

    “Final details on the new artificial intelligence installation.”

    Greaves glanced down at the datapad, scanning through the information quickly. “Looks like it picked its avatar,” he said under his breath.

    Ised tilted his head as he sensed something underneath. His natural tendency to understand compelled him to probe the surface of what his captain was experiencing. “You’re uncomfortable with artificial intelligence. You were personally hurt by one somehow?”

    Greaves flinched. “Right, you’re Betazoid. I read your file when you were recommended to the position. Not a bad service record,” he said, continuing his scan of the datapad.

    “Yes, sir. You’ve had a very impressive service yourself, I’m looking forward to serving under you. I think it will be very enlightening.”

    “No doubt,” Greaves replied flatly.

    “You changed the subject, sir.”

    “Pardon?” Greaves asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “You don’t like A.I.” he trailed off.

    “Yeoman, if you’re trying to get inside my head you’re not doing a very accurate job of it,” the captain said sounding somewhat exasperated.

    Ised shrunk a bit, his captain having hit a nerve. “Apologies sir, my people have varying degrees of control of our abilities. I’m still, uh, improving my surface reading.”

    “That’s good to know. I don’t have a problem with A.I. exactly.”

    There was silence for a moment. Ised broke it. “Uh, were you going to continue, sir?”

    Greaves handed the datapad back to Ised. “I was not,” he replied. “It’s not a story I feel like sharing today.”

    “Oh, right. Of course, Captain.”

    “Anything else?”

    “No, sir. I’m at your disposal if you need anything.”

    Greaves nodded. “Meet me at seventeen-hundred hours, we’ll go over the next weeks itinerary.”

    “Yes, Captain. I’ll meet you then.”

    “Dismissed, Yeoman.”

    Eelkom RaiemEelkom Raiem

    // USS Hatheway, Guest Quarters
    // Episode Day 01, 10:30 Hours
    // Doctor Eelkom Raiem

    “Another career move in less than a year… Are you purposely trying to not get that half-pip on your collar Rai?” The smoker’s voice accompanied the slight dishevelled appearance of a Phyllis Diller doppelganger. It was the one and only Mabel Kuznetzov, retired nursing officer, former colleague and trusted friend to the young doctor.

    “You know I do not care about things like that Mabes.” Raiem glanced at her, a slight roll in his eyes – the statement did not quite match up with his true feelings on the matter though, deep down inside he did want to make Lieutenant Commander someday, and even Commander – although he would never admit it.

    “Starfleet is not going to look favourably on shifting around the quadrant so frequently, even less so that you left them high and dry with the mobile medical team…” Mabel waved her finger through the viewscreen in a motherly fashion. Truly though, she was more worried about the fact that he was leaving for a posting in the Delta Quadrant. So much further than the Bajor sector was.

    “They did not have to approve the transfer darrrrling. Besides, my second-in-command was well positioned to take things over. He can handle things, the team will not suffer.” Raiem picked up a large yellow-poofy-dress, something he had been making on request of Mabel for some time.

    “You still are not done with that thing? You know I have a reunion to go to in less than three weeks!” It was one other thing the old nurse missed about being in service with Raiem. His most trusty and advanced abilities with a sewing machine. Much of her flamboyant and ridiculous design ideas had come alive over the years by her young friend’s hands.

    “You know… You can always come with us? You know you didn’t want to retire anyways. You may have to miss your reunion. You really want to stay here while I am all the way in the Delta Quadrant? Come on Mabes.” He would not admit this either but he did not like the thought of being so far away from Mabel either, she was the closest thing to family he had these days. Their relationship had taken blossom in his junior officer years on board the Crazy Horse. She was one a few people who had managed to get close to him.

    “Don’t pull that card on me you stubborn most old person trapped in a young body I’ve ever known!” He had seen right through her – she did indeed hate retirement. Too much time on her hands. She missed treating patients, the human interaction being a nurse afforded her. Raiem had tried to convince her to return to service for a couple of years now, each time being slightly more coercive than before.

    A few beeps of an alarm broke the staring contest between them, signaling to Raiem that they were only a few short hours away from Starbase 74.

    “I’ll have this dress ready by the time you get here Mabel. I’ll be sure to send your reactivation papers to my new Captain’s desk as soon as I am able. Ta-ta for now.” The young Bajoran grinned and gave her a flighty wave before disconnecting the call. He was certain she would join them – he would just need to make sure Captain Greaves was okay with it too.

    Thalyssra Thy'lekThalyssra Thy’lek

    // Starbase 74, Visitor Quarters
    // Episode Day 01, 09:00 Hours
    // Lieutenant Commander Thalyssra Thy’lek

    Thalyssra looked again in the mirror, the brush idly running through her hair. Even sleeping as late as she did (well, for her anyways), she was still tired. The going away party with her friends from The Excalibur had gone on long into the night. She smiled as she thought over the events of the previous evening

    Captain Mazza herself had thrown the party, having requested one of the Starbase’s lounges for the event. She even used her personal chef to prepare all the food (Captain Mazza refused to eat replicated food when she could, and her personal chef also doubled as her Yeoman). Of course, any meals prepared by Ensign Thomas Wraith was impeccable. He even did the Andorian Tubers just the right way. The Andorian Ale provided by Commander Minogue only added to the celebratory nature of the gathering, though Thalyssra truly wanted to know how someone like Kyle Minogue got his hands on 20 year old Andorian Ale. Thalyssra decided to write that off to Australian Luck, as the Commander always put it.

    All of her friends and associates had attended the party, and the window of the lounge had provided a most excellent view of The Excalibur, in all her glory. Stories were told, jokes laughed at, music was played, and she even made a fool of herself attempting the latest dances with her comrades. Thalyssra was going to miss that ship and that crew. It had been a special time, as her grandfather put it when recounting his own adventures in Starfleet.

    As she thought over the previous evening, she placed the hair brush back in her bag, and took up the going away present from her second in command, and successor, Maab Akaar. The Capellan had given her a most amazing gift, a sign of honor and respect among his people. The metal of the Capellan Kleegat caught the light and shown off the tri-blades of the traditional Capellan throwing weapon. And the words that went with the gift, touched Thalyssra the most, “Commander“, he said in his deep, resonant voice, “I grant you this, warrior to warrior, and call you Sister to my clan. My blood is your blood, my honor your honor. You have shown me that there truly is honor among the stars, and that that honor is backed by the strength and courage to wield this weapon of my forefathers to defend that which we both call home, The Federation.

    Shaking her head to return herself to the present, Thalyssra placed the Kleegat in the sash at her waist, in a place of honor next to the War Blade that she earned before she joined Starfleet. A last look to make sure she had not forgotten anything in the guest quarters, seeing how everything else of hers had been packed and transferred from The Excalibur to The Olympus, Thalyssra grabbed her travle bag from the bed. One final look in the mirror to ensure her hair and makeup were as they should be, smoothing a final wrinkle in her uniform, she slung her travel bag over her shoulder and exited the guest quarters.

    // Observation Deck C-17
    Bag over her shoulder, Thalyssra stood before the windo, staring into the vast panaorama of space before ehr. Her blue eyes focused on one ship, The Excalibur. It’s navigation lights blicked steadily as maneuvering thrusters turned the ship from the station. Impulse engines flared and the mighty Sovereign Class Starship sailed away from Starbase 74. The blue light in the ships mighty warp nacelles flashed, and the ship darted forward, vanishing into the unknown, with a flash of light. “Lótesse i helka n- voro tihet ne’rak ish-veh ash’ya. Lótesse tye sinte nique- samu il avon. Ar lótesse kwon-hau-ov tevan lant- yenya tye. Namárië mime t’hylara.” (May the Ice be ever stable beneath your feet. May you never know cold or hunger. And may your enemies always fall before you. Farewell my friends), she whispered, before she turned from the window and made her way towards her new ship, and her future


    // Starbase 74, Guest Quarters
    // Episode Day 01, 06:00 Hours
    // Lieutenant JG Krull son of Kruge

    As Krull is looking at himself in the mirror looking at himself in his workout attire as he fixes his hair back into the warrior braid he keeps it in, as his set alarm starts to blare letting him know it’s time to get up. Krull chuckles realizing as normal he has woken up quite a bit earlier then he had it set. He ponders why he even bothers anymore as he inevitably wakes up before it goes off.  Walking over to the bed as he picks up the bag he keeps his ‘workout’ gear in and heads down to the holodeck to get his morning workout out of the way before he reports to his new posting. His first official posting with his new rank.

    During his workout he starts to muse back to the whirlwind that was his last month and a half. He went through the incident that got him his promotion along with the promotion itself. About a month and a half ago he got an ambiguous letter from his Captain a Tellarite by the name of Gorthak, who is notorious for having a bit of a perverse sense of humor to the consternation of his crew. The letter requested his presence on the bridge conference room. Arriving on schedule he walked in to find the room full of both his friends and much of the main officer core all sitting around with stern looks on their faces. As soon as he walked through the door Captain Gorthak stood up and with a grin on his face spoke “Ensign Krull son of Kruge, as Captain of the USS Ticonderoga have the utmost privilege to bestow upon you one of Starfleet’s highest honors that of the Karagite Order of Heroism, for going above and beyond the call of duty in defense of the delegates from the Ran protectorate, by single handedly protecting them to the risk of your own life.” Stopping to take a breath and let the cheers die down before raising his hand. “I have a second pleasure to promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade.”

    As Krull finished up his workout and his time in the holodeck he recalled the last thing his captain told him after his promotion. After his promotion and award Krull was in the Captains ready room “Lieutenant Krull, this part saddens me as I know I am looking at a fine young officer, but as you know we are currently overstaffed as it is, and with your sudden promotion. We do not have a birth for you here, so you are being transferred.” Krull remembers his reaction and sadness at this but nodded in understanding. “I it took all of my persuasion for you to be transferred to your new post the USS Olympus under one Captain Mar Greaves, it is currently under retrofit for its five year mission into the Delta Quadrant. So due to this I have been given permission, to give you a week’s leave before you have to report to Starbase 74. But before you go, I believe your friends have requested your presence for a congratulations and going away party.” Standing up and holding out his hand “Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors”.

    This had Krull finding himself back in his quarters putting on his uniform, along with the sash on his belt as he slipped his D’k tagh into it. Remembering his party and his friend’s gifts of a bottle of Bloodwine 2339, and a holo image of all of them taken on Risa the year before. As he takes one last look around the room he is also reminded of his trip back home. He knew he wouldn’t be seeing them for the next five years, he spent as much time with his family as he could. Remembering their final embrace fondly before walking onto the shuttle to take him to Starbase 74.

    He did not realize he was musing the whole time as he made his way to the docking berth of the USS Olympus the starship he would be calling home for the next few years. Putting his bag over his shoulder and his Bat’leth in his hand he would walk over to the docking entrance.

    Mar GreavesMar Greaves

    A joint post featuring:
    Thalyssra Thy’lek and Mar Greaves

    // Starbase 74, Officers Lounge
    // Episode Day 01, 17:30 Hours
    // Lt. Commander Thylassra

    Thylassra made her way down the corridor of the Starbase, nodding to each person she passed, a smile of contentment on her face. Her hair fell freely about her shoulder, just reaching regulation length, her makeup was impeccable, and her uniform spotless and creased to regulation specifications. As per regulations that allowed racial recognition, the purple sash that marked her as accepted into the Andorian Imperial Guard (a mark of honor akin to a human’s knighthood) was about her waist, her bejeweled War Dagger in the sheath attached to the sash. Tucked into the sash was something additional, and very non-Andorian; A Capellan Kleegat, of the royal family of that world, given to her by her successor aboard The Excalibur, that marked her as not only an expert in such a weapon, but as a blooded member of that clan.

    She entered into the Officer’s Lounge of Starbase 74, and her blue eyes scanned those seated at the various tables. The Starbase computer had informed her that her new Captain was here, and she wanted to take an opportunity to meet the man.

    It only took a few moments for her to detect him, having memorized his face from his personnel files. Nimbly avoiding her fellow officers, she made her way to his table, stopping in front of him, at casual rest. After all, this was not a formal meeting, and so she could be more herself, and less the professional security commander she would be on duty.

    “Captain Mar Greaves, I presume? I hope I’m not interrupting anything, but I was hoping we could have some time to speak before we boarded The Olympus? I’m Commander Thalyssra, your new Chief Tactical and Security Officer.” As she spoke, she emphasized the proper way to address her.

    Andorians did not utilize family names when speaking to others, hence her grandfather having been Commander Thellen, her distinguished ancestor Commander Shran, and her being properly addressed as Commander Thalyssra. She had always found it simpler to introduce herself first, so as to demonstrate the proper means of addressing her, rather than being forced to correct the inevitable misuse of her family name.

    Captain Greaves peered up from a datapad he was intently studying. The Captain was silent for a moment before waving the device at the chair across from himself. “Sit down, Commander,” he said, setting the datapad on the table. “Trial by Fire on the Far Side of the Galaxy. Read it?”

    Thalyssra sat in the indicated seat. The casual smile remained on her face as her eyes took measure of the human before her.

    It had been her experience that one could get the measure of a person in the first few minutes of meeting them. How they reacted spoke volumes about a person.

    She immediately took note of the Captain’s reaction to her. He was quite the professional. Thalyssra knew that most humanoids, regardless of species, found her attractive, and this reaction usually showed subtly on a person’s face.

    However, Captain Greaves did not react to her looks. Nor to her sudden intrusion on his personal space. His response was warm, friendly even, with an air of authority that demonstrated confidence tempered with experience. And this raised Thalyssra’s opinion of her new captain far more than anything she read in Starfleet personel files.

    “Thank you Captain.” She said. “No, I can’t say I have. The title though, along with our impending mission, tells me that the ‘Far Side of the Galaxy’ is the Delta Quadrant. Something to do with Voyager, perhaps?”

    As she spoke she sat back comfortably in her chair. Almost immediately one of the Lounge’s waiters approached her, “Scotch, neat” she ordered, knowing the drink would be synthetic, even though she was off duty at the moment. However, the order was another calculated attempt to get a reading on her new captain. Many were often surprised when she ordered a non-andorian drink.

    The waiter nodded and headed off. As he left, Thalyssra gave her captain her full attention., wondering just who this human truly was, and how he would affect her ability to do her job while ensuring the safety of those under her command.

    Greaves grinned wryly and nodded his head. “You’re right on that count. I’ve read over anything published by the Voyager crew several times now, hoping to prepare for our next few years. There’s a lot to digest from the reading, but not as much as we’ll be facing out there. The Delta Quadrant powers are paranoid, the smaller worlds and alliances are scattered and resource-starved. The Borg have acted as a force of nature, resetting or pushing back progress for countless peoples, and the vacuum they’ve left since they receded has allowed for even more of a mess than there already was.” He sighed, “we’ll have our work cut out for us making friends.”

    The Captain took a quick drink from the glass he seemed to have forgotten he was holding. Martian Dune, an odd sour and bitter drink that had gained traction on his homeworld a generation before, and one he kept a personal stock of. The replicators did a passable job recreating it, but there was nothing like the real thing.

    “Why are you here, Commander? Delta Quadrant assignments are still on a volunteer basis since the Barzan wormhole’s stability can be… fickle.”

    As the captain asked his question, the waiter returned, placing Thalyssra’s drink before her. She took the glass and took a swallow of the burning liquid, feeling it slide down her throat.

    Placing her glass on the table, she looked at her captain,”I don’t know how much of my family history you are aware of Sir, but the answer to that question is not a short one.”

    A pause, “My father died when I was 3. I never knew him. He was Science Officer on the Melbourne.” Thalyssra didn’t feel she needed to explain the significance of that statement as the names of the starships lost at Wolf 359 were well know among all of Starfleet.

    “Because of that, you could say I have a personal interest in going to where his killers came from and making sure nothing like that happens again.”

    “But that would be a lie. Should we encounter the borg, I shall do everything I can to protect my ship and my shipmates. I give you my oath on that”

    She took another swallow of her drink. “Yet I’ve not answered your question. The truth is this. I grew up on my grandfather’s stories of his service in Star Fleet. His tales of exploration and adventure, tragedy and triumph, and of invaluable friendships. All on board a starship named Enterprise, under command of one James T. Kirk”

    “I joined Star Fleet to have those experiences for myself. Friends and comrades willing to risk my life for. To see new places, new people. And to defend my home, The Federation”

    “ The Alpha Quadrant is known. The Beta Quadrant is known. The Gamma Quadrant is The Dominion. But The Delta Quadrant is still relatively unexplored, even with Voyagers travels having happened.”

    “Ever since I first listened to my grandfathers tales of him, or of my ancestor, the legendary Commander Shran, I’ve longed to explore, to meet new people, learn new things. The Olympus seems like the place to do that”

    “Seems to be,” Greaves replied, raising his glass to her before taking another drink, a very human gesture. “You’ve got a legacy behind you. A purpose. That’s good, we can put that to use.”

    Thalyssra’s antenna swiveled back and forth, an indication of her happiness, as she raised her glass in acknowledgement of the Captain’s gesture. “A legacy…yes, I do have that. But, please, don’t think I’m here to live up to it. I’m here to chart my own course, make my own destiny…create my own stories to tell my descendants in the future.”

    Another swallow of the scotch, and then the glass returned to the table. “What about you Sir? What made you decide to take on this mission?”

    Greaves shrugged, “I’m an explorer, Commander, and the Olympus is the right ship for the job. The frontier is where we belong.“

    He smiled softly, not feeling any interest in diving into his more personal reasons for wanting distance.

    Thalyssra sensed the Captain’s desire to not say more, and so she changed the subject.

    “Sir, if I may, might I ask how you see my department being used on our Mission? What I mean is, any special requirements you might need? Security of the ship, of course, is paramount, but I do like to make sure my people are as prepared as possible, to try to keep casualties low. As you probably know, Security is considered the highest risk department on any starship, and in Starfleet in general, and I pride myself on my ability to do whatever i can to ensure my people will return home safely.”

    “Stay adaptable. We’re going to the Delta Quadrant on a mission of exploration and peace. You have a crew of six-hundred, yes, but also civilians on-board, and we’ll be hosting a range of diplomats and envoys as part of our mission profile, some of whom no other Starfleet ship has ever interacted with, so ensuring stability won’t always be an easy job. You’ll oversee the training of our ships hazard team, the Spartans, and you’ll coordinate their missions from Olympus. Additionally, your role as our Second Officer will ensure you have a steady stream of administrative and logistical work coming your way.” Greaves smiled again, “you’ll have your hands full, Commander.”

    Thalyssra nodded. “I welcome the challenge, Sir. And you’ll find my people will be the exmplars of Starfleet Officers, or they’ll end up on guard duty over the reclamation systems.” and she smiled as she spoke.

    “In all seriousness though Sir, we’ll be able to handle whatever you, the ship,and the mission require of us. As for the Spartans, well, do I understand you correctly that they also fall under my jurisdiction then? I know they will have their own commander, and I thought that that commander reported directly to the XO. I must admit, I’m a tad bit confused now”

    “Spartan Commander will lead the team in their operations in the field,” Greaves responded patiently, “but you’ll be acting as their overseer. Olympus will provide support from above. You have the experience, Commander. Spartan team is made up of officers from all disciplines, most of whom won’t have undergone much advanced training. It will your job to ensure they are an effective team. Above all else, though, your duty is to Olympus.”

    “Understood. Thank you for clearing that up Captain.”

    Thalyssra raised her glass and noticed it was almost empty. Bringing it to her lips, she finished her drink. Pushing her seat back, she rose to her feet, “Now, I’ve interrupted your reading long enough. Thank you for taking the time for me Captain. If you’ll excuse me then, I’ll let you get back to it.”

    “Of course,” Greaves replied. “I look forward to seeing your work, Commander.”

    Thalyssra Thy'lekThalyssra Thy’lek

    // Starbase 74, Officers Lounge
    // Episode Day 01, 18:00 Hours
    // Lieutenant Junior Grade Krori


    Krori made her way down the corridor, tail swishing back and forth with joy, as the claws in her feet click-clacked on the deckplates. The door before her swished open, and her green eyes went wide as she took in the panoramic view of the space outside the starbase, and of her new home, The Olympus. She slowly walked up to the window, the awe at the size and scope of the ship evident on her Feline face.

    The ship was massive, easily twice the size of her last posting, or so it seemed to her anyhow. And she was going to fly that ship. Sure, she was only a junior helmsman, but still, she would be one of the few who directed that ship, told it where to go, and, should combat ensue, maneuver it out of harms way and into a position that her Captain could take advantage of to win the day.

    The sheer joy she felt, was reflected not only by the Caitian’s smile, but by the tail swinging happily behind her shoulders. Suddenly, she became aware of the spectacle she must be making of herself, and so she took a seat at a table, with an angle where she could enjoy that panoramic view.

    Shortly after she sat down, a waiter approached her, asking her if she wanted something to drink. Caitian’s hated alcohol, even synthehol, and so, she smiled, trying to not show too much fang as to not freak the human out, “Altair Water, please…and if you don’t mind replicating me some Sardines, I’d love a plate…with tartar sauce.”

    The waiter nodded, and as she waited for her order, she stared out that window again. Shortly, the waiter returned and placed a plate before her, and a glass. Krori sniffed, the smell of the Terran fish wafting through her little pink nose, and she fought back the urge to tear into them. Instead, she daintily picked up the terran silverware, and cut up each small fish into small pieces. Then, one at a time, stabbed the pieces with the fork, dipped the piece in the tartar sauce, and ate them, savoring the taste as she did.


    // Starbase 74, Guest Quarters
    // Episode Day 01, 06:00 Hours
    // Commander Idain

    Idain awoke a half hour later than was his norm. He was momentarily disoriented in the unfamiliar quarters assigned to him upon his late arrival last night. The Deltan had hoped to arrive a few days early and get a better feel for things, but of course Starfleet brass waited to the very last before informing him of their decision.

    He got up and stretched, a tad sore around his left side courtesy of a new tattoo. This one was a Siren, calling out to the unwise and luring them to a watery grave. He admired the new artwork in his reflection before showering and dressing carefully. Today was a big day. He would get to see his dream ship.

    After a rather delicious breakfast of Risian fruit, Idain headed out of his quarters and after a brief, colorful conversation with the computer, found his way to the an observation port. When he finally spotted her, she took his breath away.

    The Olympus was a Century class long range exploration vessel, with every system and interior compartment geared towards working independently of a Starbase for long intervals. Her hull was sleek and gleaming, and seemed to Idain to be the perfect iteration of Starfleet’s typical design ethos.

    He had never seen one in the flesh, as the long range vessels were… well… long range. The Deltan wondered what quality Someone had seen in him above the doubtless dozens of other applicants for this position. Whatever it was, he planned on working his ass off to make sure he remained at the post.

    After ogling the ship for quite a while, Idain decided to seek out the Captain. It was high time he met the man he would be serving under.

    Eelkom RaiemEelkom Raiem

    A joint post featuring:
    Eelkom Raiem and Mar Greaves

    // Starbase 74, Observation Platform
    // Episode Day 02, 0730 Hours
    // Captain Mar Greaves & Dr. (Lt) Eelkom Raiem

    Raiem sipped on the travel mug he was holding as his small frame briskly made the journey between several officers on his way to the observation platform nearest the Olympus. His inquiry into the location of his new Commanding Officer had led him this way. It would be an adjustment returning to a strict command structure of a starship but personally Raiem felt it was a welcome change. His prior assignment as Chief Medical Officer of The Arrows had afforded him more autonomy and responsibility then he preferred.

    He assumed the Captain was merely waiting for the official go ahead to board the Olympus – hence his proximity on the observation platform. It was only a few more minutes before the rather handsome Captain came into Raiem’s view.

    “Captain Greaves.” The young doctor’s voice seemed to almost squeak out as he stopped only a few feet away from Mar. Raiem looked up at the taller man and suddenly felt a bit shyer than he had hoped. “I… I am Doctor Eelkom…”

    “Ah,” Greaves replied, bringing his eyes up from a PADD. “Doctor Eelkom, our new Chief Medical Officer, a pleasure. I was wondering who would track me down next. This crew seems to be developing a case of cabin fever,” he chuckled. “The starbase had completed its baryon sweep of the Olympus,” he continued, turning back towards the viewport. “We’ll be ready to depart anytime now.”

    “He’s here for more than just feeling restless,” came a third voice plainly from the couch across from them. Yeoman Ised, the Captain’s assistant, had taken notice of the new conversation.

    Greaves frowned, “Mister Ised I’d appreciate it if you let me handle my own conversations.”

    “Aye,” the Yeoman replied, clearing his throat. “Sorry Doctor, those of us from Betazed tend to, uh, speak our mind a little too casually. I’m sure you know that though,” he finished with a smile before focusing his attention back on his own PADD.

    Greaves’ returned his unamused focus to the Doctor, brightening it a bit again, “Crewman Ised will be serving as my Yeoman. Clearly he has a lot to say. Anyway, what can I do for you, Doctor?”

    “I was going to spring my attack yesterday but I got distracted by some knitting and some fascinating new medication research..” Raiem had also met their Chief of Security, which had gone well he thought. He was pleased to hear of a baryon-sweep, there was something most satisfying in knowing they were entering a truly sterile space.

    Before he could continue speaking, the voice of who he learned was the Captain’s Yeoman had chimed in. Raiem looked over and grinned at the man – he couldn’t bring himself to even be slightly annoyed. “Oh… I’m well used to your kind Mister Ised… The last gentleman I dated happened to be one.” The young doctor looked back up at the Captain, realising he was perhaps disclosing more than either of them wanted to hear.

    There was one thing more challenging than working with a Betazoid… And that was sleeping with one…

    “Ah yes.. Well.. I come bearing a request Captain.” The Bajoran grinned awkwardly. He of course would come demanding things in his very first interaction, perhaps he should have been more tactful. “Well.. I am hoping you will support my reactivation request for a retired nursing officer.. She is old, crude, more demanding than I am but I know she will make an invaluable asset to your crew in this journey..”

    Raiem bit his bottom lip and grunted – this was probably the least tactful he had been in a long time overall. Attack his new commanding officer with a request on their first meeting and do a horrid job at selling said request as well. He could do nothing else but hand over a small data-PADD with Mabel’s personnel file on it.

    “I took the liberty of filling everything out for you. It just needs your DNA-command print.” Raiem did his best attempt at cute-innocent-butterfly-eyes. He wanted Mabel back – more than he would care to admit to anyone, including her.

    Greaves took the PADD and eyed the information presented. “I don’t appreciate last-minute changes to the roster, Doctor,” he said with a furrowed brow. “Why does a retired nurse feel an urge to be reactivated to fly across the galaxy?”

    “That is a fair question.” Raiem’s expression seemed a bit solemn now. He could tell his new Commanding Officer was a bit perturbed by the whole thing. He did have the right to be though – this was pretty much as last minute as it got.

    “Captain.. Lieutenant Kuznetzov is the best nursing officer I have ever worked with. This whole enticing mission is what has prompted her considering giving her duties one more go, before hanging her cap up for the last time. Your medical department will be better off with her here. I promise you.” Raiem was not being untruthful – however – the biggest reason was left unsaid, that being because he had asked her… To do it for him….

    Greaves glanced at the PADD once again and shrugged, “all right Doctor, it’s your department. If she helps get the job done when we’re out there in the far reaches, then so be it. Just make sure you can handle her,” he said with a grin. “It sounds like she’ll certainly add some character to Sickbay.”

    The Captain tapped the biometric confirmation, forwarding the updated roster to his incoming Executive Officer and Quartermaster before handing it back to the Doctor.

    “Character…. Yes…” Raiem grinned – she would indeed, some might say a bit too much, but he was not one of those. There was a look of relief on his face now, for a moment there it seemed like the Captain may have not given him his way. “Thank you Captain.” The doctor gave him a respectful nod and appreciative smile.

    It was then that he took in the visual of the Olympus, in the large view port window behind Greaves. “Those Century class ships really are something. Beautiful.” He moved in beside Greaves, taking in the sight of his new home.

    “They are,” the Captain replied, crossing his arms. “Olympus has served me well since I took command of it four years ago. This’ll be our first major crew rotation since then. A volunteer crew. A lot of fresh faces. This is going to be quite the expedition.”

    Raiem nodded, pleased to hear that the ship was reliable. He took note of the Captain’s comment – nearly an entirely new crew – it would be an adjustment for him as well getting used to building rapport with an entirely new senior staff. “We will serve you well too Captain. Shall we board?” The young doctor gave him a half crooked and cheeky smile.

    Greaves nodded. “Yes, I think it’s time.”

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