A Star Trek Play-by-Forum RPG


Welcome aboard! If you’re here you’re probably curious about the Olympus. Read on to find out more about what we are and how you can step into the boots of a Starfleet officer alongside us.


The Olympus is a play-by-post sim (RPG) set in the Star Trek universe during the year 2399. We are a freeform RPG, meaning we don’t use dice rolls or rely on a specific established RPG ruleset. We do our writing on a message board.

You can think of this as a collaborative writing project where each member takes on the role of an officer serving aboard the USS Olympus as we tackle our missions and write our story. The Commanding Officer acts as a GM, helping guide the overall arc and adapt the story to new discoveries or challenges raised, while the members themselves drive the story forward. Check out our forums to read up on our latest posts.


In order to maintain an active and healthy game we’ve established a set of rules and writing guidelines we all abide by to maintain a high quality of writing that allows everyone to have fun.


  • Due to the nature of our content this sim is rated 16+ for ages 16 and up.
  • Mild violence, cursing, and sexual content are allowed.
  • This sim is an inclusive community welcoming players from all walks of life.
  • While all of our story posting is done on the forum, members rely on Discord for OOC communication, post tag alerts, etc.


  • All senior officers/department heads are expected to participate in at least two posts per week.
  • All non-senior personnel are expected to participate in at least one post per week.
  • Members are expected to reply to tags in posts within 48 hours.
  • If you need to take a break as we all do, simply post in the Leave of Absence forum so everyone knows not to expect posts or tag responses.


  • Players may write using their own characters, their own alts, general NPCs, and story NPCs.
  • Players may not write for another player’s characters or other player’s alt characters. In order to write for these characters you must receive explicit permission from the original player.
  • Writing should be carried out in story format, not script format. Reading our posts should be similar to reading a book.
  • Proofread and edit your posts! We expect all members to maintain a high quality of posting, this means checking your spelling, grammar, and formatting so your posts are enjoyable to read and build from.
  • The beginning of each post should be tagged with the location, story day and time, and main character for clarity.
  • Back and forth tagging should be carried out on the joint post forum, with only finalized posts being added to the main mission thread.


  • Player characters and alts may not be the following: Borg (ex-Borg may be allowed), Q, changelings, holograms, or any established character from canon.


Non-player characters are an integral part of any sim. There are three types of NPCs on Olympus:

  • Standard Non-Player Character: A one-off character with little more to a name to them. Used wherever needed by anyone and often created on the go.
  • Recurring Non-Player Characters: Are used repeatedly and are available for anyone to play. These are often used to help fill in lower ranks of the manifest when needed. If listed on the manifest they will display “Non-player Character” under their name.
  • Player Alts: Alts are reserved NPCs which can only be played by their original creator. The main character linked to their account will be listed under the alt characters name on the manifest.
    • Once a player has participated in one full episode they may create up to 2 alt characters.
    • Alts may not hold senior staff or assistant deparment head positions.
    • Alts may not exceed the rank of Lieutenant.
    • A player must provide a full physical description, and at least a partial history for any alt created.


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