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    Eelkom RaiemEelkom Raiem

    A joint post featuring:
    Thalyssra Thy’lek & Eelkom Raiem
    // Starbase 74, Officers Lounge
    // Episode Day 01, 19:30 Hours

    Thalyssra made her way along the Starbase’s corridors to the Officer’s Lounge. She seemed to be spending quite some time here this evening. Then again, it was a nice place to rest, relax, and prepare for what was to come for her and her new shipmates. Unfortunately, this was her first chance today, to try and speak with The Olympus’ Chief Medical officer, and so, she found herself, yet gain, intruding on someone’s private time in the Officer’s Lounge.

    Almost immediately, she took note of the missing earring on the Bajoran’s ear. Not exactly what she was familiar with form her time on deep Space Nine, then again, there was always Commander Ro, who wore hers on the opposite ear as an act of defiance, so, who knew.

    Raiem’s eyes followed the scrolling image of words and charts displayed before him, in a three-dimensional fashion. He was intently focused on a recent published article on a new neurogenic-antagonist agent called Xeleptophize – the drug had shown promising results in preventing harm from species capable of producing neurogenic fields. It was all rather fascinating. While his eyes followed the screen, his hands were busy holding a pair of knitting needles and his lap secured a ball of oddly coloured yarn. He happened to be working on a pair of socks.

    His hands stopped knitting for a moment, one freeing up to take a teacup full of tarkalean tea which was on the table in front of him. Raiem took a large sip and sighed contently. It was after he had set the tea down that he heard the voice of a women that had approached him. Her sudden approach had startled him slightly, causing a slight jerking motion in Raiem’s shoulders.

    “Oh… Hello…” It took a moment before he could process her greeting, just long enough that it may have caused a bit of awkwardness. Raiem could hear Mabel in his head now, sarcastically encouraging him on, “If you wanted to be alone.. You would have went to your quarters.. Speak up young Doctor!” Even without her presence, she remained a fixated annoyance in his conscience.

    “Please.. Take a seat..” Raiem gestured to one of the empty chairs adjacent him. “It seems you already know me.. You are our Chief of Security, correct? I suppose that should make me comfortable, you are clearly astute at your job..” He grinned awkwardly.

    The young Chief Medical Officer clasped his knitting together securely between his hands. “How can I be of service Commander? I hope you are well?” It wasn’t the most appropriate places to bring forth a medical issue but he had certainly be accosted in stranger places by staff before.

    Approaching the table that the Doctor sat at, Thalyssra’s soft voice spoke out. “Pardon me, Doctor Eelkom, I presume? I’m Commander Thalyssra, from The Olympus? I was hoping I could steal a few moments of your time?”

    Thalyssra took a seat, antenna standing almost straight up as she became concerned she had interrupted the doctor. It wasn’t like this wasn’t something that couldn’t be handled onboard the ship.

    “I’m terribly sorry to intrude on your time, but, well, there was one or two things, medical wise, I didn’y know if you were, well…set to deal with.”

    She sighed. And now she was embarrassed, and her antenna drooped as a sign of it. Who was she to try and out think the CMO?

    “I’ll just get right to it. I had a bad experience with a Medical Officer when I was an ensign, he never reviewed personnel and was not aware there would be an Andorian onboard. So, the Medical bay was…poorly ready to deal with me when I got injured on an away mission.”

    “Please, don’t take this as a slight against you or your preparedness. I’m just paranoid about this ever since. But, well, Silicon based blood is not exactly common among the majority of Federation races, so, I thought I should just double check wiht you before we left for the Delta Quadrant on that.”

    “Also, I don’t know if you are aware as I only found out when i got to the Starbase, but my XO is apparently a full blooded Imperial Klingon. So, he probably has some specific needs too”

    There, she’d done it. And it was no easier now than before she had joined the Excalibur. And she was just as embarrassed that she was asking. Quickly, she wavee over a waiter and ordered a drink, “Scotch, Neat.”

    “It is no trouble Commander.” Raiem tapped a control on the table in front of them, which caused the three-dimensional display to cease. His posture changed slightly, becoming a little less casual and more formal. This accompanied him taking another sip of his tea as he maintained eye contact with Thalyssra.

    He nodded in confirmation of what he was hearing several times from the Chief of Security. It was not the first time he had heard of malpractice issues from officers, it did sadden him to hear that Thalyssra had lived such an experience. “Unfortunately, there are bad doctors Commander. I wish I could say, given we are in Starfleet especially, that they do not exist… I cannot though.” His look was empathetic and genuine.

    “Rest assured. The Olympus has state of the art medical facilities. We will be able to handle most anything that comes our way, in terms of medical emergencies. I cannot attest to the fact that I’ve read all personnel files yet myself though, it will probably take me a few weeks to get through with that… I am however a competent and thorough physician. You will receive nothing but the best of care from myself and my team.” He gave the Andorian another smile before taking another sip of tea.

    “I do get your reservations. It is not like we are simply in arms reach of a Starbase, once we get where we are going too.” The idea of being so far from Federation space was both enticing and terrifying.

    “I have served with Andorians in several of my prior assignments and have treated Klingons in the past when I served on board Starbase 788 as well.” Raiem was not trying to pass himself off as some supreme expert on either species physiology but hoped the statement would provide some reassurance to the woman.

    “Scotch?” The Chief Medical Officer grinned. “Never could stand the stuff myself. More of a wine drinker myself.” He thought momentarily to the bottle he had on reserve for when Mabel would arrive.

    Thalyssra smiled at the doctor’s comments. “I appreciate the understanding, Doctor. ” and her smile became larger at the comments on her drink order, “Yes. I know, Andorians are supposed to drink Andorian Ale almost exclusively, but a friend of mine back in my Academy days got me hooked on it. He ordered it every time we all we go to The Launching Pad.”

    As she finished, her drink arrived. Holding it up in salute, she held the glass up to the Doctor, and in nearly flawless Bajoran, toasted the Doctor “Kejal”, then took a swallow of her drink.

    “And before you say it Doctor, yes, I am quite the contradiction. An Andorian woman, who drinks human drinks, speaks Bajoran toasts, and carries a Capellan Kleegat. One might almost say I embody the ideals of The Federation, and to be honest, I try to. I’ve always been curious about, well, everything. Other species fascinate me, and I guess that’s why I’m here. What about you, Doctor? What brings you out here?”

    The Andorian Chief of Security certainly seemed to be cultured – it was nice to see. Perhaps Raiem would have been more so had his upbringing not been so orthodox. He picked up his teacup and toasted the Andorian back. He was sure his facial expression become slightly uncomfortable though, in the question of his being here.

    Raiem did know he was certainly not your run-of-the-mill Bajoran – he did not wear anything resembling prophet-symbolism, he did not adhere to various traditions of his own people as well. There were tensions in his former posting with ‘The Arrows’ as he had to directly work with many Bajorans throughout their sector. Raiem simply did not fit well in interaction with his fellow species. His decision to pursue this assignment and leave that behind did have something to do with that.

    “Well… I missed serving on board a Starship. I missed the very Federation ideals you expressed yourself too, the multifaceted petri dish of cultures you get on ships. It is refreshing.” It was the truth, albeit a bit more of a bland version. The greater truth was that he was likely to be the only Bajoran on ship, or there would be very few others. He would not have his cultural traditions shoved down his throat in relentless fury.

    “It is not everyday you get a chance to go to the Delta Quadrant either.” It was a chance to truly push his limitations and knowledge base of medicine. There were still many unknowns within their quadrant destination– many possibilities which would be potentially be a worthy challenge.

    A sip of her drink, “I can understand that feeling Doctor. Both of them.”

    Thalyssra looked over the Doctor, so unlike all the Bajorans she knew back on DS9. “Pardon me for asking, Doctor, but curiosity overcomes me. My first posting was on Deep Space Nine and The Defiant, so, I can’t help but notice something form you missing that I thought was literally as much a part of a Bajoran as my antennae are a part of me.”

    Raiem’s body language shifted every so slightly – it would allude that he was a bit more uncomfortable and less relaxed. The statement was a simple one and he knew what the Andorian was referring too. It was a valid observation but it still made him squirm a bit whenever it was brought up.

    “I am not your average Bajoran.” Before continuing the doctor treated himself to another sip of tea. “I do not observe any traditional associations with the prophets. Rather. I am not faith based.” He was sure it was odd to someone, especially who served in the Bajor sector and on Deep Space Nine. Non-religious Bajorans were few and far in between.

    Thalyssra saw the Doctor’s obvious discomfort at her question and immediately regretted asking it. When he finished with his answers, she smiled, sweetly.

    “I’m sorry Doctor. My curiosity sometimes gets the better of me. I never should have asked…” to hide her own embarrassment, even as a slight dark blue flush of embarrassment came to her cheeks, she hid behind her glass, taking a few swallows of her drink.

    As she swallowed the last of her scotch, Thalyssra figured she had caused enough embarassment for one evening. She’d done what she had set out to. It was time to try and withdraw with some dignity.

    Rising to her feet, she smiled again, “Thank you Doctor. I’ve taken enough of your time I think. See you on the ship?”

    “Please think nothing of it Commander…” It was all he could offer for his sensitive reaction – something he had immediately regretted. Raiem gave the Andorian a friendly wave-off, “It was a pleasure meeting you. See you on board.” He offered her a genuine smile and nod. He could tell she seemed a bit embarrassed but he was equally so.

    Thalyssra Thy'lekThalyssra Thy’lek

    A joint post featuring:
    Thalyssra Thy’lek & Krull

    // Starbase 74, Holodeck 4
    // Episode Day 01, 18:30 Hours

    Thalyssra stood patiently outside the holodeck doors. The program she requested was ready, she was just awaiting the arrival of her second in command. She hadn’t met the lieutenant yet, though form his personnel files, he should be quite competent at his duties. However, Thalyssra needed to judge his capabilities for herself.

    Thalyssra was fairly confident in her new XO’s combat capabilities, he was a klingon after all, but Security and Tacxical required more than just good combat capabilities. It was those abilities she intended on testing today.

    Krull walked up to the holodeck he was told to be at, he looked around to find the individual he was supposed to meet, his immediate commanding officer Lieutenant Commander Thalyssra Thy’lek. His eyes eventually found the individual he was looking for as he eyed her examining her stance and her facial expression, noticing the dagger at her side.

    He walked up to her, standing at attention as he spoke “Lieutenant JG Krull reporting as ordered”.

    “At Ease, Lieutenant”, Thalyssra said, “Follow me if you would” and with that she walked through the holodeck doors and out into a sunlit glade. Humans walked, talked, and played, traveling along well manicured paths, as the wind whispered through the trees. The clothing worn by the humans marked the time as the late 20th Century.

    “I need to know if you can live up to that reputation you are making for yourself, Lieutenant. So, I’ve put together a series of…challenges, for you to face. First one is there. The woman, sitting there on the bench, is about to need your protection. See, this is from an old human movie, and in the story, she’s to give birth to a great leader that in the future, will overthrow a computer AI that, well, is bent on destroying all humans. And so, said AI has dispatched a almost indestructable machine back in time, called a Terminator, to kill her. Your job, is to save her. And you have only your wits, your skills, and this.”, and she pointed to the dak’tagh as his waist. And whatever you can find or improvise.”

    Thalyssra looked at Krull, and smiled, “I know, not the best of stories, mind you, but it serves our purposes here.”

    With that, she took a few steps back, to observe. As she did, a very muscular man walked towards the woman purposefully, the trench coat he wore barely concealing the shotgun beneath it.

    Krull, made a quick survey of the area realizing there really was not much suitable for the task so he did the only thing he could think of to get the terminator away from the woman he was tasked with protecting, so using all of his strength he bull rushed the machine, catching the machine unawares knocking it backwards into the fence behind them, landing on top of the machine.

    He then used the post knocked loose from their weight and impaled the machine with it.

    Thalyssra watched Krull’s reaction, and as she expected, he chose to attack. The two fell to the ground, then the Klingon impaled the machine with a fence post. And as he did this, the terminator aimed the shotgun still clutched in it’s hand and shot the woman from the ground.

    ”Computer, freeze program”. Thalyssra commanded. The security chief looked at Krull, the Klingon rising to his feet as the program froze.

    ”Just the response I was expecting from your record, Lieutenant. And the wrong decision. She’s dead.”

    ” Do not take this the wrong way, because when I was a lieutenant I would have made the same choice. It’s hard for a warrior to not attack first, or as the humans say, the best defense is a good offense”

    ” But we In security are not just warriors. We’re protectors. And sometimes, like in this situation, protecting means fleeing combat.”

    Thalyssra stepped up to the terminator. “The situation here stinks. No weapons, an unstoppable killing machine. But there is plenty of cover to use for an escape. And though it goes against our every instinct, that is the right choice. The one we are protecting is always our top priority, even if it costs us our life.”

    ” Can you accept that Lieutenant?”

    As Krull stood up and surveyed the carnage, and heard the words of his new CO, as he admonished himself for his impetuousness and his failure at achieving the objective, even knowing it is just a simulation he felt that failure within himself, as he had reminded himself that not rushing into combat isn’t dishonorable, and escaping and protecting someone else is an honorable feat in itself.

    He looked up at Thalyssra after the fraction of a second of self reflection and responded “Yes, mam, I can accept that”

    Thalyssra nodded at Krull’s repsonse, “That’s good to hear, Lieutenant. Rememeber that. You’re my second in command. I expect two things from my people. That they remember their job and priorities, and that they do everything they can to protect this ship, and their charges, but that they also do everything they can to come back.”

    Thalyssra took a breath, “Computer, end program” and the Terminator and the park disappeared.

    “Now, how much of a team player you are. Computer, Program Thalyssra-1597.”

    And suddenly, the two stood in a cavern. Five additional Starfleet personnel materialized, all human, all in various states of combat injuries. Only two still held phasers, the others, Jehm’hadar Kar’takins held in their hands. The ground was littered with bodies: Human, Romulan, Klingons, and Jehm’hadar.

    Thalyssra held up her hand, “Computer. Bat’leth. Tip-to-tip length, 116 centimeters; Exterior handgrip diameter, 5 centimeters; weight, 5.3 kilos” and she smiled as the requested weapon materialized in her hands.

    “You’re in command here, Lieutenant. Welcome to Chintoka, height of the Dominion War, during the initial invasion of Cardassia. You and those with you have just rescued me from a Jehm’hadar ambush. The beam out zone is 3 kilometers from here, and you need to get me there, alive. Energy weapons are unreliable, as The Dominion is blanketing the area with dampening fields. I have intelligence vital to the invasion of Cardassia that needs to be gotten back to Starfleet. Oh, and like everyone else here, I’m injured.” and she smiled as bandages and a stomach wound appeared on her uniform, the bandages soaked blue with Andorian blood.

    “I have only two hours to live, to get to the beam out point, get the medical assistance I need, and to get my information to Star Fleet.”

    “You have only the weapons you have on you, and what ever you can improvise. You also have the rest of your team. A pilot,A science officer, and three security personnel.”

    A pause. “Computer. Begin program”

    Wind whipped outside the cavern. Daylight flickered through the entryway as clouds passed in front of the Chintokan Sun, the sound of Dominion weapons fire off in the distance.

    “My life, and the safety of the Alliance Invasion, is in your hands, Lieutenant.”

    Krull looked around the cavern as he saw what he was looking at, as he leaned down to pick up a bat’leth, as he tested it for a second he looked up at those arrayed round him and said. “Ryder twins, you two pick up melee weapons as those phasers might or might not work, so I want you two to have backup weapons for when the enemy hits us and trust me they will.” *Looking around again* “I know we are all hurt in various ways, and tired, but this is extremely important. Our one and only job here is to get the Commander here to the beam out point. We have less than two hours to do this, so here is the plan we are going to take the most advantageous rout that gives us the best defensive positions and the Domion less angles to come at us when they do. Trust me ladies and gentlemen they will. Ryders  I want you two to take the rear, you have the only phasers we got so I want you to use them to the best you can, but remember this, you will probably only get one maybe two shots off if you are lucky and the minute it fails drop them and pull your melee weapons. Crichton, I have seen you fight, I know you can, your main job is to keep the good commander here alive, and let me know the minute anything changes, also if you find anything. I mean anything that can potentially make our lives faster, let me know and we will see if we have time.

    He looked at the other two, “You two Shepard and Sun are to take the Van, I will be shifting between, making sure no one stays too far ahead or behind, and lastly you commander, you are injured more than the rest of us, so you are to stay away from the combat unless absolutely necessary, is that clear?”

    He spoke to the group “Everyone remember this is not about personal glory, or personal bravery, our goal is to get three Kilometers through enemy territory alive, all of us alive, especially the commander here. Let’s be about it”.

    The group moved forwards at a fairly quick pace, winding through the passageway, making sure everyone stays within eyeshot of the other. The group moved about a Kilometer before, Krull currently at the front put his hand up to stop the group, as he and Shepard had moved forwards to check what’s ahead of them, they found an old ATV on its side and three Jehm’hadar, standing guard. Shepard and Krull came back, and told the rest what they found.

    As much as the Klingon in Krull detests the concept of the sneak attack he understands sometimes it is necessary for a successful mission. “Ok, this is the plan, Shepard, Sun and I will sneak up on the   Jehm’hadar and if all goes well take them out silently. Ryders keep watch.” Shepard, Sun and Krull snuck their way up and around the guards, as Krull silently pulls his Dk’thg out, and as one the three individuals struck the Jehm’hadar from behind taking them unawares. He then sent Shepard back to collect the rest, while Shepard went back, he decided to search the area finding two partially charged phaser rifles.

    He distributed the two rifles, one to Sun the other to Shepard, Looking at the ATV and the science officer, and knowing they didn’t have much time, getting the ATV up and running was out of the question, so they moved forwards.

    Leaning on the bat’leth, to emphasize her injury of course, Thalyssra monitored Krull’s actions. She watched him take command, and lead, not only through words, but through his actions as well. And that impressed her. If he kept this up, he’d easily pass this test.

    She watched as he performed his sneak attack, something most Klingons who followed their ideals of honor as much as he did would find detestable, and again, her estimate of him went up.

    As he continued the group moving, avoiding the obvious waste of time in the ATV, Thalyssra waited for the next part of the test to occur.

    The ambush occurred, suddenly, the combined Cardassian and Breen troops opening fire, Lieutenants Shepard and Chrichton dropping almost immediately. Phaser fire was returned from those who had them, before the dampening field reduced the ambush to a melee.

    Swinging her bat’leth, she caught one of the Cardassian’s across the chest. Her swing, weakened by her ‘injury’, failed to connect with the Breen charging at Krull’s back. Quickly, she pulled her Kleegat from her waist. A distinctive whisteling noise erupted from it’s flight as the Capellan weapon embedded itself in the Breen’s spine, and he fell to the ground.

    Krull heard the whistling of an unknown weapon, as he heard the telltale sound of a body dropping from behind him, but did not have time to worry about what it was yet, as he had a Cardassian and a Breen in front of him, at that moment he blocked the Breens strike with the bat’leth and did a maneuver forcing the Breens weapon away from him allowing him to slice into the Breens neck felling him instantly, leaving the Cardassian as his only assailant as the Cardassian went to strike, Lieutenant Sun, arrived just in time to block the strike. This allowed Krull to slice into the Cardassians stomach felling him. Leaving two combatants up, a Cardassian and a Breen.

    The last two were taken down fairly quickly as the Ryder Twins where able to make quick work of them. Krull then set to check the bodies finding both dead. “Ok all, redistribute the Blaster Rifles they have, we can morn for them later, but we don’t have much in the way of time. We still have a long ways to go.”

    As he redistributed the blasters from the dead, so everyone had a blaster and a melee weapon. He also took the strange thrown weapon from the back of the Breen, and wondering what it is as he walked over to Thalyssra to return the weapon to her as he remembered seeing it on her belt. “Commander, I believe this is yours” as he handed her the weapon in question “If I may ask what is it?”

    Before waiting for a, answer he told the rest, “Alright, ladies and gentlemen, time is fleeting, and we have about a quarter to go, so let us get at it, and remember the Commander is our objective. Ryders take the rear, Sun, take the lead, and keep your eyes peeled.”

    Thalyssra took back the Kleegat, slipping it back into her sash, as Krull gave out orders. When he had finished and they started moving out again, she smiled, wincing in pain as she did, “It’s a Kleegat. Capellan weapon. I’m the only alien I know of to not only be taught to use one properly, but to be given one. This marks me as a member of the Capellan Royal Clan. It was given to me by my last XO”

    The group continued onward, following Krull’s orders. Thalyssra was impressed. The klingon avoided several of the false shortcuts and traps the program had, as well as several ambushes. He consistently encouraged the others in their progress, and refused to give in to his Klingon instincts when they would have jeopardized the mission.

    The group made its way to the beam out zone, and just one final obstacle stood before the group and escape. A lone Jehm’hadar stood in the clearing, the bodies of several dead Starfleet Officers lying at his feet. “Come out, Klingon, and face me. I know you are there, hiding, like a coward…like a, what is that Klingon word? P’taqh. Victory is Life, I I intend to live today and take that Andorian back to my Vorta to interrogate and question over your corpse.”

    The Jehm’hadar held only a knife in his hand, a klingon dak’tagh. The seal of it marking it as having belonged to the head of the House of Kravar, one of the most respected Klingon Houses in The Empire. The Jehm’hadar paced the clearing, brandishing his stolen blade, staring right at the spot the Starfleet Party was concealed in.

    Krull, looked at the scene ahead of him knowing what he must do, he must teach this P’taqh, needs to be taught a lesson in honor, and must regain the honor for the weapon he wields. So he looked at his group, “Sun, Rider twins, watch our back and flanks, if anyone come behind us take them out, Commander stay right here, you are to injured to get involved, but do not get complacent, I will quickly deal with him”

    As Krull stood up dropping his bat’leth and pulling his own Dk’tagh, “You wanted me you got me, but don’t be surprised if the fight does not go your way.” As the two warriors circled each other, sizing each other up, Krull knowing the Jehm’hadar where formidable warriors, but they had a major flaw they were bred, not born. So he circled and watched noticing the stance the way he moved and noticing that the blade in his hand was not familiar to him, and that he wielded it like a common dagger not like a Dk’tagh should be wielded, he did not fully grasp the weapon which Krull could use to his advantage.

    Krull, noticing this let the Jehm’hadar get the first strike in which the Jehm,hadar over extended himself, this allowed Krull to easily evade the blow and get a perfect shot into the Jehm,hadar’s unprotected flank burying his Dk’tag deep into his side making sure to hit a vital area. He pulled the blade out, knowing the Jehm’hadar was still a dangerous opponent even injured he decided to press the attack by slamming his wrist into the Jehm,hadar’s neck forcing his head back hard cracking it into the wall behind, which allowed Krull to use his blade to divest the Jehm,hadar of his Dk’tagh.

    Krull did not want to give the Jehm’hadar an opportunity to regain his composure, he decided to finish it, as he used his Dk’tagh to strike deeply into the Jehm’hadar felling him. Retrieving the stolen Dk’tagh and vowing to return it to the Warriors family.

    After his defeat of the Jehm’hadar he collected everyone left, Sun, the Rider Twins, and the Commander all alive if not injured. “Let us go home” *Hitting his com badge* “5 to beam up”

    Thalyssra smiled approvingly as the program ended. Chintoka faded away, replaced by the bare walls of the holodeck.

    “Well done, Lieutenant. You’re going to do a fine job here I think, if this test is any demonstration of your skills.”

    Thalyssra took in her XO one more time. This was going to be a challenge, certainly, but Krull had the skills, tempered by the wisdom, to make a fine officer, and was well on his path. She knew she could count on him now, to give his all for his ship and his crewmates, and that was what Thalyssra needed in an XO.

    The Andorian looked like she was about to add something else, when the her combadge beeped. “Thalyssra here.” she said as she tapped the badge.

    “Commander,” came the voice of one of Olympus’ com officers. “Captain has sent word that we are cleared to board.”

    “Very well. Lieutenant Krull is with me. We;ll both board momentarily. Thalyssra, out.”

    Thalyssra tapped her badge again, and looked at Krull, “Well, Lieutenant, the Delta Quadrant awaits.” and with that, she exited the Holodeck.

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